Monday, May 04, 2009

Paul Vallas Calls for Front-Loading Political Accountability

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Paul Vallas will be a great County Board President - you can be sure of it by this sign - all the goofs are lining up against him! To Nuance Old Jackie Swift.

"In the absence of a viable two-party system, the only accountability you have rests in the U.S. attorney's office. That's accountability at the back end," Vallas said. "No one is ever held politically accountable."

'Accountable? Accountable, Sir?!! Why I am an elected Official in the Land of Lincoln and Should be for life!'

Accountable. Yep. Meant something back in the day - even with political jobs. A guy would reach out and seek help to get a job and then his clout, or Chinaman, or Rabbi was held accountable for his work ethic and value to commonweal. It was up and down.

Then, along came the Whistleblower Culture. A goof could not or would not fulfill his vocational obligations and got in the jackpot with his supervisor - Voila! Pam Zekman appears and questions get asked like . . .'Mr. Polecatz, why was Mergatroyd Fuzzdyke required to sell Ward tickets?' Mergatroyd spent the previous twenty four months sleeping off hangovers in a nice, quiet cemetery, during his work hours for which he was handsomely paid, but failed to bring that to Pam's attention. The bigger the skunk shooting the eau d'cologne the better the 'Investigative Journalist' embraces the tale.

Accountability is a chimera.

Now Paul Vallas comes up from the Swamps and Bayous to the Cess-pool that is Cook County and brings back that old world notion of Accountability - People Actually doing the work for which they are paid.

Believe it or not . . .some kind soul who listens to Zanfir CDs? . . .please wake Forrest Claypool up . . .County Supervisers and most workers actually work hard.

It is the doughy dreamboats like Forrest, who was appointed to 90% of the jobs he has held in government, who get the Camera Face-time and play Atticus Finch for the nit-wits in the political audience who stir up the cess that has killed Accountability.

True facts. Old School Accountability in County and, yes Muriel, City government as well, rows hard against the Progressive currents, roiled by the oars of Reform Coyotes like Claypool and Preckwinkle and the now Congressional Quigley.

I needed some County work done to help kids here in Auburn Gresham at Leo High School and went to the right guy, and he introduced me to the righter guy, who had just the right guys and things got done - no quid pro dough; for which no moolah or services were exchanged; no grease; no trouble and I ain't sayin' nothin'!

I did not seek the help of Cook County Board President Todd Stroger. Please. The Wee Lad is busy enough with Kin. I would have reached out to his Pop. That gent was a master of grace and accountability. Guys that Stroger Pere trusted? You bet. I explained what was needed and with three conversations and follow-up. Things are moving.

Ask the help of a goof like Claypool and he would trot out the swell study done for Mike Quigley at the University of Chicago. Nope go to the hard-working people in government who actually perform and always seem to be the first people smeared by Pam Zekmans or have their jobs cut by the people doing the real stealing in the name of Reform.

That is Accountability. Not a Press Conference, or a WTTW Gush Glamorama with Phil Ponce by a self-absorbed flannel mouth who never does one thing to make government do anything for anyone. If the poor kids at Leo needed anything to make their lives better, safer, or more accountable, the last person one should ever see is a Reform goof like Claypool at County or Progressive Pirate like Preckwinkle.

Paul Vallas has it right front-load accountability. Paul Vallas ( GOP or Dem) is the right guy for the Cook County Presidency, because he is always accountable. Everything Old is New Again!

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