Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sears Tower Glass Bottom Deck? Not Gonna Happen! I'm Satisfied Down Here On the Ground -Tell The Truth on 'Em Lou Rawls!

Click My Post Title for the Great Lou Rawls at the Hollywood Palace - 'I'm Satisfied'& 'Down Here on the Ground' - Get the whole Truth from Lou.

Sears Tower, or the Buddy Hackett Pavilion, or the Buck-Up-And-You-Name-It Obelisk, is putting in some kind of a see through plexi-glass Test Your Nuts for Money Gizmo.

Pass. The last time this Daisy went up over eight(8) stories over the concrete was in 1969 when janitor superintendent Art Fry sent my seventeen year old ass up the unprotected ( flat,rusted iron ladder with nothing behind) fire escape -last resort access - on the front of Orchestra Hall ( Now Symphony Center) at 220 South Michigan to pull wet bunting off the front of the building when the elevator system broke-down, to clear off the debris after the ticker tape parade for the Apollo 11 Crew on Michigan Ave. It rained like a cow peeing on a flat rock after that parade and every bit of paper in Chicago seemed to stick to the front of Orchestra Hall -'Get Your skinny Mick Ass Up There! It'll only hurt once.'

I cried and blubbered like Kanye West in a good mood the entire time - got it done though.

Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins I am not!

I was, and continue to be, as Yellow as a Duck's Foot!

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