Friday, May 08, 2009

Maloclussion Means Exclusion in Chris Kennedy Bid for Illinois Senate Seat

Rhambo says 'Chris Kennedy a Go for Illinois Voters!!!' Really. What did he run for again? Oh, that's right -Nuttin'!

Scads of Cash-Dough. Dude ain't Tapioca! ( see Mike Houlihan's great Comic Film!).

Chris Kennedy runs the Merchandise Mart -that magnificent massive reminder that Joe Kennedy could put the fix in here in Chicago.

The guy is the son of Robert F. Kennedy who is most often linked to President Obama in spirit, but not in reality.

Robert F. Kennedy was and would be staunchly against a woman's right to to kill her child.

Rahm Emmanuel says Kennedy is the Guy and that means that Dave Axelrod will shuffle the race cards and get to dealing them out for Kennedy in bid for the U.S. Senate.
The trouble is that Illinois voters tend to take the dental appearances of their candidates very seriously.

Harold Washington had a great set of Buckers. Obama's Immaculate! Pat Quinn wonderful! Rich Daley -Yeomanlike. Mike Madigan- Ditto!

Now, Chris Kennedy is a Kennedy and all that, but his Choppers could bite a pig's ass through a picket fence*.

Take a look up thar! Lisa Madigan - Mike took wonderful care that little girl's Corn-grabbers.

Tom Dart - now there is a set of Ivories that any Senator would be proud to gnaw on the wallets of tax payers!

Rahm. Get the man to a top Molar Mechanic.

*Deep Overbite (also referred to as Deep Bite), a specific type of malocclusion. In the technical sense within dentistry, however, overbite describes or measures the extent of vertical overlap between the upper and lower teeth, especially the incisors, in occlusion.

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John Ruberry said...

I see that Chris inherited that Skakel blonde hair