Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eric "We are a Nation of Cowards" Holder says, "Nothing to Fear, Chickens! Scaredy Cats! Victims in Waiting!"

Note to my Prgressive Readers - Some of this is Real and the Rest of it is Eric Holder and Chris Matthews.

"We need not cower in the face of this enemy," Holder says. "Our institutions are strong, our infrastructure is sturdy, our resolve is firm, and our people are ready. Look to Our Institutions -MSNBC and Chris Matthews for purpose and resolve." Attorney General Eric 'A Nation of Cowards" Holder ( played by Stedman Graham).

Roll Clip,Please -

Urine Hardball with Chris Matthews! I got Rep. jan Shakowsky who makes sense and Reo. Judy Biggert who is coward. Let's play Hardball!

Matthews: Back in the beginnings of our country, we had a trial for the soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre, and we gave those soldiers a real trial, and John Adams was their defense attorney. And a lot of them got off. Do you think that was a mistake to give them a real trial, or should we have just executed them. What should we have done?

Biggert: Well, I’m talking about having a real –

Matthews: Was it wrong to give a real trial to people who shot down our people in the Boston Massacre, or was that a good emblem of the kind of country we were going to be, a country of laws?

Biggert: I think –

Matthews: John Adams was their defense lawyer. Should he have not taken that job? Not defended the enemies of our country, and shown that we have a good system of law in this country? Was that a mistake? What are you some kind of woman? Chicken? Fear the Reaper, Girly? I'm from Scranton, Philadelphia and we are tough. . .plenty tough. Look I don't take anything from a middle aged woman from Hinsdale - what is that some suburb? Say you are from Chicago for God's sake! I eat Philly Steaks like John Adams and the Continental Congress did when the Nazis had their way and Blitzkrieg stank and the Bodies rode a Tank. Beau Geste! That was a great movie! Like Afghnistan and Cheney a troll under the bridge on the River Kwai over in China where the President is facing down our debtors and bowing to them Japanese Guards in Beau Geste! Cowards! Hey, This isn't funny! What are you smiling about? This is Hardball are you going to Cry? Hey, Bill Ayers is a great guy! This is really about history and Mamifests Our Destiny as real Nation where real men can pick onmiddle aged dolls. What? You got battered wife syndrome, or something? Come on! Speak Up! I'm talking here! I remember . . .

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Tamara N. Holder said...

I am sick of Eric Holder saying we are cowards. He entered office saying that and he continues to manipulate our concerns as Americans. This has nothing to do with FEAR and everything to do with not wanting terrorists on American soil for MANY reasons.