Thursday, May 07, 2009

The People Who Get into Public Service - John Daley Showed the Way and So Did Forrest Claypool!

Conclusion: We can all whine about Stroger and the board and taxes until our skin is wrinkled and we're ready for diapers and the old folks home.

If you don't like the direction of your government, run for office and change it.
K. McQueary

Kristen McQueary in today's (click my post title) Southtown Star gives a blunt summary to all the beefing about our political Straw-Persons in public life, be it Blago, Burris, or Todd Stoger.

Doing something for other people, whether you are a nurse, cop, firefighter, teacher, priest, rabbi, soldier, or government official puts a target on your back. Hell, you get the same troubles in the private sector, but public service folks get the infamy of Media second-guessers and stooges with barrels of ink.

There truly is no good deed that goes unpunished. However, the only option is to turn-up the music, drink more, sedate yourself, golf, play X-Box and expect a paycheck.

In public life the majority works hard. In public life cheats, bullies, clowns, thieves, sexual predators, and morons blend in because they too are the public.

Policy often dictates that we suffer the useless gladly even when they are stealing, preying on people, screwing up the works, or just collecting a paycheck. They are the reason for Political Action Committees. The stronger the policy the more cover for the dopes.

Getting the job done requires more work these days because of false tickling Policy.

He/She/It are a mandated quota numbers; cousins need work too; the odd clouted prince or princess; and the all too human 'What are going to do? Sure they can not read a spreadsheet or a blueprint or draft a lesson plan but they are dues paying members. We must follow policy and policy requires seven written notices and severance package.'

To stick your neck out and seek the vote to genuinely make things happen takes a special click in the heart.

John Daley sparked this challenge by confronting Todd Stroger! The members of the County Board ( politically ambitious and also drifters) challenged poor Todd to do something. That is the glory of our Republic. People elected by us are doing exactly what we bid them to do.

I can criticize Forrest Claypool but I must admire his courage to take his fight into the public arena. God Bless Him!

Kris McQueary gave us a nice sound byte. Teddy Roosevelt draws blood:

Shame on the man of cultivated taste who permits refinement to develop into fastidiousness that unfits him for doing the rough work of a workaday world. Among the free peoples who govern themselves there is but a small field of usefulness open for the men of cloistered life who shrink from contact with their fellows. Still less room is there for those who deride of slight what is done by those who actually bear the brunt of the day; nor yet for those others who always profess that they would like to take action, if only the conditions of life were not exactly what they actually are. The man who does nothing cuts the same sordid figure in the pages of history, whether he be a cynic, or fop, or voluptuary. There is little use for the being whose tepid soul knows nothing of great and generous emotion, of the high pride, the stern belief, the lofty enthusiasm, of the men who quell the storm and ride the thunder. Well for these men if they succeed; well also, though not so well, if they fail, given only that they have nobly ventured, and have put forth all their heart and strength. It is war-worn Hotspur, spent with hard fighting, he of the many errors and valiant end, over whose memory we love to linger, not over the memory of the young lord who "but for the vile guns would have been a valiant soldier."

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Max Weismann said...

The punishment which the wise suffer, who refuse to take part in government, is to live under the government of worse men. --Plato