Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sun Times: Latitudinarians for Weinie Law Enforcement

Immediate Above Center is the current result of the CST proposed Starbucks Seattle Police Defence! Note to One and All - Seattle - where male looters wear purses!

If this fails the Mayberry Bullet response is next! Take the Latitude out of the Chicago Police - Sun Times opines

President Ronald Reagan scared the Ruskies back into Church with his Star Wars Defence Strategies - Old Mike -Mikhail Gorbachev - took the Soviets to dacha and went all Free Market, Dudes.

The Working Man's Pal, The New Sun Times can not allow the Police to continue to do their jobs -,CST-EDT-edits12.article - which includes ' great power and latitude to protect us'

'Hey, Man! We give you cops the Latitude - Dude - you may return fire on on a killer and go home to your kids! But, We ( CST, Vice-Lords, GDs, Flint-Locke-Loevy, Tonic Al, Jesse, Media Goof-balls and imported Commie talent) reserve the right to throw you into jail'
Now its the Starbucks Police Defence!
Makes sense under the July 15th Manifesto:

If a thug puts them at Death's Door, Police officers should exercise less latitude and consider the attitude of the dysfunctional demographic that embraces the triggerman - Say, for example, at St. Richard's Polonia Fest a pierogi sated Polish youth hurls a deadly kielbasa and the
Latitudinarian Chicago Cop Executes the Kennedy High Honor Student by 'water-boarding the boy with Happy Kossack Vodka causing a toxic eruption of vital organs - happens all the time but the Police Rule of Omerta keeps it from the public - and we care - we really and truly care! How about those crazy Swedes, or the really scary Koreans? Them Hindus ? Don't go there? It's the Latvians that really pump up the jam! 10-1 in Chinatown - Lookee here, all the time!

WPB ALERT! AREA 2 & All Available SOS UNITS! 'Bev Rats in curled brim baseball caps, scraped on the side walk to make it look way-cool and all wearing over-sized cargo shorts seen carrying shiney objects at Kennedy Park! The little bastards have Coors!!! What kind of Monster sells and arms them teenage Mick thugs with Coors?'

'Mobilize -We Must! We want a Cop Indicted evey day! No Police - No Peace! wait a minute???'

The Working man's Pal has a Starbucks defence against Police Abuse:

You might expect that cops would be reluctant to take the stand, but Sgt. Rich O'Neill, president of the 1,250-strong Seattle police union, said officers frequently testify, though he conceded most of the cases aren't controversial. "We have found that it quashes a lot of rumors and innuendo that are out there," he said.

Inquests aren't a panacea, either. No one can recall a Seattle cop shooting ever being ruled unjustified, leading to complaints by some that the system is still rigged. But such complaints may be hard to eliminate entirely, no matter what system is used. And with greater transparency, at least the public can better determine whether an investigation is being taken seriously.

I can NOT wait for Al Sharpton to use PANACEA in a compound-complex exclamatory sentence!

Back on Point:
Let's see -

Seattle and Chicago - Odin's Onions! It's like looking in a mirror! Mayberry and Chicago even better. have Dick Simpson's UICC 'Lab Boys' crack some numbers on this data - Stat!

Isn't that the town where the coppers in Ninja Turtle outfits get their pants pulled down by suburban Grundge Rock Periwinkles every year! Bang-up job, Lads! Imagine Stabucks Police in Fillmore, Harrison, Englewood and Gresham? YAYZOO! With them Starbucks Coppers casting the dragnet, Leo High School would look like that fort in Last of the Mohicans or in deference to diversity El Ultimo de las Mohicanos! We'd have a beat-down on the entire school population on a daily basis - 'Yu a 4?' - maybe that is the idea! More violence. More Blood. More Money.,_Washington#Demographics

Who says the editorial (skate?) board of the Working Man's Pal is bankrupt???? Oh, the Accountants - the Shareholders - yeah they say it's pretty close to bankrupt. Oh, well- Have a Starbucks! The Mayberry Street Cred Defence System - will limit Latitude to a single small caliber round for each Officer in deference to Attitude! 'No Peace Police!'


(THEOLOGICAL NOTE: LATITUDINARIAN: the term was later used to categorize churchmen who depended upon reason to establish the moral certainty of Christian doctrines rather than argument from tradition. Limiting)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tribune's Kevin Pang Gets it Right - Cop takes a bite out of crime!,1,2880309.story

Kevin Pang of the Chicago Tribune does a nicely crafted bit of journalism in his August 9,2007 report on the ticketing of the Oscar Meyer Weiner Wagon whose drivers decided that the working people of Chicago 'can go around' Corporate Power!

Kevin crafts some wonderfully meaty tropes in a very clear report. This writer is solid.

