Friday, May 01, 2009

Burge Tosses A Great One Into Flint-Locke Lawsuit Lotto Empire

G.Flint Taylor wrestled Gator Bradley for the last scoop of Benjamins a judge tossed to G. G.Flint is all about the Benjamins ($100 in thick packaging or wire transfers -matters not).

To amass said Benjamins, G. Flint Taylor has played the the goof-ball Media like a Stradivarius. However, it might be Jon Burge, the disgraced former homicide detective, who goes to Carnegie Hall.

G. Flint and his sorcerers apprentice Locke Bowman have played a symphony from a One Note Samba concerning the alleged torture of black criminals, primarily murderers, and the Media has gone all Jonas Brothers for the Flint-Locke Group.

Burge has become the poster boy for police abuse/torture/systemic racism/ the heartbreak of psoriasis/plaque build-up/ and Jan Schakowsky. You name it Burge did it. However, again, Burge has not once been indicted for the things that he is said to have done. G.Flint is 0 for You Name It against Burge.

Now, the lawyers for Jon Burge are demanding that Jon Burge be tried out of this Land of I Believe!

Lawyers for former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge have asked to move his trial from Chicago, arguing that news reports have made it impossible for him to be treated fairly by a jury here.

The attorneys contend that "pervasive, prejudicial pretrial publicity" has damaged Burge's ability to get a fair shake. On Wednesday, the lawyers gave U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow a sampling of news accounts they say demonstrate the point.

Burge has been charged with perjury and obstruction of justice for allegedly concealing his involvement in torture. He has pleaded not guilty.

G.Flint will be gobbling up NPR and WTTW air-time like Ms. Pac-man on steroids! G.Flint'll be bouncing around the Federal Building like Yosemite Sam with a huge burr in his tighty whities! Justice? Wait until you hear the convoluted presentation of law and Justice from G. Flint! Mama Mumia!

Justice? G.Flint Taylor tells the very lazy Media what is Justice. Maybe a judge will try and remember what exactly that happens to be.


Tamara said...

Did you see Gator Bradley's "WANTED" poster he created for Frank Avila & co-counsel?

I don't think ANYONE really knows about Burge INSIDE the City and outside.

Yesterday, at was at Fox News in NYC, discussing water-boarding & torture, with criminal experts. I mentioned Burge and everyone was like, "Who the hell is he?!?"

Granted that was an out-of-Chicago conversation but when I have mentioned the case to my Chicago friends (or shall I say "alleged" friends, Mr. Hickey?) none of them know who Burge is and when I explain, they really don't seem to care.

Jury selection is a great process: it allows the attorneys to weed out the ones who may already have an opinion of fatty, creepy Burge. Oh, the boys in the prison will have fun with him!

pathickey said...

Tamara, A Chara,

Burge will dance Cecchetti in La Sylphide with Hubbard Street Dance Company at Schaller's Pump in Bridgeport, before G. Flint gets a conviction from a real judge.

Nope, as the expert testimony that G. Flint had sealed after one of his loses - an IRA man who had been tortured by MI-5 and the Israeli Mossad said, 'this is not torture,'

It seems that the 'street killers' being used by G.Flint would have had a genuine case had they been 'tortured' by an octogenarian Mercy Nun.

Brady said...

The French in Algeria also had some good torture techniques.

Maybe some of your IRA buddies should sue the UK and get millions.

Israeli Supreme Court allows Mossad and Shin Bet to torture.

Burge was bad--but some of the brutality was not "torture".
Some innocent men went to jail (not many but enough to be shocked--1 is to much) but most were guilty. Almost all were very bad violent men. Some of those who got big money by Flint and Locke were guilty.

The media and money hungry lawyers are tying the hands of police--this is not to say that police are perfect--but only to say if you want a decrease in crime you cannot play patty cakes with violent people. I think it was George Orwell (or maybe Winston Churchill) who said that we sleep safe in our beds at night because tough men are willing to do what is necessary in defense of both liberty and order. There is no order in many neighborhoods in Chicago.

Flint, Locke, Northwestern con men like Sam Tennenbaum are consumate liars, Loevy is not much better but he admits he is in it for the money. They are making huge dollars and there is usually no reform of the system and sometimes the real victims get no money. The lawyers are making money and there is cozy relationships with the judges. There should be a US Attorneys investigation into the Peoples Law Office. The Peoples Law Office (and some at Northwestern and University of Chicgo) are literal communists (literally and not as a pejorative) and anarchists--they want to take down the system and lying is a legitimate tactic--if they make a lot of money along the way as good capitalists--so be it.

Flint Taylor is greedy. Flint Taylor has a system to make money. Flint Taylor lies and exploits minorities. The Peoples Law Office has no Black or Hispanic lawyers or "People of Color" just White liberals of the same point of view and a strong homosexual influence that is also uber-radical. There is no tolerance, diversity and respect with Taylor--it is just as authoritarian as the right and perhaps worse if they ever got in power.

The Taxpayers are getting ripped off by Flint Taylor, Joey Mogul, Locke Bowman, Sam Tennembaum, NW, U of C and the others (no minorities in there by the way or even neighborhood white people) and crime is not down and the plight of low income people is not better.

Gator Bradley is an unreformed gang member who thinks that Larry Hoover is a "political prisoner" like Nelson Mandela. Gator Bradley has been implicated in murders (like fed informant "Jello") and his gang sold drugs, killed people, extorted people, and ran hoookers.
Gator Bradley is not the type of person who should have influence in society. He has not truly reformed but has a convuluted sense of society that would lead to the destruction of Chicago.

Anonymous said...


As one who personally has worked with Jon B. and knows his character as well as his professional abilities; I'd like to put on record that he is the true victim of unjust allegations by the uninformed.

Jon is a target of the liberal money changers...their snouts and forpaws are deep within the troughs (and pockets) of the men and women who fight to keep Chicago safe from murderers, this is the Chicago Police Department that I know so well.

The accusers misrepresent, lie, conjure, and perjure while promoting their false allegations.
Worse yet are the money hungry egotists (a la Taylor) who plan to make a "KILLING" of their own with their bad publicity and grandstanding. This is the ultimate insult to the surviving families of those truly tortured and killed by the likes of Taylor's clients. The true villans.

In Re: Brady ???
Jon has not done "bad things". Where does this opinion come from? Was Brady there? Has Brady ever interviewed victim's families or witnesses? Or was this an assumption?

A change of venue is the right of any accused where the media can be purchased for a lie to hype. The Chicago media is the most notorious in slanted coverages.

I say if you weren't there your opinion has no voice in the matter of torture allegations.

God bless Jon and his kind.

as always Patrick,