Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guam Targeted by North Korea - from our friends at Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera - the Islamic News Agency notes that North Korea targets Guam.

Guam is America.

Guam voted for President Obama.

Guam has a United States Congresswoman, Madeleine Z. Bordallo .

Guam is America's strategic front-door to Asia,

Get this:

North Korea missile 'can hit Guam'

Inter-Korean relations have deteriorated as both countries warn of military action [AFP]

A South Korean report claims that North Korea has deployed a new type of ballistic missile capable of reaching the US Pacific territory of Guam.

The defense ministry report, released on Monday, said the new missile has a range of at least 3,000km and has been deployed "recently".

The reported striking range of the missle would reach Guam, the northern tip of Australia, much of Russia and India.

The ministry report also said the North began developing the missile in the late 1990s, but did not offer further details, including how many have been deployed.

The report comes as the North is believed to be preparing to test-fire its most advanced missile, the Taepodong-2, which is allegedly capable of reaching Alaska.

South Korea also claims the North is "presumed" to have secured about 40kg of atom bomb-making plutonium from reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods from its Yongbyon reactor.

Pyongyang carried out its first atomic test in October 2006, but it is not known whether it could manufacture a nuclear warhead.

Army size 'increase'

The report also claims that the size of the North Korean military had grown to 1.19 million, an increase of 20,000 from 2006, while the number of its lightly-equipped special forces trained to infiltrate South Korea had increased 50 per cent to 180,000.

Monday's published assessment came amid mounting tensions between the two countries, which are still technically at war since the 1950-1953 Korean conflict ended only in an armistice.

The North is angry with the government of Lee Myung-Bak, South Korea's president, who has scrapped a policy of largely unconditional aid and engagement.

It has cancelled all military and political agreements with Seoul, including one recognising their disputed sea border as an interim frontier.

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Frank Nofsinger said...

Guam voting for Obama and asking for support and protection is an oxymoron- More Chicago stimuss needed!

Anonymous said...

North Korea is no serious threat to Guam.

Sure they got nukes, but how good is their targeting abilities. If they try to hit Guam the missile will probably land someone in the ocean and just kill a lot of fish.

The last time a U.S. territory was attacked was when Japan bombed Hawaii, then a territory and not a state (Hawaii became a state in 1959), and look what happened. Japan got nuked. Not once but twice. Not to mentioned already bombed to hell before being nuked.

North Korea, learn from history.

Don't mess with the USA.

We will die and defend ALL parts of our country, even if they are not on the North American continent.

Hit Guam and North Korea is as good as dead.


Anonymous said...

Island Girl

I think that the United States of America should protect Guam from North Korea or any other terrorists. Guam is my home, It is the most beautiful and tropical place to ever live. We are a part of the us. Obama, if your reading this don't forget about Guam.