Friday, May 01, 2009

Banking ATM Crisis - County Kerry Pintless!

'Tis Dry, Paddy-Mike.' - ' 'Tis so, Mossy-Teague!'

Ripped - From the Pages of The Kerryman!!!!

Wednesday April 29 2009

PUBLICANS were left nursing huge losses and revellers were left with empty glasses on Saturday night after a computer glitch shut down ATMs across the county.

For four hours on Saturday night and Sunday morning, from about 10pm to 3am, the entire ATM network in Kerry was shut down leaving people across the county unable to withdraw any money.

In Tralee the situation led to huge losses for pubs with many publicans reporting that penniless revellers had simply opted to go home.

Long lines could be seen at ATMs with frustrated customers loudly venting their anger.

Taxi drivers too will have been hurting with the number of people seen walking home in the early hours testament to just how many people had been left with empty pockets on what's usually the busiest night of the week for pubs and restaurants in Kerry towns.

There were also numerous stories of revellers from outlying areas who were effectively stranded in Tralee until the banking system rebooted. The Kerryman met one couple from Castleisland who had found themselves with no money and no way to get home.

For drinkers with regular haunts the situation wasn't as bad as it might have been with most publicans running tabs for regular customers. Many publicans who spoke to The Kerryman said they were furious that their takings had been slashed by a banking glitch.

The problem has been traced back to Bank of Ireland who apologised to customers on Monday and blamed the situation on new software installed into its ATM system over the weekend.

A glitch in the software had caused an unforeseen error and BOI ATMs across the country had to be shut down as it was repaired. The problem was made greater because ATMs from all Irish banks are interlinked meaning the problem with the BOI system led to ATMs operated by AIB, Ulster Bank and some building societies also suspending services.

A BOI spokesman on Monday apologised for the inconvenience caused.



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