Thursday, May 21, 2009

A.P. Chicago Media, Ron Howard, Bill Maher, MSNBC,Hollywood and Progressives Agree - Stomp Catholics and End Abuse!

Let's see:

1. Catholics should not be offended that America's most strident Abortion Advocate in History received an award from a PR Driven School in Indiana.

2. Catholics and the Catholic Church do not care for Opie's new movie

3. Catholics and Catholic Church make a regular habit of abusing children, horses and baby ducks.

4. Police Officers accused of Torture look like, walk like, talk like, and worship, like . . .Catholics.

5. The South Side Irish Parade ( now closed) was begun because Catholics are Racists ( STNG - Columnist Phil Kadner)

So with Opie's new movie about how the Catholic Church hides the fact that Jesus was a secret member of Father Perez Council Knights of Columbus 1444 and played 16" softball, when he was under-age and drinking beer ( purchased by Jon Burge) at O'Halleran Park, while leaving a trail of Cheese Cheetos ,in HIS Image and Likeness, at historically significant places in Rome ( because HE is Omnipresent)in order to unearth the Popish Plot to Assassinate JFK and 'fix' the Florida Ballots, so that George W. Bush could win ( Brother Jeb is a . . .Catholic), the A.P. and it's outlet The Chicago Tribune needed an extra Catholic pile on.

Time to Gin Up some real oooooooold fashioned Anti-Catholic Hate! There is no end of the possiblities here in Chicago, with its great Catholic demographic.

There are enough gutless Catholic lick-spittles ( politicians, academics and journalists) who will agree whole-heartedly with people like Bill Maher, Planned Parenthood, MSNBC and the editorial boards of Chicago's papers.

It is easier to develop a go-along attitude than it is to nurture a sense of history.

Lawyers sue Catholic dioceses all over the country, because it is easy to do. More stories about horrible Catholics and their close-knit atttitudes will follow.

Today, there is a story about abuse in Ireland that occurred as the result of the Irish Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy operating homes for thousands of orphans and children of parents who could not care for them. Click my post title and get that story.

It seems that so long as the Catholic Church and Catholics remain true to their Faith, they can expect a regular landslide of abuse from Progressives and their Media Mopes.

Progressives Hate Catholics - always did and always will - From Thoreau to Jane Addams to Roger Baldwin to Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann to Bill Maher to Bill Ayers, Catholics - American Catholics are a halt on their march of Nuance ( Bullshit).

I would stack the charity and giving of those Catholic Orders over the myths about Jane Addams Settlement House with the odds given any day. DCFC in Illinois is responsible ( or should be) for the deaths of more children than any Catholic institution - no big outrage there. What was it a few years back? How many deaths? No prosecuation of the Executive Director. What is old Bryan Samuels** doing these days? Somnething Progressive, no doubt.

In the late 19th Century, 19th Ward Alderman John ( Johnny De Pow) Powers did more for the improvement of lives of Italian, Jewish and Greek immigrants, in the most densely populated Ward in Chicago, than the crop-haired Sapphist Jane Addams, who at most sold baloney sandwiches and put on amateur productions ..

It was Alderman Powers who appointed Addams to her post in government as Health Officer, which Addams returned with Progressive Courtesy by having Powers ( Horrors! A Saloon-Keeper!) with corruption - which he beat. Addams stole the Sttelement House concept, already up and running from the Sisters of Mercy and the Daughters of Charity, but credited British twit Toynbee with the idea. Don'cha Know.

In the last century, there were Chicago Tribune 'hints' at horrific treatment of kids and tale that grew into a Chicago Legend*.


Hull House received its greatest notoriety when it was alleged to be the refuge of the Chicago "devil baby". This child was supposedly born to a devout Catholic woman and her atheist husband and was said to have pointed ears, horns, scale-covered skin and a tail. According to the story, the young woman had attempted to display a picture of the Virgin Mary in the house but her husband had torn it down. He stated that he would rather have the Devil himself in the house that the picture. When the woman had become pregnant, the Devil Baby had been their curse. After enduring numerous indignities because of the child, the father allegedly took it to Hull House.

After being taken in by Jane Addams, staff members of the house reportedly took the baby to be baptized. During the ceremony, the baby supposedly escaped from the priest and began dancing and laughing. Not knowing what else to do with the child, Jane kept it locked in the attic of the house, where it later died.

Rumors spread quickly about the baby and within a few weeks, hundreds of people came to the house to get a glimpse of it. How the story had gotten started, no one knew, but it spread throughout the west side neighborhood and was reported by famous Chicago reporter Ben Hecht. He claimed that every time he tried to run down the story, he was directed to find the child at Hull House. Many people came to the door and demanded to see the child, while others quietly offered to pay an admission. They believed the wild story to be absolutely true!

Each day, Jane turned people away and tried to convince them that the story was fabricated. She even devoted 40 pages of her autobiography to dispelling the stories. Even though most of the poorly educated immigrants left the house still believing the tales of the Devil Baby, the stream of callers eventually died out and the story became a barely remembered side note in the history of Hull House.

Or did it?

As the years have passed, some people still maintain the story of the Devil Baby is true... or at least contains some elements of the truth. Some have speculated that perhaps the child was actually a badly deformed infant that had been brought to Hull House by a young immigrant woman that could not care for it. Perhaps the monstrous appearance of the child had started the rumors in the neighborhood and eventually led to Hull House.

Regardless, local legend insists that at some point, there was a disfigured boy that was hidden away on the upper floors of the house. The stories also go on to say that on certain nights, the image of a deformed face could be seen peering out of the attic window.... and that a ghostly version of that face is still seen by visitors today!
( Emphasis my own)

Nuance! Go to the old Chicago Tribune archives and get some real historical context.

Jane Addams does not come off all that great.

**The decision comes three weeks after DCFS Director Bryan Samuels placed [Robin Staggers] and two of her aides on paid leave after reports said Staggers was under investigation in a federal grand jury probe of potential wrongdoing in state government hiring. The two aides also will return to different jobs.'t+legal&pqatl=google


joey said...

Do you know the name of Powers' saloon and location?
-joe sikora(norwood park)

pathickey said...


I don't - I believe that he had a couple of joints on Halsted and Loomis Streets, but I am asking Richard Lindberg.

Johnny Powers hone was located at

Ald. Powers' home at 1284 Macalister- Chicago, IL

I'll try and find out!

joey said...

Thanks Pat! I was actually looking through Lindberg's book, "The Gambler King of Clark Street"(about 1st ward Lord, Mike McDonald- before Dink and Bath). Great book.-and Went and Kogan's masterpiece, "Bosses of Lusty Chicago" aka "Lords of the Levee." They just keep mentioning him(Powers) as a "saloon owner," but don't name his places. I know that after his place in Bridgeport he opened a place on Madison near LaSalle, but names. If you can find 'em I would be hyped!