Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meet Chicago Media Religion Op Eder :Manya False Decretals

Meet Chicago's Two Published Religion Thinkers who are One Person in the Same! The Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times Really, really care about Religion - not Catholics or Jews or Moslems - real religion. Like Dr. Phil.

Meet Manya False-Decretals -The Quester:

Boy did the life spiritual get a boost this weekend! The Germans are thinking about banning Red Bull and That's Just Mean.

Mean People Suck. don't you think? I do. God means alot to me as long as she's not judgmental and stuff. Who's to say?

I went to Obermann University and smoked alot of hemp which helps old people with bad eyes and really cool people. I read all the stuff in the text books about the Scrolls an Arab boy found in the desert and they were Essenes* and Jesus was probably an Essene, unless you think otherwise. My coolest Prof was kicked out of the Air Force and went to Cuba to cut Cane and he said that Jesus was an Essene - they're like monks, but Jewish.

Madonna is like 50 and still so Hot, because she is spiritual. In a good way and not all doctrine icky.

My boyfriend, who was gay, but is so cool about it and not braggy, says all religion is about power. He's right. What would happen if we had a Civil Union? Not mean or nothing, but civil; that would be so chill. Cats are chill.

I like the way cats don't worry about going to church - but are soooo spiritual and Egyptian-like.

That made me think about what Bono said to Oprah -"Our generation will be remembered for the Internet, for the war against terror, and for how we let an entire continent burst into flames while we stood around with watering cans—or not,"

That was so cool I could not finish my Big Gulp. That's why I am no longer a Lakota Sioux. They are too bound by rules and they called me Thasintkala waksu
So I thought, Judas was probably doing the right thing because after all, with Jesus getting busted by the 'Garlic Noses' as Pastor Wright so rightly said, we would not have Jesus as a God and stuff. Atheist Bus Companies are Nice.

I don't think people need any more Memorial Day stuff, because it is about War. Don't you think? We should not encourage War by Honoring Baby Killers - so we won't. I like Peace Heroes, like Judas. He got Jesus where he is. And - Good Women Kill Babies before they are babies and Good Men help them.

Judas was an activist. He was really helping people and really cared about people.

That is all that matters


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