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Send President Obama Your Gravy Boat - Let Him Know How Much He Matters

President Obama and Obama 2012 in an unprecedented appeal to voters wants all Americans to let him know how they feel.

Send President Obama a gravy boat.

President Barack H. Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

They'll love them! Who would not?

Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone Claims Incoming Leo Student

A Genuine Shower of Bastards - G. Flint Taylor and the Architects of Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone

Ceasefire ( Gangbanger Pensioners),  Marches, T-Shirts, and Gun Turn-Ins are band-aids on cancer.  Chicago is and has been a Thug Comfort Zone where murdering thugs without any moral compass are allowed to kill with impunity and often immunity.

The lawyers and the media and gutless elected officials have helped every gang and independent sociopath feel free to murder in the knowledge that G. Flint Taylor, Jon Loevy and Locke Bowman as well as the Innocense Project and other massively funded university based 'feel-good' coalitions of the comfortable have their backs.

These self-puffing individuals and corporations have undermined any and all public confidence in the American judicial system and have gelded the authority of police officers to combat the killers.  Cadillac Commie lawyers like G. Flint Taylor has a seat at the head of the table for our Chicago bullshit buffet - Chicagoans have been schooled by the academics, columnists and the Peoples Law Office with the Burge Myth.

This Friday night, an incoming freshman to Leo High School was slain thanks to this collective handiwork by the Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers.  On Sunday G. Flint Taylor was given another editorial page perch in the Chicago Sun Times to pound out more Burge Mythology in order to gain him more clients and out of court settlement jackpots.
G. Flint Taylor has failed to prove that Chicago Police Officers tortured anyone; yet, Burge remains Chicago's Burge -ie Man and killings pile up higher than unclaimed corpses in Toni Preckwinkle's morgue.

   allowscriptaccess="always" allownetworking="all" allowfullscreen="true" src="">

Chicago police said Antonio Davis, 14, was shot and killed Friday night near 69th and Union around 8:40 p.m.A day later, a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed in the 6200-block of South Rhodes. Neighbors said there was a large party at the home where the boy was shot that spilled into the street.
Also, a 14-year-old and 15-year-old are recovering from being shot while playing basketball near their home Saturday night. It happened around 8:43pm in the 2400-block of East 74th Street. The two victims were playing when a gunman approached on foot and opened fire, striking the two.
Davis' family said he was an A and B student at Leo High School and had dreams of becoming a basketball player.
"I just know that he was walking to the store to get my niece's baby water and a car pulled up and jumped out at him and shot him" said Davis' aunt, Latrice Strong

Until we recognize the source of Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone, more families will grieve. You can trace the building of Chicago's Thug Comfort from G. Flint Taylor's initial dabblings in the Burge Mythology - thirty years of construction for this societal destruction and millions of dollars in his pockets.

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Shame Tossed Under the Bus


 Modern Dialogue
 Stop listening to instruction, my son, and you will stray from the words of knowledge - Proverbs 19:26
Son - Yeah, I know. It's cool.
Darwin studied shame and its affects in human beings.There is a collective phenomenon -physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Man blushes and needs to -as Mark Twain noted.

Adam and Eve lived without shame, until they turned away from God's command " Yuck it up, but stay away from the stuff on the Tree."

The happy couple were buck-assed naked and shame entered the human yarn.  I am ashamed of some things and have tried to atone for those actions.  Shame is the reminder to me that planets do not swirl about me in particular.

I attended a recent dinner at Beverly Woods given by the Alumni. I was wearing a Leo Wind-jacket, khakis and tennis shoes.  I was ashamed of my dress when I realized that this was a business casual deal and not a meeting at Father Perez Knights of Columbus. Bob Hylard '44 wore a sport coat, as did many others.  I looked like I just washed the Malibu. Jerk.

Shame is a gift.  Shame is a way back and better road.  We need to recognize shame for what it is - a signal that something is wrong and we could do something about it. Shame is a head's up - the engine warning light on our dash board.

Shame is being murdered in this Secular, Progressive and Shameless (SPC)culture .Here is a group of healthy, well-fed, clothed and entitled public school children who have soaked up oceans of  SPS Self-esteem:

These youngsters sure learned to combat obesity at school - lessons learned.  Rotten little bastards.

I am ashamed to be breathing the same air as these kids.    They are ignorant children, and the ignorant serve cruel masters.  These kids learned to treat people the way they have treated a widowed grandmother who is serving them - at home, in school, on cable, over the internet, wireless, IPad, or whatever.  Karen is not on Jersey Shore. She is on school bus and working for minimum wage. Shame on her?  Loser! Fat! Old! Poor! No I-Pod, No WI-FI, No reality show.

Kids are modeled on slackers, sluts and sneaks.  This horrific incident did not happen in a vaccum. This is the fruit of SPS self-esteem, PC, Diversity matters, Let's Move! education.  No sin, no sweat.

Children are taught to scorn virtue, courage, responsibility and respect in favor of political correctness, diversity and getting by.

Heroes are erased from the curriculum and pale lifeless secondary examples inflated to Olympic consequence - Shakespeare is bad and Alice Walker says it all; Booker T.. Washington is mocked and WEB DuBois considered a man of consequence; promiscuity is healthy and condoms are free,

Our culture demands no God, no sin, no accounatbility and no shame which goes very far in explaining the success and visibility of Abortion, Bill Maher, Dan Savage, Rose Ann Barr, the Kardashians, John Edwards, ACLU, Jerry Sandusky, MSNBC,   the IVY League and lesser lights, Public Education and Planned Parenthood. Most of all the abscense of shame explains the kids on the bus.

That little incident on the bus in NY State is our societal warning light.  Start over.  Send kids to Catholic School, Independent Schools that honor Virtue, Achievement, Patriotism, Honor and Personal Integrity, or home school them. It will be a start.

 Shame can be a path virtue.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Francis Cardinal George, a Great Shepherd, Gets Wolf-packed by Tribune Editors and Public Ombudsman

Just in time for Sunday's Extended Gay Pride Parade, The Chicago Tribune treated Catholic Chicago with a shower of invective from harsh and less than "we agree-to-disagree" shouters in the Letters Section  ( June 20th).  The Tribune's Ombudsman for Public Opinion did his job for the ghost of Joe Medill, it is clear, because the lettters reflect only Medill's point view - Catholics and Cardinal George are bad, real bad people.

Quiet the contrary, Cardinal George maintains the Magisterium ( Google it, there Head-scratchers).

The same logic presented within the ugly and misleading comments below, including a chap whom I suspect just might be the brother and partner of notorious Homosexual Monologician Dan Savage.*  Dan and Bill demanded that Catholic high schools force their students to attend a Gay Happy play about the miseries of living according to one's faith.
Piling on and nipping at Cardinal George's heels are the Obama Care Mandate acolytes.
The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board and its Public Ombudsman continue a daffy control over thought and presentation of the news.  They have also set the table for this week-end's al fresco Anti Catholic hate-mongering during the long Gay promenade.

