Sunday, November 22, 2009

John Fogerty - Revived Creedence and Everyone Else

It looked like a convention of guys from the Frequent Pee-er Commercials! There were younger guys attendant - in fact I ran into about eight Leo High School Alumni from Father Perez Council Knights of Columbus ( John Gardiner, Laryy Funk et al) from the mid and late 1970's. However, mostly there were present the badger-haired guys from the 196o's.

In the Orchestra Mainfloor Center there were me at 57, the guy to me right at60 Something and the guy immediately in front of me, 60 and Change, another 6o Plus behind me and thickly beyond - the Chicago Auditorium Theatre was thick with Middle Age until WXRT,'s Frankie Lee - rather generous in the length of his buckers himself - heads-upped the crowd of silver, white, flesh, and dye -jobbed gents and the infinitely younger and more appealing dates, spouses and arm candy that John Fogerty was fixin' to tear it up.

He did. John Fogerty, the heart and soul, muscle and fiber of Creedence Clearwater Revival, one of the most honest and innovative bands from the late '60's and 70's, cranked out hit after hit then and now.

I saw CCR in 1971 in the very same venue and have always testified that along with the Four Tops gave the greatest show.

Last night was damned near identical to memory of that show. That almost never happen. Have you ever run into an old flame whose fire has been snuffed out by Life's prevailing winds? You have had this image of that person tucked into a brain-fold and when you come face-to-face after decades of wistful musings you now determine that Life, had,in-fact, done you a huge favor.

Well Fogerty ain't nothing like that - Fogerty is 1971!

For more than two hours without let-up, John Fogerty put hundreds of us Pee Pill Poppers back in our place with the Blue Ridge Ranger Tour - a dozen great young musicians and John Fogarty.

For a moment, I thought I smelled a whiff of dope in the Men's Room - Crowded! The guys hed it for two-plus hours!

Click my post title for the tour's cover of the Everly Brothers.

Here's a partial song list from last night.

Born On The Bayou
Green River
Susie Q.
I Put A Spell On You
Who'll Stop The Rain
Rockin' All Over The World
Down On The Corner
Swamp River Days
The Old Man Down The Road
Bad Moon Rising
Fortunate Son
Proud Mary
Good Golly Miss Molly
When Will I Be Loved


John Ruberry said...

Although I detest his politics, I'm a big John Fogerty fan.

pathickey said...


The guy seems a very civil chap. So he went for Presidemt Obama - so did 99.9% of my family.

They're getting over the buzz as more folks are getting laid off and the more it is apparent that Barack Obama had far less business in the Oval Office than any one - especially Sarah Palin.

Poor Barack seems to be waking up to that fact himself.

John Fogerty had the work ethic of a Mexican - who could dig his way from Chicago to Hinsdale before his morning coffee.