Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Obama Glorious Revolution

"The powers that the Obama administration claimed in order to arrest the financial crisis and mitigate the recession are being used and abused in ways that are undermining the legal and financial stability of the United States. Investors: You are warned." [2009]

Barack of Orange?


THE passions which had agitated the Parliament during the late session continued to ferment in the minds of men during the recess, and, having no longer a vent in the senate, broke forth in every part of the empire, destroyed the peace of towns, brought into peril the honour and the lives of innocent men, and impelled magistrates to leave the bench of justice and attack one another sword in hand. Private calamities, private brawls, which had nothing to do with the disputes between court and country, were turned by the political animosities of that unhappy summer into grave political events.


The 100 Days indicate a political revolution by the Obama Administration ( William & Mary) unseen since the 1688 defeat of the last Stuarts (Bush 1 & 2). That 17th Century Glorious Revolution was purely ideological and one that harbored only a concern that no Catholic sit upon the throne of England -ever. It led to a the arrival of the House of Hanover from Germany - the family that currently sits upon England's Throne and the very blood that moved American Patriots to Revolution.

This Obama Revolution of 2009 is purely an ideological revolution and one that harbors the concern that no Capitalist serves as the Chief Executive of the United States. Political Action Committees control government through their baptized candidates who will collectivize all government, all labor and social institutions.

The parallels seem to be set in The History Of England From the Accession of James II. By Thomas Babington Macaulay.

The Stuarts v. The Revolutionaries

Our cast looks like this:

Charles I - George Herbert Walker Bush

Oliver Cromwell - William Jefferson Clinton

James II - George W. Bush

William of Orange - Barack H. Obama

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