Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Kennedy Gets the Bishop Tobin Tune-up on Abortion - About Time.

“If you freely choose to be a Catholic, it means you believe certain things, you do certain things,” Bishop Tobin said on WPRO, a Providence radio station. “If you cannot do all that in conscience, then you should perhaps feel free to go somewhere else.”

Patrick Kennedy is one of the countless Young Kennedy children and grandchildren of the Kennedy's of fifty years ago - Jack, Bobby and Teddy; as well, as Sarge.

Now, Joe Kennedy II* a former Congressman is selling gas for Hugo Chavez. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is writing books that trash the Catholic Church and helot Catholics.
Chris Kennedy plays Hamlet in Illinois politics until he gets a appointed to an unelected position of the University of Illinois Board. Young Patrick Kennedy has trouble negotiating parking spots and shoots his mouth off on why abortion is so important to wealthy Middle Aged Hags ( Cougars). Camelot -water under the bridge!

However, the Young (getting a tad long in the teeth though) Kennedys love to play at Bohemian politics and religion. That way they stay edgy and newsworthy.
Abortion advocacy is always edgy and de rigueur ! Planned Parenthood has invested heavily in the Kennedy Family since Bobby was killed. He was the last Catholic, it seems to me. Annulment? No sweat. Abortion? Choose it!

Young Kennedys flash the Catholic Gold Card when required - elections or to get out of some scandalous fly-paper.

However, Bishop Tom Tobin of Providence, RI is not enchanted with young Patrick's very unCatholic mouthings on Abortion - a Woman's Reproductive Health Issue - the choice to murder her child.

Bishop Tobin is giving young Patrick some lessons. Lessons are really tough to offer on the really arrogant or the really stupid. Now, if both deficiencies are afoot . . .Lord save us.

Bishop Tobin, in a letter publicly released Monday, called Mr. Kennedy’s support of abortion rights “a deliberate and obstinate act of the will” that was “unacceptable to the Church and scandalous to many of our members.”

“It’s not too late for you to repair your relationship with the Church,” he wrote, “redeem your public image, and emerge as an authentic ‘profile in courage,’ especially by defending the sanctity of human life for all people, including unborn children.”

Mr. Kennedy declined an interview request, and on Tuesday he told reporters in Providence that he would not comment on the bishop’s letter.

“I had initially agreed to a meeting with him,” Mr. Kennedy said, “provided we would not debate this in public in terms of my personal faith. But unfortunately he hasn’t kept to that agreement, and that’s very disconcerting to me.”

The battle is being waged nearly three months after Mr. Kennedy’s father died of brain cancer and received a Catholic funeral despite his longtime conflict with the church over abortion rights and other issues. After the senator’s death, his family made public a letter he had written to Pope Benedict XVI. “I have always tried to be a faithful Catholic,” he wrote.

In Wednesday’s radio interview, Bishop Tobin said he still hoped to have a private conversation with Representative Kennedy, who, he said, has a chance to win the church’s acceptance.

“It’s not too late for the congressman to redeem his image,” the bishop said, “and to embrace the church and the teachings of the church.”

Let's hope more Bishops, like Tobin and Dolan of New York, appear in our American Church. The Cupcakes with Mitres loused everything up over the last fifty years.

Good to see some tough guys.

And Kennedy, a former US representative, has relied almost exclusively on Chávez, a vociferous critic of the US government, for that growth.

Since 2005, Citizens’ 877-JOE-4-OIL campaign has been sustained by the oil fields of Venezuela. Chávez, who controls the industry there, has delivered crude oil at no charge to a Citizens affiliate, which has resold it and used the money to pay for oil deliveries to America’s poor. In the past two years, Citizens has been given 83 million gallons of crude by Chávez and sold it for $164 million - money used to fund almost its entire philanthropic mission.
Boston Globe


Anonymous said...

Ignoging the sex scandals over the last fifty years has done more to louse up the Catholic Church than anything else. Abortion is wrong, and I don't take issue with taking the Kennedy's to task, but the Bishops have been their own worst enemies for years. It's hard to take many of them seriously after their years of bumbling.

pathickey said...

Quite Right; however, guys like Tobin and Dolan seem to be moving the Church back where it belongs - to the people like you and your family in the pews.

The Sex Scandal mantra is becoming the elevator music of people who hate Catholics.

The Church and its people are so much more than that.