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Andy Stern's Payout of SEIU Dues for Political Clout

We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama — $60.7 million to be exact — and we're proud of it.
Andy Stern SEIU

John Rubery, Illinois' own Marathon Pundit has been monitoring Andy Stern's moving and shaking of dues taken from SEIU members.

Remember SEIU's dues do not go to benefit the membership but to seed Amdy's harvest of more members through political blackmail and intimidation of gutless politicians.

Members of SEIU remain low-skill and no skill workers*.

Unlike the Trades Unions -Real Labor - there is no intention on the part of SEIU to move workers into the American Middle Class. Andy Stern's efforts will eliminate the American Middle Class.

The target of SEIU, it seems to me , is take over of Trades Unions Apprenticeship Control, through the elimination of Bureau of Apprenticeship Programs(BAP), like here in Illinois which determines membership qualifications, examinations and schools, in each State.

Andy wants each State to adopt a State Apprenticeship Council (SAC) which will eliminate drug testing, residency requirements, and standards for skills, as well as control over all Apprenticeship Programs.

The Race Card is the Trump Card. Emil Jones attempted such a move, while President Obama was in the Illinois Senate - it failed. Andy Stern pumped millions into SEIU's effort ensure an Obama Presidency - beholden to Planned Parenthood,ACORN, ACLU and SEIU.

If you are a Union Woman or Man, get over to Marathon Pundit. Get wise to SEIU - the Media is in Andy's vest pocket.

*SEIU is a leftist troika that poses as a labor union. SEIU is run by a Leftist Social Worker whose 1960's radicalism found a profitable and powerful home in a labor union that expands membership numbers, intimidates gutless politicians, and operates the most massive redistribution of wealth scam in America. 1-2-3- that's how you dance to a troika -1. Expand 2.Intimidate 3. Redistribute Wealth!

Taking over the weak and corrupt janitors union in Chicago in the 1970's, Andy Stern and fellow University of Pennsylvania School Social Work colleague Anna Burger help radicalize and consolidate locals of building janitors, bringing thousands of unskilled to low skilled health care industry workers, security guard locals, menial office task workers and others into a political intimidation political action force.

Using a very complicit and lazy news media, Andy Stern deftly crafted a cult of personality unparalleled since Mao. The Purple Gang of hundreds of thousands of low-skill to no skill workers intimidated their way into public service employees and nearly match AFCME in tax-payer salaried workers. If you are somewhat taken aback by my analysis of the threat that I see from SEIU, please do take a look at Andy Stern's frequent trips to Red China and read Newsweeks's glwoing accounts of Stern's agenda to help one of the most oppresive regimes on the planet 'control their workers.' Take a look at Andy Stern's similar control that he exercises over local SEIU 'thought criminals.' Andy gets great PR from the press and the other mediums, but occasionally the real story gets out.

Like this one:

Sal Rosselli had been hardened by nearly three decades of front-line unionism. Time and again he staged insurgent organizing drives and do-or-die strikes, staring down major corporations. Now he blinked away tears as he huddled with supporters in his Oakland headquarters, a sooty-windowed, bunker-like building strewn with leaflets and picket signs, a place suddenly under siege.

Rosselli was describing his latest battle, his toughest ever: a face-off against a comrade in struggle, Andrew Stern, whom many view as the most powerful labor leader in America.

The two are locked in a nasty, often personal fight over how to make the nation's fastest-growing union -- 1.9 million members -- even bigger. Stern, its president, has sought more common ground with employers as a means to unionize entire industries. Rosselli believes building membership first requires getting the best deal for workers already under labor's tent.

"If you stick your head up, if you question what he's doing, you'll get whacked," said Rosselli, 58, head of the second-largest California chapter of Stern's union.

Wiping his eyes, he insisted that Stern, through a trusteeship, is determined to oust him from his elected post as part of a long push to centralize authority.

Stern and his allies in the Service Employees International Union dismiss the allegations and downplay the significance of the rift.

"It's not open warfare, it's a debate," said Pennsylvania union official Thomas De Bruin.

"It's David and Goliath," Rosselli said.

SEIU was solidly behind John Edwards. Edwards tanked. SEIU is solidly behind Obama.

Anna Burger sits on Obama's Economic Advisory Board. A radical Marxist is telling Obam how to shape America's economic path.

Obama like Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick from whom Obama crafts many of his rhetorical hits in the media, depends upon Andy and SEIU.

Andy Stern is making sure that Race is the pivot point of Obama's Campaign.

Leaders of the AFL-CIO met this week in Chicago to decide how to deploy some 250,000 volunteers and more than $250 million for its grass-roots campaign on behalf of Obama and 500 Democratic candidates vying for other posts.

The fast-growing Service Employees International Union, which has successfully organized lower-wage workers, has $85 million to spend. The AFL-CIO said it has set aside its rivalry with the SEIU and other unions that left to form their own labor federation in 2005.


Unions pride themselves on their racial diversity and plan to confront members about any biases they have.

"You go straight at our people and talk about the difference between McCain and Obama and the fact that race could be an issue -- you go straight at it," said Gerald McEntee, head of the AFL-CIO's political committee.

"Once people get in the booth, if they won't vote for a black man ...," he said with a shrug. Continued...

If you do not vote for Obama, You are a racist. Stalinist and simple. That's Andy Stern and all who do his bidding.

American Labor was built upon the principles of the right to work, the right to organize, the right to engage in collective bargaining and the right to strike for wages and benefits. American Labor made the American Standard of Living and the Middle Class. Unions taught the unskilled skills - moved the poor into the middle class. SEIU uses the poor and the unskilled to eliminate the American Middle Class.

The more unskilled and impoverished Americans, the more powerful Andy Stern's SEIU becomes.

Andy Stern's SEIU is for redistribution of wealth, global identification over American values, salaries mandated by legislation and the elimination of the American Middle Class.

Obama swims in Andy Stern's Tank.

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