Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mark Kirk Begs Sarah Palin -" I like Fancy Sauce!"

Cap'n Trade Mark Kirk is an oily kind of jerque*. He moves like mercury. He voted for the Waxman Markey Global Warming Stick-Up of America for General Electric! Kirk was the ONLY Republican in the Illinois Delegation to vote for this creepy and dangerous Bill.

Illinois Lion Representative Jim Durkin gave Kirk the tune-up he deserves after that vote - let's all say it together!

"I think he is going to regret that vote," Durkin said. With decisiveness, Durkin told the that he is "not interested nor disinterested" in a run, but adds "If I decided I wanted to run for statewide office I feel comfortable I could put together a team." from Illinois Review

Mark Kirk sneered at Sarah Palin. I like the former Governor of Alaska. I liked Palin before she hitched her star to John McCain's Campaign. I was delighted that she joined that Campaign. Palin energized McCain and McCain - it seemed to me - quit after September 19th 2008. Palin played hard until the whistle blew and kept her head up while all others went hang-doggy and nuzzled up to MSNBC.

Mark Kirk is tailor-made for the Tool Shed -MSNBC. However, Kirk wants to be Senator. That's nice.

I am voting for Alexi Giannoulias.

Kirk reminds me of the charcter in the movie Step Brothers. John C. Reilly's guy. Click my post title for that great scene.

Now, Mark Kirk is pestering everyone at the big table for Fancy Sauce ( Palin's Endorsement).

"Hey, I like Fancy Sauce! I Like Fancy Sauce!"

Sure you do, Mark. Ask Keith Olbermann for some fancy sauce - he'll give you some Fancy Sauce.

*The searching of a ship for unentered goods. [Eng.]

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