Wednesday, May 27, 2009

American Guam! Heads Up! North Korea Called President Obama's Hand.

I have never been to Guam but I immersed myself in its history to write a novel. The Hafa Adai Spirit* of the Chamorros ( the heroic People of Guam) translates to American Patriotism. Guam lost more men per capita in Vietnam and in the Wars in Iraq than any other American State or Territory.

Guam has been America's strategic chip since the Spanish American War.

Guam will become the home of the Marines in the Pacific, when the forward bases on Okinawa are closed.

Guam is in striking distance of North Korean Taepodong missles.

Last November, Ambassador Bolton warned the empathetic and elegant Obama Team:

Will North Korea -- whoever is in charge -- now kick back and wait for Jan. 20? The list of questions is far longer than the list of Mr. Obama's answers.

To repeat, it is much too early to draw larger conclusions from this one episode. On the existing postelection evidence, we cannot tell whether Mr. Obama will govern on the left or the center-left, or whether he is simply passive and risk-averse. But on balance, his conversation with Mr. Kaczynski points toward a weakening of the U.S. defense posture, indifference to allies under duress, and the need to satisfy his natural constituency within the Democratic Party. Let us now await the next pieces of evidence.

I do not believe that North Korea will attack South Korea or Japan. I believe that they will strike a crippling blow to America at Guam.

President Obama! Get smart on missle defences! The People of Guam have sacrificed enough for our country. Let's start doing something for them - ahead of the clock.



Anonymous said...

Allowing us to vote for president would be nice too...

Rayz671 said...

Thanks for the support. Spread the news of the thousands of marines being transferred to Guam from Okinawa as well. And how the military wants to take more land (again). We support the troops but it's stuff like this that makes it hard to support those above the troops