Friday, May 15, 2009

Illinois Rep. Kevin McCarthy (D.37th Dist.) -Profile in Courage

Il. Representative Kevin McCarthy is taking a heroic stand to stop the bleeding of Illinois tax-payer money in the face of a Tsunami of Teacher Unions' ads on all media outlets.

Kristen McQueary writes:

The Illinois Education Association, Illinois Federation of Teachers, American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees and dozens of smaller unions represented by AFL-CIO oppose the most comprehensive pension reform proposal the legislature has seen in at least 20 years.

McCarthy - a former Chicago Public Schools teacher who chairs the House Pensions and Personnel Committee - is the bill's chief sponsor.

Under his bill, that 55-year-old retired neighbor earning full pension benefits would be a perk of the past.

Today, McCarthy will try to get the bill voted out of committee and poised for the House floor, its first major challenge.

The bill represents weeks of negotiation between McCarthy, Gov. Pat Quinn, members of organized labor and House and Senate Democrats. House Amendment No. 1 to Senate Bill 1292 would combine state workers, university employees, teachers, judges and General Assembly members under one pension system rather than the five separate systems operating currently.

Labor unions are squawking for two main reasons. The bill reduces retirement benefits for new entrants to the system, and it does not address the state's enormous unfunded liability toward its pension obligations.,051409mcqueary.article

The Teachers Unions have flooded the air-waves with a whiny voiced 'Hush-talker' posing as a teacher -" it's a bad idea, Governor Quinn!" The ads beg for more revenue - more taxes.

If not -Illinois will lose quality teachers! Non Sequitur! The ad also whines that Illinois Public School teachers 'only qualify for Partial Social Security Benefits!!!!' Why is that Murial? Could it be that Illinois Teachers opted out of 'paying into Social Security' - their fair share - in order to allow tax-payer to buck up for their retirement? Hmmmmmm.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is a solid guy. He is one of the quiet heroes who actually make Reform - the old fashioned way - by doing what the voters have tasked him to do.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy stick to your guns. Your constituents are much smarter than the goof whining on the radio.


vttk17a1 said...

Funny...He made sure his own pension was safe. Throw everyone else under the bus. He chairs the committee where the state government cheats state workers out of their own pension money. When there is no more money to take, he declares the pensions to be too good for the government to fund. But the government will still pay his pension. Why is that? said...

Kevin A. McCARTHY IS A Chicago Machine said...
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