Monday, November 16, 2009

Gitmo Guests! Welcome to Thomson - Durbin Tours and Quinn Travel Presentation

We are a small community of 550 people. Primarily an agricultural area, we are known for watermelons, thus nick-named:


We have some of the finest watermelons and produce in the country. Thomson is at the intersection of Illinois Route 84 and Argo Fay Road nestled along the mighty Mississippi River, where Potter's Marsh (U.S. Corps of Engineers - Thomson Causeway Public Use Area) offers some of the finest camping in Northwestern Illinois. Thomson is also known for some of the finest duck hunting, deer hunting and turkey hunting in the state of Illinois. Fishing is great!! We have a wide variety of fish on the mighty Mississippi River. Huge Catfish, Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike, Bluegills and the list goes on and on.
If you are planning on a quiet vacation or want to do some camping, come and see what Thomson has to offer. Thomson is also the site of the Illinois Department of Corrections newest maximum security prison - a $145 million facility which remains unopened.

PC might prevent me from mentioning the fact that folks from the Middle East love a nice melon! Oh bother PC - them Arab lads Love Melons! Well, sir, that did not seem such leap, now did it? Thomson's for Melon Lovers -not just Terrorist Guests of Gitmo.

Does Dithering Dick Durbin, who had no problem calling American Girls and Boys in Military Servcice Nazis a few years back, so well understand the Islamist hue on the Great Diversity Rainbow that Thomson was his pick to bring Islamist Terrorist to Illinois' Melon Capitol of the World?

Is Governor Pat Quinn so tired of public service that he listens to Dick Durbin's sage counsel?

These and many more questions will be played out in the coming days

Thomson, Il in Carroll County is a beautiful town - been there! I wonder how the folks at Kyles Tavern and American Legion Post 1025 will enjoy sharing the beauty of this Illinois Paradise with hate-filled killers.

The melons might make a difference.

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