Money, mables, or chalk - there will be a caravan of ugly and vicious attacks on Cardinal George and the Catholic Church featured by signage and floats this Sunday.

Cardinal's words
When Cardinal Francis George urged parishioners to speak out against the federalcontraceptive mandate, he is setting both himself and other Catholics up for a charge of blatant hypocrisy ("Birth control edict stirs Catholics," News, June 17). What the cardinal is basically saying is that no one, including the government, should be able to tell the church what it can and cannot do. I would agree with this assertion.
However, the history of the Catholic Church and other religious institutions is to consistently dictate to others what they can and cannot do in their private lives. This includes women's reproductive choices, various gay issues and, of course, what we all do in our bedrooms. The list of personal activities that the church has tried to outlaw is quite long. I would urge the cardinal and other religious people to practice what they preach. If you want to be left alone to do as you see fit, then you must afford others that same right.eff Clauser, Chicago

Cardinal's hypocrisy Cardinal Francis George is correct when he says that "in a democracy, government should not play God."
I, and many other Catholics, would respond with the flip side of that coin: The church should not play government. The seemingly ceaseless attempts by the Roman Catholic Church to make its particular doctrines (against birth control, same-sex marriage, abortion) the law of the land show the cardinal's hypocrisy.
His eminence is perfectly happy if the United States government plays God according to the tune chosen by the Vatican. Bill Savage, Chicago (emphasis my own)

Cardinal's views Cardinal Francis George is quoted in the June 17 Tribune: "In a democracy, government should not play God."
Really? The cardinal and other religious leaders have no trouble inflicting their views regarding who can marry and reproductive rights on citizens of the democracy. Perhaps he should confine his views to his flock and refrain from imposing his religious views on the democracy.
In a democracy, God should not be allowed to play with governance — Aviva Tauman, Evanston

According to the Tribune, a speaker at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said, "We protect the freedom of religion because we think it is wrong to coerce belief" (News, June 14). They do? Cardinal Francis George lobbied against the state civil union law by attempting to force his religious beliefs on state legislators and Gov. Pat Quinn. George's vehement opposition to same-sex marriage is religious coercion. No one can marry in Illinois without first obtaining a state-issued marriage license. That makes marriage a civil right before it can become a religious rite.
Yet George would codify his religious beliefs into Illinois law by denying the civil right of marriage to same-sex couples.
In the name of his religious beliefs, George threatens the civil liberties of members of the gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender community. He supports discrimination against gay couples when it comes to adopting children, civil unions and marriage equality.
All these things are forms of religious coercion.
— Bob Barth, Chicago

*Dan and Bill Savage share an interest in sex education. And they want to share it with you, too. Dan’s enormously popular weekly column, “Savage Love,” and podcast, the Savage Lovecast, address questions pertaining to love and sex from all walks of life. In this live edition of the Savage Lovecast, Dan invites questions from the audience, and Bill, a senior lecturer in English at Northwestern University, moderates. This program is not recommended for children under 13.
Media sponsorship of this program is provided by theChicago Reader.,0,4754334.story

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Readers Digest Condensed Version of " Barack Obama: Dreams from My Father"

NEW READERS DIGEST CONDENSED VERSION - Available here for the 1st time!

Foreword by Bill Ayers, Weather Underground (ret.) & Distinguished Professor of Education Not Granted Emeritus Status -University of Illinois at Chicago.

Introduction and Foreword -All Hail El Jefes Hugo and Barack of Whom I am Well Pleased and Our The Glorious Soviet Peoples Choice Award Winning Victory!!!!!

