Monday, November 30, 2009

Tamara Holder Links Gate Crashers, Plaxico Burress and Eric Holder's Flawed Legal World

Chicago Criminal Attorney Tamara Holder nails it down - Trying the 9/11 Terrorists/White House Gate Crashers and Illinois Lotto Ball Watcher Desiree Rogers.


Obama, the Secret Service, and his party-planner, Desiree Rogers (she decided to be a guest instead...could you imagine your wedding planner sitting down at your dinner?) should be embarrassed by the security breach. I will be shocked if the administration seeks to charge this couple.


For whatever reason, Eric Holder thinks that if we try the 911 terrorists here on American soil, we are proving to the world that we are "not a nation of cowards." That idealism is just as bogus as when Plaxico Burress entered a night club with a gun in his sweatpants to make himself feel like a tough guy; instead, the idiot ends up shooting himself in the thigh. Our security is about as tight as Plaxico's waistband "holster": not at all. Holder should probably have a chat with Plaxico from his prison cell and ask Plaxico if trying to show that you are "tough" gets you very far. I am sure Plaxico can give him a wise man's advice.

Remember, just a few weeks ago, the Ft. Hood mass-murders proved our intelligence and security on American soil is lacking. To be honest, I don't really care if the shooter is a jihadist or a straight-up psycho. At the end of the day, the FBI had intelligence that he was blogging and communicationing very questionable ideas and yet our intelligence community did nothing.

Ft. Hood was supposed to be one of the most secure military bases in the country.

Then, a glamorous couple walks onto the White House property without security clearance and without an invitation. They coddle with Biden, Axelrod, and shake our President's hand. The next morning, they post their security breach all over America via Facebook. What a disgusting slap in the face to our country.

So how can Eric Holder assure Americans, especially NYC residents, that they will be protected from KSM followers? He can't. He must get the "we are not a nation of cowards" idea out of his head. He needs to put the kibosh on trying the "alleged" terrorists in our country. We are not safe now and we definitely will not be safe when those men are brought from Guantanamo to the United States. We can make our voices heard across the world by trying the men elsewhere.

Obama, his administration and the intelligence community better wake up. These security breaches, whether it's at Ft. Hood or on the White House lawn, prove one thing: Americans are not safe; therefore, we cannot try the 911 terrorists on our turf. and

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