Wednesday, May 06, 2009

John Daley Tries to Talk Sense to Todd Stroger -Good Luck With That

I always liked John Daley. I still do. John Daley is a gentleman. John Daley is loyal. John Daley is a very, very, very smart man.

Yesterday, he tried to talk sense to County Board President Todd Stroger who is the best friend Forrest Claypool has in the world, now that Quigley is in D.C. and out of his way.

Claypool has friends in WTTW,NPR and the Chicago Media.

That is about it. Forrest Claypool is friends with folks who can appoint him to a government spot, or manage to get others to build votes for him.

He pretty much shot his wad. Now, with all Progressive forces dancing the Dionysian jig no one is paying Forrest much attention. Vallas is coming back. Peraica won a Pyrrhic victory in the Repeal. That is as good as it will get Tony.

John Daley tried to talk sense to Todd -do not challenge the vote and give Forrest his wiggle room - 'We can not all be Elizabeth Brackett for Crissakes.'

Welp, Todd don't hear so good. Forrest will gump it up on Public TV and Airwaves. The tin-foil hat crowd will get all knit cap and soul-patch hot for Forrest.

He will lose, mind you, but we will have Claypool white-noise for the next few months.

Thanks Todd.

You tried John Daley. My God how you tried.

John Daley sparred with Stroger during a debate that turned angry at times, telling the president he "might want to listen for a change." Daley said a Stroger veto "would be a mistake, because of the strong vote of the board."

The Daley family backed Stroger in his 2006 run for the spot once held by his father, John, but Daley on Tuesday said Stroger has "been wounded" and might not get his support for his anticipated re-election effort.

In changing his stance, Daley cited the lousy economy and said the county had "to make adjustments." At least one commissioner, however, clearly acknowledged a desire to distance himself from a tax vote that was widely panned by civic groups, editorial pages and suburban leaders. "We've been getting beaten up, and I'm tired of it," said Commissioner Joseph Mario Moreno (D-Chicago), who voted for the tax hike but supported the effort to repeal.


Levois said...

I almost wonder what you think about his brother the mayor.

pathickey said...


Not much. Just what I read in the papers - not much room under the buswheels it seems to me.

John Daley on the other hand is a gentleman to th backbone. Unpretentious, honest and devoted to his family and friends -I witnessed that.

Anonymous said...

Okay after reading this observation you haven't completely lost your mind, but you're close.

pathickey said...

Thanks Doc. That vote of confidence only underscores the intrinsic worth of those swell diplomas on your wall from John Hopkins University,Trinity College Dublin, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, University College Dublin, University College Cork, University of Limerick and University College Galway (the National University of Ireland an dthe Oil Changing Pro from Joe & Ed's Arco at 87th & Wolcott!

Anonymous said...

malacht Cromail ort to the whole Daley clan