President Hugo Chavez, Vice-President Vicente Rangel, Ministers Moncada and Isturiz, invited guests,comrades. I’m honored and humbled to be here with you this morning. I bring greetings and support from your brothers and sisters throughout Northamerica. Welcome to the World Education Forum! Amamos la revolucion Bolivariana!This is my fourth visit to Venezuela, each time at the invitation of my comrade and friend Luis Bonilla, a brilliant educator and inspiring fighter for justice. Luis has taught me a great deal about the Bolivarian Revolution and about the profound educational reforms underway here in Venezuela under the leadership of President Chavez. We share the belief that education is the motor-force of revolution, and I’ve come to appreciate Luis as a major asset in both the Venezuelan and the international struggle—I look forward to seeing how he and all of you continue to overcome the failings of capitalist education as you seek to create something truly new and deeply humane. Thank you, Luis, for everything you’ve done.I also thank my youngest son, Chesa Boudin, who is interpreting my talk this morning and whose book on the Bolivarian revolution has played an important part in countering the barrage of lies spread by the U.S. State Department and the corrupted Northamerican media.On my last trip to Caracas I spoke of traveling to a literacy class—Mission Robinson— in the hills above the city along a long and winding road. As we made our way higher and higher, the talk turned to politics as it inevitably does here, and someone noted that the wealthy—here and everywhere, here and in the US surely—have certain received opinions, a kind of absolute judgment about poor and working people, and yet they have never traveled this road, nor any road like it. They have never boarded this bus up into these hills, and not just the oligarchy or the wealthy—this lack of first-hand knowledge, of open investigation, of generous regard is also a condition of the everyday liberals, and even many of the radicals and armchair intellectuals whose formulations sit lifeless and stifling in a crypt of mythology about poor people. Everyone should come and travel these roads into the hills, we agreed then—and not just once, but again and again and again – if they will ever learn anything of the real conditions of life here, surely, but more important than that, if they will ever encounter the wisdom and experience and insight that lives here as well.We arrived at eight o’clock to a literacy circle already underway being conducted in a small, poorly-lit classroom. And here in an odd and dark space, a sun was shining: ten people had pulled their chairs close together—a young woman maybe 19, a grandmother maybe 65, two men in their 40s—each struggling to read. And I thought of a poem called A Poor Woman Learns to Write by Margaret Atwood about a woman working laboriously to print her name in the dirt. She never thought she could do it, the poet notes, not her– this writing business was for others. But she does it, prints her name, her first word so far, and she looks up and smiles— for she did it right.The woman in the poem—just like the students in Mission Robinson—is living out a universal dialectic that embodies education at its very best: she wrote her name, she changed herself, and she altered the conditions of her life. As she wrote the word, she changed the world, and another world became—suddenly and surprisingly—possible.I began teaching when I was 20 years old in a small freedom school affiliated with the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. The year was 1965, and I’d been arrested in a demonstration. Jailed for ten days, I met several activists who were finding ways to link teaching and education with deep and fundamental social change. They were following Dewey and DuBois, King and Helen Keller who wrote: “We can’t have education without revolution. We have tried peace education for 1,900 years and it has failed. Let us try revolution and see what it will do now.”I walked out of jail and into my first teaching position—and from that day until this I’ve thought of myself as a teacher, but I’ve also understood teaching as a project intimately connected with social justice. After all, the fundamental message of the teacher is this: you can change your life—whoever you are, wherever you’ve been, whatever you’ve done, another world is possible. As students and teachers begin to see themselves as linked to one another, as tied to history and capable of collective action, the fundamental message of teaching shifts slightly, and becomes broader, more generous: we must change ourselves as we come together to change the world. Teaching invites transformations, it urges revolutions small and large. La educacion es revolucion!I taught at first in something like a Simoncito—called Head Start—and eventually taught at every level in barrios and prisons and insurgent projects across the United States. I learned then that education is never neutral. It always has a value, a position, a politics. Education either reinforces or challenges the existing social order, and school is always a contested space – what should be taught? In what way? Toward what end? By and for whom? At bottom, it involves a struggle over the essential questions: what does it mean to be a human being living in a human society?Totalitarianism demands obedience and conformity, hierarchy, command and control. Royalty requires allegiance. Capitalism promotes racism and militarism – turning people into consumers, not citizens. Participatory democracy, by contrast, requires free people coming together voluntarily as equals who are capable of both self-realization and, at the same time, full participation in a shared political and economic life.Education contributes to human liberation to the extent that people reflect on their lives, and, becoming more conscious, insert themselves as subjects in history. To be a good teacher means above all to have faith in the people, to believe in the possibility that people can create and change things. Education is not preparation for life, but rather education is life itself ,an active process in which everyone— students and teachers– participates as co-learners.Despite being under constant attack from within and from abroad, the Bolivarian revolution has made astonishing strides in a brief period: from the Mission Simoncito to the Mission Robinson to the Mission Ribas to the Mission Sucre, to the Bolivarian schools and the UBV, Venezuelans have shown the world that with full participation, full inclusion, and popular empowerment, the failings of capitalist schooling can be resisted and overcome. Venezuela is a beacon to the world in its accomplishment of eliminating illiteracy in record time, and engaging virtually the entire population in the ongoing project of education.The great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda wrote a poem to his fellow writers called “The Poet’s Obligation” in which he instructed them in their core responsibility: you must, he said, become aware of your sisters and brothers who are trapped in subjugation and meaninglessness, imprisoned in ignorance and despair. You must move in and out of windows carrying a vision of the vast oceans just beyond the bars of the prison– a message of hope and possibility. Neruda ends with this: it is through me that freedom and the sea will call in answer to the shrouded heart.Let those of us who are gathered here today read this poem as “The Teacher’s Obligation.” We, too, must move in and out of windows, we, too, must build a project of radical imagination and fundamental change. Venezuela is poised to offer the world a new model of education– a humanizing and revolutionary model whose twin missions are enlightenment and liberation. This World Education Forum provides us a unique opportunity to develop and share the lessons and challenges of this profound educational project that is the Bolivarian Revolution.Viva Mission Sucre!Viva Presidente Chavez!Viva La Revolucion Bolivariana!Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance

by Barack Obama?* -Originally published: New York : Times Books, c1995 around the time BHO was working at the Woods Fund/Anneberg Foundation with his old Chicago Political Chinaman Billy Ayers

My pappy was a pistol and I'm a Sonofa gun!
Barack H. Obama, 1995. Hyde Park- Chicago. IL
Source: NewsCore
WASHINGTON -- A new biography of Barack Obama disputes the US president's understanding that his grandfather was tortured at the hands of British troops in a fight for Kenyan independence. 

David Maraniss' book "Barack Obama: The Story" includes the accounts of five associates of Hussein Onyango Obama who all doubt he was jailed or brutalized, The (London) Daily Telegraph reported. 

Obama's memoir "Dreams From My Father" included his understanding that his grandfather was detained by British troops for being subversive "to the white man." The third wife of Onyango told stories of how he bore scars from the torture he endured in the late 1940s. 

"Five people who had close connections to Hussein Onyango said they doubted the story or were certain it did not happen," Maraniss, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, said. 

Dick Opar, a former senior Kenyan police official, was quoted in Maraniss' biography saying he "would have known" if Onyango had been detained and adding, "People make up stories." 

"If you get arrested, you say it was the fight for independence, but they are arrested for another thing," Opar told Maraniss. 

It is understood that Onyango was a Muslim convert who worked for the British army in Burma during World War II and was accused of sympathizing with the Kenyan pro-independence movement that became the Mau Mau rebellion of 1952. He died in 1979. 

Obama's family tale of torture is said to underpin his coolness towards Britain, according to the Telegraph, and has been used to explain why the president decided to return a statue of Winston Churchill's bust that was previously put on display by George W. Bush in the White House. 

The new biography delves into the discrepancies between Obama's memoir accounts and the author's own research -- however Maraniss has also defended the president, by disputing widespread "mythologies" about the US leader used by detractors. 

"The other mythology of the right-wing birthers is equally preposterous," Maraniss told Piers Morgan on his CNN show Monday. 

"The fact that he was born in Honolulu on August 4th 1961 is indisputable by the facts that any historian would look at."

Read more:

Count Three and Pray

Joseph Stalin
America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.

Overplaying One's Hand

Let's grab a nightcap at Brewbakers

Hold my beer and watch this!

Hey, aren't you Whitey Bulger?

Don't put your finger in the fan . . .I mean it.

Honey, are you sure the power is off?

You can't put too much gas in the ( Phunt!). . .?

"We offered the documents that we thought would resolve the subpoenas," Eric Holder said. "The ball is in their court."

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Beverly Ranks # 7 in Chicago Extra Marital Affairs - I Did 257 Sit-ups After a Milano's Stuffed Pizza

Huffington Post is the Hollywood Squares of American Journalism. Founded by a serial savings stalker Arianna "The Helenic Beard" Huffington*, this website is a howl.

Huffington Post, from the get-go, is home to columns written by Hollywood has-beens (Steve Webber - Remember the show Wings?  Me Either) and never weres, as well as convicted check-kiting activists ( Bob Creamer - other half of Jan Schakowsky) and serial nut bags like NATO Riot CEO Andy Thayer.

Huffington Post is Left-Leaning in the same way that Michael Moore enjoys an occasional snack. The sole point of view is secularist, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Christian, Anti- Israel, Gay Fabulous, Anti-Cop and Anti-Factual.

