Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tamara Holder Goes For Big Game - Ambassador to the UK - in Illinois Pay to Play!

While this tiny brained guy was packing empty thought calories from the Roland Burris Stimulus Snack Pack ( today's offal), Tamara Holder was scooping the media!

President Obama's choice for Ambassador to the Court of St. James, Louis 'The Vaccum' Susman -

All of this hype about Roland Burris and his recorded talks about how he was going to attempt to attempt to do something for Gov. Blagojevich in exchange for the Senate seat has me laughing. What a great deflection of the same exact situation in the White House. Last week, President Obama picked former Citigroup VP and Democratic uber-fundraiser Louis Susman as the next Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Article here. Really? What the heck does Mr. Susman know about British diplomacy? Well, I guess it does not matter WHAT you know, it matters WHAT you give. And it does not matter WHO gives the money, it matters WHO hears you talking about giving the money. Louis Susman was so good at raising money for Obama, he was nicknamed by the Chicago Tribune "the Vacuum Cleaner" for his ability to suck-up donations for Democratic politicians." He raised over $500,000 for Obama.

Apparently, the British are not super stoked about the appointment of Susman either. According to Anorak News, "Soon Susman will be living in a big house by London’s Regent’s Park, learning all about diplomacy as he counts the geese…"

Ms. Holder's set of lamps certainly requires no trip to the Lasik Clinic - this old fat boy, on the hand . . .

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