Sunday, May 03, 2009

Polska ! Polska Jest Pobłogosławione Przez Boga!

The Chicago Tribune tucked a burp of information in a weather report. Thousands of Chicago's Poles celebrated their love of Freedom in Grant Park and the Chicago newspapers ignored them.,0,2185910.story

The Chicago Sun Times tucked news and reportage in with a 'What to Do' weekend and beyond guide along with Cinco De Mayo and news about the Kingston Trio.

As of the 2007 Census Poles constituted the third largest portion of Chicago's non-minority populations -

As of the 2007 US Census American Community Survey the largest white ancestries were:

Irish: (201,836)
German: (200,392)
Polish: (179,868)
Italian: (96,599)
English: (60,370)

Culturally the Polish form a bed-rock Chicago's identity in labor (real labor), education, civic and religious life and in the performing and literary arts. Mike Royko would never have allowed such slight by the onion-skinned scions of his trade and it sure as hell seems to be that every Royko wannabe ink-slinger coos, gushes and cuddles to that Polish American Chicago icon.

The Nuance in this town is hip deep and smelly.

ABC Channel; 7 TV did its usually fine bit of coverage.

I saw thousands of proud, sober, patriotic and dignified Polish Americans and Polish immigrants celebrate their love of freedom all along the Grant Park public peninsula.
No drunks, no idiots, no incidents, no Prgressive polemics and no News Coverage. If three gay bias loudmouths or one recognized Advocacy Activist shows up anywhere, Chicago newspapers shout a gathering of thousands.

The Newspapers of Chicago offering their steady platefulls of cant and advocacy nuance is a disgrace. But as I learned, you can not shame the Fourth Estate.

In 1788, the Polish Parliament began its deliberations to create a government that would defend and honor the rights of its people. The Constitution was then approved by King Stanislaw August Poniatowski on May 3, 1791. Although the Polish constitution did not last due to occupations by Russia, Austria and Prussia, the Polish Constitution of 1791 is commemorated today because it represents justice and freedom.

The State of Illinois shares a longstanding partnership with the Republic of Poland under the auspices of the State Partnership Program. For example, the military forces of the Illinois National Guard and Poland have cooperated in numerous training events, exchange programs, and training exercises.

Polish Constitution Day festivities will continue on May 2, 2009 with a parade at 11:30 A.M. on Columbus Drive, followed by a festival at Navy Pier. For more information on Polish Constitution Day events, please visit
Click my post titel for more from the Illinois News. You'll get sweet bugger-all from the Chicago papers.

Shëndet Poloni! Mie Sto Lot!

Sto Lot!
Your Pal Irlandisht Hickey


John Ruberry said...

Hey Patrick...I did a post.

John Ruberry said...

Hey Patrick...I did a post.

BillyFish said...

The Soviet constitution allowed the legal ownership of firearms. Ask the Polish or Lithuanians how that went.