Today's ranking of Chicago neighborhoods afflicted with Martial Infidelity is Mono Racial - whitey cheats; but of course!  The demographic for infidelity is based upon vocations identified with the church going breeders of pale color.  African Americans and Hispanics do not engage in marital infidelity. Evidently Chicago's Minority Communities have a racist neglect of Ashley Madison ( source of the study) products and services**

This headlined offering in today's Huffington Post Chicago Edition is Chicago's Cheating Neighborhoods, including comfortable suburbs as Chicago Neighborhoods - e.g. Naperville and Arlington Heights.

This article functions in support of Illinois and National Gay Marriage.  The meme is Marriage is a failure anyway; therefore allow homosexual holy wedlock.  The argument for Gay Marriage is a civil right. The meme merely is an adjunct to the argument. Both are equally silly.

More than silly is the listing of white middle class neighborhoods as the sole centers of sin.

The best is the seventh place ranking of Beverly as a Hot-tub Hootenanny.  Beverly the 19th Ward ranks behind Armour Square and above Naperville?  Naperville in the Hood? Armour Square is the neighborhood on the north end of Sox Park and dominated at one time by Italian Catholics and now Yuppies.  Beverly is the east end of Chicago's Irish Catholic tribes - Beverly is often called merely the 19th Ward.

Is there marital infidelity?  Could be.  Everything else is a matter of public discussion, commentary and moral pillory. All very veriable and accurate mind you.
  • Hickey tossed left overs in the Blue Containers
  • Hickey never waters his damn grass and says that it is 'God's Job'
  • Hickey went to County Fair three times for Greek Yogurt Tom Baffes told me
  • Hickey grabbed six calendars at Sacred Heart on Sunday . . .great stocking stuffers and graduation gifts from that mope
  • Hickey's lights were in until three AM. Great, another novel no one reads
  • Hickey ran his air conditioner on Earth Day
Not only those nuggets of public interest, but also considerations of personal history linked to fashion.

  • He was wearing a Leo Track Championship T-Shirt while he was trying to pick-up tree branches and ended up kicking them into a pile; then he kicked the pile to alley sort of.
  • He was wearing shorts. My God!!!  His legs look like beached Belugas
Matters of the Heart

  • How can that elegant and beautiful woman be seen in public with that sarcastic gargoyle?
  • She must be doing penance . . .for Cleveland.
Thus, if one were to violate the sanctity of Marital Bliss we would hear about it . . .in thunder.

Logically, it does not get off the ground let alone fly. Beverly, Morgan Park and Mount Greenwood often mistaken holistically for Beverly is a breeding ground of Catholics Breeders -anathema to secularist Progressive.  I can not walk from my house to the bus stop on 108th & Western in under fifteen minutes, due to the tangle of toys, tricycles, and playhouses between Maplewood, Campbell and Artesian Streets to Western Avenue.  Twenty minutes of veering hopping, climbing and stumbling over Barbies, mitts, bats, tiny flip flops and miniature Mount Carmel sportswear.

Families number anywhere between five ( Mom/Dad -three offspring) and nine or better.  Given the time and care and attention required for each child ( Irish step Dance, ballet, T-ball, softball, swimming, soccer, Beverly Arts Center classes, Park Day Camps, parish youth groups), hours at labor and minutes home for meals, a sexual athlete un-bothered by conscience and conviction would be very hard pressed to find time, let alone energy to engage in extra marital escapades.

More so, one can not get away with even the slightest deviation from public truth in this tribal priest ridden environment.  South siders are everywhere and even the slightest embellishment of fact by one foolish enough to pad the old  curriculum vita - showers of invective and maledictions would pour forth from all and sundry.

Witness - a poor slob who never played a down of football might suggest that he 'played a little ball in high school' anywhere but in this neighborhood.  The outcry here would be . 'Yeah, and then you picked up the metal caltraps to see how many you could scoop up on each bounce.'

If extra marital cheating goes on in Beverly it is public knowlege broadcast from Dan Ryan Woods to Beverly Woods lounge, from the Rock Island Metra Line to Galloway's Drafty City.

Hey, You hear that Dash Riprock who's got the dump on Hoyne is trying to crack Maeve Fitz-Derrier-Winphrey's britches whose married to Tag UrFaqued?

Yeah, Father Ed told me over by White Hen. Tag is cool with it as he thinks Dash has Low T and ED and STDs anyway.  Saves on meals out.

Ridicule is healthy as it keeps one relatively honest.

People who write for Arianna Huffington don't get ridiculed and would know HONEST if it jumped up and bit them on the ass.

*Michael Huffington (born September 3, 1947) is an American politicianbisexualactivist, and film producer. He was a member of the Republican Party, and a member of the United States House of Representatives for one term, 1993–1995, from California. Huffington was married to Arianna Huffington, the Greek-born co-founder of The Huffington Post, from 1986 to 1997.On April 12, 1986 Huffington married Arianna Stassinopoulos, a Greek-born writer and lecturer.] They were married until 1997.In 1998 Huffington disclosed that he is bisexual.

**Story sent by Brandi, from Minneapolis MNHi John, my name is Brandi and I thought it would be cool to give my opinion regarding this so hated/loved website. Let me tell you AshleyMadison worked for me and I am going to tell you how exactly AshleyMadison works for female members. I signed up about 2 months ago and even before I posted a picture of me I was already receiving ridiculous amounts of messages. All I had on my profile was a brief description of my situation and what I was looking for in an affair, which was pretty standard, I was looking to have a discreet affair. Now let me explain how this felt for me, within minutes from signing up I was receiving so many messages that I could barely keep up with responding and replying. Now you people can say AshleyMadison is a scam and that profiles are false. That I cannot guarantee in any way, but one thing I can tell you, there are real women on the site, and just like men they are looking to have an affair. For a woman the feeling you get on the website is completely different and somewhat overwhelming. I had numerous coffee dates with different men who were in my same situation and who wanted discretion as much as I did. Needless to say, so far Ashley Madison has been a lot of fun, and I have met some very cool men. I have yet to find my perfect affair, since none of the men I have contacted or met quite wanted a long term thing, all they wanted was a one night stand. Now I am looking for a long term affair.
And please men, when sending messages start reading profiles, there is no worst turn off than a person that does not even take the time to read a woman’s profile. I understand we are all looking to have a discreet affair, but please read what the other person is exactly looking so that there is no need to have endless conversations that lead nowhere. If you ever wanna find me on AshleyMadison my username is HICKEYROCKSOURWORLD GIRSL! (I have obscured the nickname to protect the user) I hope you have lots of affairs.
Mine are my own affairs, except my past dalliances from the now gone Martinique's Drury Lane Theatre with Elke Sommer, Vicky Carr, Tina Louise, Nancy Kwan and Joan Collins in my late teens and twenties. Merry hearted boys make the best of old men. Yes, I remember it well! Torrid kisses and Slim Jim Dinners at Panos Lounge and a quick drive to the Pocannos in Oak Lawn. I sure liked them older chippies.

