Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Billy Don Moyers Goes Goo-Goo for Dithering Dick Durbin!!!! And He thought Pastor Wright Was Dreamy

SEIU Illinois Comic Book Progress Illinois handed me this chuckle in the AM "On his great PBS program this past weekend, Bill Moyers sat down with Sen. Dick Durbin to discuss his ongoing battle with the banking industry and his efforts to create a public financing system for congressional campaigns" That's Billy Don Moyers with an 'S' Kiddies!

Bill Moyers has an on-going 'battle with the banking industry?' We all know Dithering Dick Durbin has absolutely no problem -whatsoever -with the Banking Industry that he helped purchase with my unborn grand kids' pensions.

Billy Don Moyers is a PBS hack. LBJ came to detest Moyers for his lack of 'intestinal fortitude' and rat nature when he jumped ship on Johnson back when Vietnam was no longer a part of the Great Society. Morons are captivated by Bill Moyers' folksy weasel-boy charms. Billy Don Moyers was such a weasel that LBJ had Moyer build the Vietnam war and sell it to the American Voter and the kids going to war.

Dithering Dick Durbin is a Solid Illinois Home-grown Hack Wholly-owned by Planned Parenthood, SEIU and ACORN for years!

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