Tuesday, May 19, 2009

George Ryan Should Come Home!

George Ryan has served time in Federal Prisons -in Oxford, Wisconsin and Terra Haute, Indiana -because people wanted him to be guilty and Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was specifically tasked with putting George Ryan in Federal Prison.

It seems to me that that was his job description and mission statement - later nuanced into 'giving the citizens what they were told to want.'

The Media tried Ryan and Judge Pallmayer seemed to follow their script.

I like and admire George Ryan as a man and I love his wife Lura Lynn.

I never voted for George Ryan, as I tend to vote Democrat.

George Ryan served his time - much more than too many much more larcenous villains and sneaks. His Party was defeated by the wildly corrupt Blagojevich who made Illinois the National Poster Child of political corruption. George Ryan, as pointed out in his trial, never took a nickel. He was convicted of being an 'old time politician.'

Dollar for tax-wasted dollar give me that old time corruption, because the Reform Version represented by Blago and his troops is a Tsunami compared to a fart in a bathtub.

Governor Jim Thompson, for whom I never cast a vote, is a good friend to the Ryans and he is hammering at George Ryan's cell door, until a right-minded person swings it open. Godd for you Big Jim!

"Frankly, I think, there's nothing gained by requiring him to stay in jail," said Thompson. "He's been there for almost two years now. He's been punished. He's lost his office. He's lost all his means of support. He's not a completely well man. ... A merciful president would let him come home."

"President Obama knows Governor Ryan, worked with Governor Ryan when the president was in the General Assembly, and my hope is that this fall if we file a petition to ask the president to commute the sentence to time served, that we could get a favorable answer," said Thompson.

1998 - Illinois Governor
George Ryan (R) 51%
Glenn Poshard (D) 47.5%
Lawrence Redmond (Reform) 1.5%
1994 - Illinois Secretary of State
George Ryan (R) 61.5%
Patrick Quinn (D) 38.5%
1990 - Illinois Secretary of State
George Ryan (R) 53.5%
Jerry Cosentino (D) 46.5%


Mike Houlihan said...

I agree, George Ryan was the best governor this state has ever had. I am proud to call him a friend who who helped me and my family. They changed the rules on him in the middle of the game. Bring him home.

mikeyb1952 said...

Hello Patty. I think you have been smoking the corn silk in Kankakee again.

George is a nice old guy. George is a great old guy. His wife is a wonderful and sweet lady.

Many of my firends put up with the Gulag purges of his administration. A close firend discovered the corrupption in George's office and tried to report it to him. He was not only fired but driven out of Illinois.

We all have our view of George and his trial. I think the trial stunk to the high heavens. I think the judge was as intectually corrupt as the prosecutors. I think he was unfairly convicted and should be released.

But never, never, never tell me what a great old guy George is or was. He was the same corrupt politician that has infested Illinois since Abe Lincoln left town. He sealed his own fate when he pardoned the likes of Harold Brisbane and others to save his own skin.

pathickey said...

True enough on the pardon front.

I am with you there and cynical old me thinks that George might . . .might mind you . . . have been advised to play to Progressive Nitwits which is never ever a good idea.

As to my smoking - Marlboro Red exclusive since 1974 - when I ditched the Luckies.

My Hookah bubbles on without fiber-smoke-ibles.

BillyFish said...

Governor Jim Thompson is the S.O.B. that should be in jail. For releasing Timothy Buss. Ask Bill Kramer next time you run into him.

pathickey said...

Boy do I remember that horrific case.

Yep, that was another political 'give the (some) people what they want' case: all feelings and no brains - no feelings for the victim and those affected by the murder.

as I recall Tim Buss was 'soft' in the head - hair trigger temper & etc.

His sister was a quiet and sad little girl - I taught her.

BillyFish said...

Bill and I rode the bus to school with him in grade school. He was always nuts. Thompson asked Bill to be the attorney for his release. When Bill explained the conflict of interest, Thompson still insisted. That was when Bill resigned from The Il. Supreme court.

pathickey said...

Bill was always a solid man.