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Mother Jones as High-Jacked by Lefties, as Labor Itself

 Mother Jones -Catholic from cradle to grave

America continues to subsist on a diet of Progressive bullshit - Big Labor is SEIU, Woman should be recognized with a stamp for the six lesbians who might have raised the flag on Iwo Jima and Americans should not use toilet paper.  Mayor Bloomberg and other damp-brained types worry about sugar, trans fatties, salt and thick ply toilet paper, yet never once blink or squeak when the steam table of bullshit piles higher despite the ladling out by academics, ink-slingers, activists, mail-order preachers and political hacks in heaping helpings to ever more historically and rhetorically sated generations of citizens.  Our President fell victim to this steady diet of deadly of nonsense, when his speech writers allowed him to read "Polish Death Camps" without a stuttered, or head shake.

The American intellectual gag reflex needs to be restored.

Yesterday, I jammed a feather down the gullet with a posting about Mary Harris "Mother" Jones*.
This was in reaction to a series of articles spewed out by Mother Jones Magazine -named in honor of the tiny, fearless Catholic woman who dedicated her life to fighting injustice. I chose one Woman's ( Feminist) Website: Women in History, as an example of how leftists have hijacked the truth about a heroic woman's life and spirit.  From the get-go the presentation is nonsense and mythopoeic larceny -"She ( Mother Jones) came from a long line of social agitators. It was common in Ireland then to see British soldiers marching through the streets with the heads of Irish freedom fighters stuck on their bayonets." and it continues with more such leftist legerdemain . . .Several sources ( Chris Matthews? Pete Seeger?  Albert Speer?) say her father also was one and, shortly after his father was hanged, was forced to flee Ireland with his family. Another source ( Rip Taylor?  Susan Sarandon?) says he left to work on railway construction crews in the U.S. and Canada. At any rate, they did leave Ireland, eventually settling in Toronto, Ontario, in 1841." ( emphases and ridicule my own)

Mother Jones is presented as a fiery, secularist, bomb-the- NATO Bastards!  Rachel Maddow.  Nowhere is the word Catholic mentioned in the long offering, though a school identified as well as a eulogist for the Catholic widow's funeral in Mount Olive, IL where she is buried. Her Faith is Stalanized and her spirit is diluted with nonsense.  

Mother Jones lived a long life that reads like the Book of Job her husband and children died of yellow fever and her business was destroyed by the Great Chicago Fire - natural causes.  Mary Harris Jones took refuge following that last test of faith and character in St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church on South Wabash, in Chicago. From there she met another Irish Catholic Terence Powderly, founder of the Knights of Labor and immersed herself in the fight for others - workers, victims of injustice and especially children.

Mother Jones and Labor itself are and continue to be misrepresented in America.  The diet of bullshit is far more dangerous than the outlawed fois gras, fats, sugars, and facts.

