Thursday, May 14, 2009

WLS News Man -Bill Cameron! You Can Bank What He Tells You.

The radio, especially News Radio, is tailor made for urban driving. You never get lost in the delicate "Le Portrait musical de la nature," of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony ( Sixth Symphony) or the sweep and majesty of Hayden's Quartet 62 in C Major. Likewise, I will not drop my Dunkin' Donuts 20-Load from Karim's Western Ave., poured will delicacy and grace by the beautiful women who lilt -"Hars Paht-reek of Leo! Get EeeksTrah Large! Good Mornin' Hickey!" in order to crank up Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels when the first chords of Devil With the Blue Dress counterpoint the drum-time!

Nope, mostly you here -"Healthy Trinity - The Triun ( Confounding Arius at Nicea) God's Way to Say Good morning to your Colon - Don and I Cannonball a Quart of Healthy Trinty every morning!" Followed by rants, raves and more "HEALTHY TRINITY!"

Into this static-thick wildness, comes a reporter's voice that sounds like exactly like two guys with whom I had just jostled our loads with out of the doors of Karim's Dunkin' Donuts on Western Ave. - " The IRS has placed a lien on the home of Todd Stroger for his failure to pay $12,000 in back taxes."

Now, that is news. That is Bill Cameron. I met Bill Cameron during Alexi Giannoulias' Campaign and we shared stories of the life political from the 'regular guys' vantage point. Bill Cameron is a Yeoman Professional. He is like Gino Ford the ComEd High Wire Artiste, Capt. Eddie Ryan,CFD, Det. Billy Higgins, CPD (ret.) and Eddie Carroll, The Roofing Contactor to the Stars of Gentleman's Entertainment Venues.

WLS AM - The Big 89 has had 'personalities' - many of them with the personalities of dial tones - come and go but Bill Cameron, like a afore-mentioned professionals is necesary to the safety, surety and sustaining of this Great Republic.

Bill Cameron makes all of the News Posers pale with hard, factual, and honest reportage. Thanks, Mr. Cameron!

Bill is the winner of two Edward R. Murrow Awards from the Radio & Television News Directors Association, shared in a Peabody, and has received numerous AP, UPI, and Gabriel awards for his work.

He has a BS in Broadcast Journalism from Indiana University. He's the son of an Illinois High School Hall of Fame football coach, Fred Cameron, and has called football and basketball games on radio in addition to working as a trainer and referee in sports.

Bill's daughter Elizabeth is the principal flutist of a symphony orchestra, and son Matt is a nationally-ranked athlete in the sport of fencing.

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