Thursday, May 21, 2009

SEIU Lobbyists Stuff The Lobby of Illinois Capitol

I was in Springfield on school business and took a stroll over to the State Capitol. The joint was jumping!!!

I ran into Terry Peterson, my old Alderman and the guy who managed Mayor Daley's last landslide and my State Representative Kevin Joyce both grinding the stone in the People's Interest! These two gents are what public service should be all about!

Stuffing the halls were the heavyweights of the SEIU Purple Gang!

I saw Progress Illinois poster boy Keith Kelleher, looking svelt in SEIU ppppp-purple! But the rest of SEIU crowd? Man! Eat a salad at Augie's Front Burner folks!

I gotta ask. Who has the concession for the Triple X and Up -Purple T-Shirts?

That Dude could buy a Kennedy.

Interesting to note that SEIU leadership tends to be Imperially thin almost emaciated and dues paying folks seem to fill out the Purple T's hugely. Keith and the Council must spring for some heavy lunch-boxes on Lobby Day.

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