*"Mother" Mary Harris Jones 


NAME: Mary Harris Jones
DATE OF BIRTH: August 1, 1837 (She later claimed it was May 1, 1830)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Cork, Ireland
FAMILY BACKGROUND: Mary Harris was born to Richard and Mary Harris. She came from a long line of social agitators. It was common in Ireland then to see British soldiers marching through the streets with the heads of Irish freedom fighters stuck on their bayonets. Her paternal grandfather was hanged by the British for being a freedom fighter. Several sources say her father also was one and, shortly after his father was hanged, was forced to flee Ireland with his family. Another source says he left to work on railway construction crews in the U.S. and Canada. At any rate, they did leave Ireland, eventually settling in Toronoto, Ontario, in 1841.
EDUCATION: Mary attended public schools in Toronto, and graduated from the normal school in 1854 at the age of 17. The next year, she began working as a private tutor in Maine. She received a teaching certificate in Michigan in 1857, at age 20, and taught at St. Mary's Convent school in Monroe, Michigan.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Mary only taught in Michigan for about eight months, moving to Chicago to work as a dressmaker. From there, she moved to Memphis, Tennessee, in 1860 to teach school again. It was here, in 1861, that she met and married George E. Jones, a staunch and prominent member of the Iron Molders' Union. At times, Mary traveled with George in his union organizing. Through him, Mary learned about unions and the psychology of working men. Later, she would advise women that "the wife must care for what the husband cares for, if he is to remain resolute."
Life was good for a while, as Mary and George bore four children in quick succession. But tragedy first struck in 1867, when her husband and all the children died in a yellow fever epidemic, within a week of each other. She stayed in Memphis nursing other victims until the epidemic waned, then moved back to Chicago, working as a dressmaker again. But tragedy soon followed. In 1871, she lost everything she owned in her home and seamstress shop in the great Chicago fire. It was then that Mary embarked upon the path that made her name synonymous with social justice. Probably the seeds were sown earlier, while sewing in the homes of wealthy Chicago families. She later said:
"Often while sewing for lords and barons who lived in magnificent houses on the Lake Shore Drive, I would look out of the plate glass windows and see the poor, shivering wretches, jobless and hungry, walking alongside the frozen lake front.... The contrast of their condition with that of the tropical comfort of the people for whom I sewed was painful to me. My employers seemed neither to notice nor to care."
After the great fire, Mary began to attend meetings of the newly formed Knights of Labor, held in a ragged, fire-scorched building. The fraternity and its ideals must have struck a chord in Mary, bringing forth her compassion and passion. And although she continued to work in Chicago as a seamstress, she had no fixed home. She began volunteering with the Knights of Labor as an organizer -- traveling back and forth across the country, from one industrial area to another, living with the workers in tent colonies and shantytowns near the mills. She in essence adopted the hard workers of America, and they called her 'Mother.' (One source says during a strike, a mine detective bashed the skull of a miner. While Mary cradled his head, the delirious, dying miner thought she was his mother and called her such; the name stuck.) When asked about where she lived, she said:
"My address is like my shoes. It travels with me. I abide where there is a fight against wrong."
The Industrial Revolution was in full swing. America was changing from an agricultural to an industrial economy. Immigrants and displaced farmers made up the vast array of workers, digging out coal and forging steel. But they were subjected to nightmarish conditions and paid starvation wages. Mary would travel to wherever there was a strike, organizing and helping the workers. She would hold educational meetings, and bolster the men's spirits to keep up the fight. Often she was at odds with union leaders. In 1877, Mary helped in the Baltimore and Ohio railroad workers' strike in Pittsburg. In the 1880s, she organized and ran educational meetings, saying:
"Sit down and read. Educate yourself for the coming conflicts."
On May 1, 1886, labor unions in Chicago organized a strike for an eight-hour work day. (Two years earlier, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions had called for the eight-hour work day to begin on that day.) Two days into the strike, a fight broke out and two strikers were killed by police; others were wounded. On May 4, spurred by incendiary fliers saying the police had murdered the strikers on behalf of the business owners, thousands of workers gathered in Chicago's Haymarket Square for a rally. Although the people remained calm throughout, when the police ordered everyone to disperse and began marching in formation through the crowd, a bomb was thrown and exploded near them, killing one policeman. (Seven more policemen died later from their injuries.) The police began firing into the crowd, ultimately killing 11 people. Many of the wounded were afraid to seek treatment, for fear of being arrested.
It was because of this event that Mary "changed" her birth date to May 1, 1830 -- May 1 in honor of the strike for an eight-hour work day. This date has become celebrated worldwide as International Workers' Day (except in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand), commemorating the social and economic achievements of the labor movement and remembering the Haymarket Riot. Mary probably moved her birth seven years earlier to embellish the grandmotherly image of 'Mother' Jones.
Prominent strikes Mary participated in include the Pullman railroad strike in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1894; the Pennsylvania anthracite coal miners' strike in 1902; the Ludlow miners' strike in Colorado in 1913; and the nationwide steel workers' strike in 1919. She also helped other workers as well. In 1901, she helped form a union of domestic servants and helped silk weavers (often daughters of miners) fight for better work conditions. In 1909, she helped striking shirtwaist workers; the next year she helped organize women bottlers in Milwaukee breweries. In 1916, she helped streetcar workers in Texas and New York.
At only five feet tall and dressed in black with just a touch of lace at her throat and wrists, Mary was a perfect picture of a grandmother. Yet when she spoke, she was dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic -- bringing her audiences to tears, applause and laughter. She was a gifted storyteller with a brilliant sense of humor. Her intensity was almost explosive when she began to speak; her listeners (mostly men) sat up, fully alert, and believed that together they could do anything. She'd smile and scan the people gathered with her bright blue eyes, then say:
"I'm not a humanitarian. I'm a hell-raiser!" Another well-known quote is: "Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living."
Starting in 1890, she joined the coal miners' fight, becoming an organizer for the newly formed United Mine Workers of America. First she was a volunteer, then she became a union employee. She traveled to West Virginia, Alabama and Colorado, the hardest to organize areas. The miners and their families lived in towns where everything -- the houses, stores and even churches -- was owned by the mining company. She knew the gruesome conditions and hazards of their work, and even went into the mines during strikes to convince scabs (men who worked while others were striking) to quit and support their fellow workers. She warned miners to not trust the churches because they were financially supported by the mine owners. One preacher chastised Mary for holding a union meeting in "a house of God." She said:
"Oh, that isn't God's house. That is the coal company's house. ... God almighty never comes around to a place like this."
Although Mary was raised Catholic, she never claimed allegiance, feeling the organized church had abandoned the revolutionary nature Jesus had espoused. She also felt organized religion was used as a way to keep people from asking questions about their condition. When she spoke to groups, she portrayed Jesus as an organizer of the poor, saying he chose to die rather than betray the poor. On June 20, 1902, at a rally near Clarksburg, West Virginia, Mary was arrested after her speech. When she found out she would be detained in a hotel, she demanded to be put in jail with the other miners who had been arrested. During her career, she was arrested or escorted out of town many times -- only to return again and again.
Remembering lessons she learned from George, Mary often involved the wives and children of miners to dramatize the situation, as well as keep up the men's resolve. In 1902, she told striking miners in Arnot, Pennsylvania, to "stay home with the children for a change and let the women attend to the scabs." Then she led a march of the miners' wives from mine to mine, driving away strikebreakers with brooms and mops. She used this strategy many times at other strikes. In 1907 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, she urged strikers' wives to stand at the picket line, with their children. If arrested and imprisoned, she told them to sing as loudly as they could so the townspeople would be happy to have them released.
As for children, Mary traveled to several Southern cotton mills, assessing the working conditions -- although cotton mills were not exclusive to the South. She hired on at some, telling the managers she had children who would be working with her. She described the typical conditions at the mills:
