Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Me and the Kids Will Take the Illinois Gitmo Guests!

Bruce Dold and Tribune Editorial Board brought a manly tear to my eye when they chorused this morning's edition with 'Be Not Afraid!'

Thomson Correctional Facility can do so much for our State and Governor Quinn has called for all of us to do things The Illinois Way! I am moved and compelled!

I am willing to take the Gitmo Guests! Let's Fed Ex this Candle! Let's Move! Send them Gitmo Guests to Morgan Park. I'll see that the lads get to Mass at St. Cajetans, get three hots and cots, enjoy WOW Cable TV and PlayStation II. Share in the delights and hilarious misadventures of the Family Hickey and their Widow Man Pater Familias.

Have the 200 Million e-transferred to my Beverly Bank account and me and the kids will watch these guys. No reason to have the Illinois Department of corrections do without a swell facility to accommodate Illinois citizens who fallen afoul of the law.

I will take the 200 Million and upgrade my Morgan Park raised ranch ( let's see,the Thomson Shed costs about $175 Million and I can get off-duty Chicago Firemen from the neighborhood - yeah, $100 Million Tops!) accordingly and treat the lads to Governor Quinn's Illinois Way!

I'll half of what's left. Eric Holder will see that these guys are well taken care of and then set free. So half of 100 million comes to 50 Million and we can get snacks and TP and fresh duds and stuff at Costco or Wal-Mart ( can I say Wal-Mart?).

I'll make do - this is the Illinois Way!

"We're here today to let the people know we're not going to let the fearmongers carry the day," Quinn said. "We're going to do things right, the Illinois way."

That was former Illinois Governor Quinn, boys and girls!

The Illinois way! Is not Blago, Pat Quinn's Old Partner, facing more than a few semesters in the Hotel Serious, for conducting things in the Illinois Way?

No Fear Guv! Tell the Feds to Send the Dough!


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