"Little girls and boys, barefooted, walked up and down between the endless rows of spindles, reaching their little hands into the machinery to repair snapped threads. They crawled under machinery to oil it. They replaced spindles all day long, all day long; all night through. Tiny babies six years old with faces of sixty, did an eight hour shift for ten cents a day."
In 1903, to dramatize the need to abolish child labor, she led a caravan of striking children from the textile mills of Kensington, Pennsylvania, to President Theodore Roosevelt's home in Long Island, New York. They carried banners saying "We want time to play!" and "We want to go to school!" The president refused to meet with them, but the "Children's Crusade" caught the public's attention. She is quoted as saying:
"The employment of children is doing more to fill prisons, insane asylums, almshouses, reformatories, slums, and gin shops than all the efforts of reformers are doing to improve society."
In 1898, Mary helped found the Social Democratic Party. In 1904, she resigned from the UMWA and began lecturing for the Socialist Party of America, traveling throughout the southwest. She became an organizer for the Western Federation of Miners (who mined metal rather than coal), who were much more radical than the UMWA. In 1905, Mary was a founder of the Industrial Workers of the World union -- the only woman amond 27 people signing the manifesto calling for the organization. The predecessor of this union was the Knights of Labor.
While still participating in strikes and organized drives for unions, Mary became concerned as well about the conditions of Mexicans working in the U.S. She also focused energy on raising funds to defend Mexican revolutionaries who had been arrested or deported. She supported the overthrow of the dictatorial Mexican President Porfirio Diaz, and visited his successor, Francisco Madero, until he was assassinated.
In 1911, Mary left the Socialist Party to again work for the United Mine Workers union as an organizer. It was during this time that 'Mother' Jones came to national attention through the Paint Creek-Cabin Creek strike in West Virginia. On September 21, 1912, she led a march of miners' children through Charleston, West Virginia. On February 12, 1913, she led a protest about mining conditions and was arrested.
At the age of 76, Mary was convicted by a military court of conspiring to commit murder and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. This whole ordeal created such a fervor nationally that the U.S. Senate ordered a committee to investigate conditions in the coalfields. Before the investigations began, newly elected governor Hatfield set 'Mother' Jones free. (Because of her adding seven years to her age, everyone believed she was 83 years old.) She didn't waste any time -- traveling to Colorado to help miners in a yearlong strike. She arrived in Trinidad, Colorado, and spoke at the West Theatre:
"Rise up and strike ... strike until the last one of you drop into your graves. We are going to stand together and never surrender. Boys, always remember you ain't got a damn thing if you ain't got a union!"
Mary was evicted from mine company property several times, but returned again and again. She was arrested and imprisoned twice: first for about two months at Mt. San Rafael Hospital, and later for 23 days in a squalid semi-basement cell at Huerfano County Jail in Walsenburg. This second time was in Ludlow, Colorado, after she'd been told to leave town or be arrested. After her prison term, she was escorted out of town, but she slipped back in with the help of railroad workers.
On April 20, 1914, miners and their families, 20 people in all, were killed in a machine-gun massacre at a tent colony in Ludlow. Mary traveled the country telling the story. She caught the attention of the nation, and its leaders. President Wilson and members of the House Mines and Mining Committee responded by proposing that the union and each mine's owners agree to a truce and create grievance committees.
In 1915 and 1916, Mary helped in the strikes of garment workers and streecar workers in New York. In 1919, she helped steel workers striking in Pittsburg and was arrested again. In 1921, as a guest of the Mexican government, Mary attended the Pan-American Federation of Labor meeting in Mexico -- a highlight of recognition for her role in the labor movement. The next year, she resigned from the UMWA. (Both of her resignations from the UMWA were from disagreements with the presidents; the first time being John Mitchell. She felt Mitchell had been bought off by the mining companies and was serving their interests rather than the workers'. As for John L. Lewis, the later president, she thought he was a self-promoter and detested him until she died.)
In 1924, Mary was sued for libel, slander and sedition. The next year, the publisher of the Chicago Times, a fledgling newspaper at the time, won a shocking $350,000 judgment against her. Early in that year, Mary was attacked by a couple of thugs while staying at a friend's house. She fought them off, causing one to flee and seriously injuring the other, a 54-year-old man who later died from the wounds -- which included a blunt head injury from Mary's trademark black leather boots. Police arrested her, but she was released soon after when the attackers were identified as associates of a prominent local business man.
That same year, 1925, Mary published her autobiography, which she'd probably started writing in 1922 or 1923. She dictated her stories to Mary Field Parton, a reporter, friend and mistress of Clarence Darrow. (He wrote the introduction to the first edition.) Afterwards, she continued to lecture, as her health permitted. She was now 85 years old. Her last known public speaking engagement was in Alliance, Ohio, in 1926, as the guest of honor at a Labor Day celebration. Her last public appearance was at her 100th birthday party (although she was really only 92 years old) on May 1, 1930, in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Mary lived in Silver Spring with a retired coal miner and his wife, Walter and Lillie May Burgess. Seven months after the birthday party, 'Mother' Jones died on November 30, 1930, at the age of 93. A requiem mass was held at St. Gabriel's in Washington, D.C., then her body was sent to Mount Olive, Illinois, to be buried in the Union Miners Cemetery, in the coalfields of southern Illinois -- near the graves of victims of the Virden, Illinois, mine riot of 1898. (See the website on the cemetery, below, for more on this event.) Mary had requested to be buried there, back in 1924.
Mourners paid tribute to Mother Jones there, both at the Odd Fellows Temple and the Ascension Church, where the memorial service was held. About 10,000 to 15,000 people attended. The Reverend John W.F. Maguire, president of St. Viator's College in Bourbonnais, Illinois, said in his address:
"Wealthy coal operators and capitalists throughout the United States are breathing sighs of relief while toil-worn men and women are weeping tears of bitter grief. The reason for this contrast of relief and sorrow is apparent. Mother Jones is dead."
Starting in 1934, the Progressive Miners of America, who owned the cemetery, raised over $16,000 to erect a monument to 'Mother' Jones. It stands 22 feet high, built of 80 tons of pink Minnesota granite. On October 11, 1936, the dedication ceremony included an estimated 50,000 people. Five special trains and 25 Greyhound buses brought people to Mt. Olive. Others came by car or hitch-hiked. West Virginia Senator Rush D. Holt spoke, as did North Dakota Congressman William Lemke and socialist leader Duncan McDonald. The final speaker was Lillie May Burgess, who said Mother Jones had wanted to live another 100 years to "fight to the end" so that "there would be no more machine guns and no more sobbing of little children."
For years, October 12 was Miner's Day, celebrated with a big gathering in Mt. Olive and a visit to the monument. Mary's work was honored throughout the 1930s, by labor activists and Gene Autry recording "The Death of Mother Jones," whose song origins are obscure. After that, her memory faded and the copyright on her autobiography lapsed. Finally, in 1972, the Charles Kerr Company published a second edition of her autobiography, folk singers revived "The Death of Mother Jones," and in 1976, Mother Jones Magazine was formed, promising journalistic muck-raking much like its namesake.
'Mother' Jones has been criticized as not being a feminist. Her focus, though, was on the rights of workers -- men, women and children. She strongly opposed the suffrage movement, feeling it supported a passive inactivity; whereas she was wholeheartedly about taking action. She pointed out that the women of Ludlow, Colorado, had voting rights in the state, but it did not stop the massacre from happening. She said:
"[Women need to realize that with] what they have in their hands there is no limit to what they could accomplish. The trouble is they let the capitalists make them believe they wouldn't be ladylike."
As a side note, the popular children's song "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain" is believed to have been inspired by 'Mother' Jones. It first was sung in the late 1800s, spread throughout Appalachia (probably by coal miners), and was widely sung by railroad work gangs in the 1890s. In addition to being nicknamed 'Mother' Jones, Mary also was called 'The Miners' Angel' and 'The Grandmother of All Agitators' -- a title she was proud of, saying she hoped to live to be the great-grandmother of agitators.
DATE OF DEATH: November 30, 1930
PLACE OF DEATH: Silver Spring, Maryland
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Catholic Mother Jones Would Spit in the Eye of ACLU Hypocrisy and Anti-Catholic Bigotry

“Some day the workers will take possession of your city hall, and when we do, no child will be sacrificed on the altar of profit!” Mary Harris "Mother" Jones(August 1, 1837 – November 30, 1930)

Nothing seems more profitable than the murder of children by Progressive America. Abortion is the tide that lifts every secularist boat - gay marriage, redistribution of wealth, Green everything are tied to the apron strings of the American Dowager Class - Planned Parenthood.  

Progressive thought requires a collective tabula rasa - erase history and begin anew. E.G. Mary Harris Jones, or Mother Jones. Progressives have been re-writing and burning history for decades and have succeeded in hoodwinking Americans that social justice has nothing to do with the Catholic Church in America,  The Progressive treatment of Mother Jones informs one-and-all that Mother Jones was born and baptized a Roman Catholic and attributes here ';hell-raising' ways to her rebel Cork, Ireland beginnings.  The common Progressive thread leads the un-discerning reader to assume that she repudiated her Faith in favor of Radical Socialism and Third Wave Feminism and found solace and comfort and support in godlees Hegelian community activism. Facts are swords. Group thought is fragile. In fact, Marry Harris Jones repudiated not the Faith of her birth and baptism, but the secularist and murderous ideologies of the Progressive.

Ignored is the fact that Mary Harris Jones ended her 93 years of teaching in Catholic schools, sewing for the rich Yanks of Chicago, fighting with and for the Knights of Labor, organizing and then repudiating the United Mine Workers as well as the Socialist Party of America, with last rites of her Roman Catholic Faith and burial along side the miners of southern Illinois. 
 ( The Roman Catholic Funeral Mass for Mary Harris "Mother" Jones at the Church of Ascension in Mount Olive, IL 1930)

Mary Harris Jones, for whom the anti-Catholic and secularist magazine is named, was buried in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church from the Church of Ascension in Mount Olive, IL - facts are such troubling things. Mother Jones 
would spit in the eye of the Dowager Class and its murderous self-interest.

 ( Pleae note the Roman Catholic Crucifix on the coffin of Mother Jones)

Last month, when forty plus Roman Catholic Dioceses brought suit against the Obama Regime's HHS Mandate, Mother Jones magazine said this - 

"The ACLU's Reproductive Freedom Project recently won its lawsuit against HHS over a federal grant through which USCCB provided services to human trafficking victims. The bishops had refused to allow subcontractors to use the federal money to refer women for reproductive health services. In 2009, the ACLU filed suit arguing that under the contract the USCCB (and by extension, the federal government) was unconstitutionally foisting Catholic religious beliefs on the larger public. (The Obama administration last year refused to renew the contract,prompting even more outrage from USCCB, which accused the administration of operating an "ABC policy," or "Anyone But Catholics."). . . Real religious freedom gives everyone the right to make personal decisions, ( How baout a 24 oz. Big Gulp Chalice full of  grape NeHi?) including whether and when to use birth control, based on our beliefs. It doesn't give one group the right to impose its beliefs on others, (Gay Marriage?) or to use religion as an excuse to discriminate by denying employees access to vital services. The fight they are waging isn't about religious liberty at all, but about whether a woman should have insurance coverage for birth control. When you stop and think about it, it's incredible that this is an issue in 2012 Mother Jones May 22, 2012

Mother Mary? "Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living." Thank you, Mother Jones!  The living children about to be murdered in their mother's wombs are alive, until the Dowager Class gets more of its way with the help of sharks of the ACLU.

The ACLU's Alicia Gay warns that the "powerful lobbying arm of the Catholic Church" mistakenly claims that the HHS contraception mandate violates their religious liberty. ACLU February 2012

Is that a mistake Mother Mary Jones? 

“Injustice boils in men's hearts as does steel in its cauldron, ready to pour forth, white hot, in the fullness of time”

You got that right Mother Dear.

Mother Jones once said, " God Almighty made Women and the . . .( Rockefeller) gang of thieves made ladies.  These daughters of Rockefeller are Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Industry. They made Barack Obama President and his Government made war on Mother Jones as well as all of us Catholics. I agree with Mother Jones that "Movements to suppress wrongs can be carried out under the protection of the flag." I also believe that the current regime and its allies in the media alone decides who gets that protection and the Catholic Church does not fit the bill.

Mother Jones can be witnessed in the actions of the USCCB, Cardinal George, Cardinal Dolan and the Thomas More Society.
Mother Jones Rallied for Religious Liberty in most cities of America on June 8th, 2012.

Mother Jones would spit in the collective Progressive eyes - the lot of them. She was not a humanitarian; she was hell-raiser.  Watch some hell-raising from Catholics who read and remember.

In his eulogy, Father J. W. R. Maquire * said Jones would find miners living in tents, the serfs of coal companies and left them free and independent men. “Because of her great struggle for economic justice, she became a world figure.”
What seems left unsaid, is her great Catholic faith

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 **              Six Things Everyone Should Know About The HHS Mandate

February 6, 2012WASHINGTON— The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops offers the following clarifications regarding the Health and Human Services regulations on mandatory coverage of contraceptives, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs.
1.The mandate does not exempt Catholic charities, schools, universities, or hospitals. These institutions are vital to the mission of the Church, but HHS does not deem them "religious employers" worthy of conscience protection, because they do not "serve primarily persons who share the[ir] religious tenets."HHS denies these organizations religious freedom precisely because their purpose is to serve the common good of society—a purpose that government should encourage, not punish.
2.The mandate forces these institutions and others, against their conscience, to pay for things they consider immoral. Under the mandate, the government forces religious insurers to write policies that violate their beliefs;forces religious employers and schools to sponsor and subsidize coverage that violates their beliefs; and forces religious employees and students to purchase coverage that violates their beliefs.
3.The mandate forces coverage of sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs and devices as well as contraception.   Though commonly called the "contraceptive mandate," HHS's mandate also forces employers to sponsor and subsidize coverage of sterilization.And by including all drugs approved by the FDA for use as contraceptives, the HHS mandate includes drugs that can induce abortion, such as "Ella," a close cousin of the abortion pill RU-486.
4.Catholics of all political persuasions are unified in their opposition to the mandateCatholics who have long supported this Administration and its healthcare policies have publicly criticized HHS's decision, including columnists E.J. Dionne. . . , Mark Shields. . . , and Michael Sean Winters. . . ; college presidents Father John Jenkins. . . and Arturo Chavez. . . ; and Daughter of Charity Sister Carol Keehan. . . , president and chief executive officer of the Catholic Health Association of the United States.
5.Many other religious and secular people and groups have spoken out strongly against the mandate. Many recognize this as an assault on the broader principle of religious liberty, even if they disagree with the Church on the underlying moral question.For example, Protestant Christian. . . , Orthodox Christian. . . , andOrthodox Jewish. . . groups--none of which oppose contraception--have issued statements against the HHS's decision.The Washington Post. . . , USA Today. . . , N.Y. Daily News. . . , Detroit News. . . , and other secular outlets, columnists. . . , andbloggers. . . have editorialized against it.6.The federal mandate is much stricter than existing state mandates. HHS chose the narrowest state-level religious exemption as the model for its own.That exemption was drafted by the ACLU and exists in only 3 states (New York, California, Oregon).Even without a religious exemption, religious employers can already avoid the contraceptive mandates in 28 states by self-insuring their prescription drug coverage, dropping that coverage altogether, or opting for regulation under a federal law (ERISA) that pre-empts state law.The HHS mandate closes off all these avenues of relief.
Additional information on the U.S. Catholic bishops’ stance on religious liberty, conscience protection and the HHS ruling regarding mandatory coverage of contraceptives, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs is available at religious freedom, freedom of conscience, Catholic charities, hospitals, schools, universities, religious employers, mandatory coverage, contraceptives, abortion, sterilization, HHS mandate, health care policies, religious exemption
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