Also, another good Chicago writer, Second City Cop, reports on the west-side outrage, cattle-prodded into mob action by Brownie's Chicago Tonic - Al Sharpton and the long-absent Meal-ticket howler Rev. Paul Jakes on WVON yesterday. Didn't he fade after it appeared that he pumped a couple of 9mms into his own car when running for office? It think that it took place over in Washington Heights - Oh, well!

The Working Man's Pal gave the Lawsuit Lotto Lawyer Plumber's Helper a page two (2) boost on it's print edition - that no one is buying at the White Hen (giggle). However, NOTHING on the web????? Sun Times reporter Annie Sweeney wedged in a some of the truth in her Friday report and deserves a pat on the shoulder - as it appears now that the late Mr. Harrison was not, in fact 'shot in the back' but in the upper shoulder, as CPD had reported.

An autopsy by the Cook County medical examiner's office ruled that Aaron Harrison died from a gunshot wound to his back, a point that residents have seized on as they have protested the shooting.

But on Thursday, a police source said Harrison, 18, was struck at the top of his left shoulder, not in the back. This is consistent with the police version of the Monday night shooting that Harrison turned a weapon on police before he was shot, the source said.

The CST editors are leaving AL and Fred Hampton and Paul Jakes out of the web news on a Saturday????? Moist Muffins, Martha! What's up with that? Keepin' it Real?

Second City Cop gets it right. In a better world reporters would actually talk to Police Officers instead of verbally baiting them. Maybe Annie Sweeney and Kevin Pang will start a trend in journalism towards responsible citizenship. Quien Sabe?

18th Century Genius Dr. Samuel Johnson wrote of the dangers to citizens of his London due to the artifically polluted political atmosphere thick with 18th Century Sharptons, Hamptons, and Jakes' - the criminal was afoot, because he was protected by activists, hack journalists and corrupt politicians:

London: An Imitation of Juvenal's 3rd Satire

Prepare for Death, if here at Night you roam,
And sign your Will before you sup from Home.
Some fiery Fop, with new Commission vain,
Who sleeps on Brambles till he kills his Man;
Some frolick Drunkard, reeling from a Feast,
Provokes a Broil, and stabs you for a Jest.
Yet ev'n these Heroes, mischievously gay,
Lords of the Street, and Terrors of the Way;
Flush'd as they are with Folly, Youth and Wine,
Their prudent Insults to the Poor confine;
Afar they mark the Flambeau's bright Approach,
And shun the shining Train, and golden Coach.

In vain, these Dangers past, your Doors you close,
And hope the balmy Blessings of Repose:
Cruel with Guilt, and daring with Despair,
The midnight Murd'rer bursts the faithless Bar;
Invades the sacred Hour of silent Rest,
And plants, unseen, a Dagger in your Breast.

Mad Love to Doc Johnson! Dog was Whack!

The Crown Heights Prince of Discord has even more like minded goofs crowding 'Preferments Gate' in tow - including Grant Newburger a Marxist carpetbagger that ABC 7 seems to like a real lot. It's a Big Tent for Al's Circus -

Read about Grant Newburger - Richard "Grant" Newburger seems as sincere as Jon Loevy and the other clowns popping out of the lawsuit VW!

Note to Corporate @ Oscar Meyer - Little Oscar would NEVER have double parked the Weiner Wagon in such a cavalier and desperate manner! I wonder if these current double parking drivers have contacted Jon Loevy? Maybe their repressed memories can scare up some long imagined electrodes on their weinies.

Remember, Boys and Girls, what old Dr. Johnson saw in London - it is the atmosphere artificially created by creeps- that creates the crime. That is why there are robberies, gang atrocties, drive-bys, beat-downs, racial division. Criminals and thugs will act, because they feel safe to do so. If we accept the filthy fingers controlling the thermostat, then we should not complain about the heat.

Here's a shout out to my Ameritech watchers in Bensenville and Naperville! Now, who's afraid of Free Speech? Just a working man's opinion on public events! I hope you kids ( lawyers?)enjoy the prose!

Friday, August 10, 2007

August 10, 1944 - From My Novel The Chorito Hog Leg, Book One: A Novel of Guam in Time of War

August 10th marks the day in 1944, when American Territory Guam was declared 'secure' after more than two years of Japanese Occupation. My historical novel, The Chorito Hog Leg, Book One: A Novel of Guam in Time of War tells the story of a teenager from Chicago, Tim Cullen, who maintains his vow to an officer he respects. Cullen's platoon commander, John A. Buck of Giddings Texas, asks Cullen to return an antique Colt Revolver to his family, in the event of his death. Lt. Buck trusts the young combat veteran to hold on to an return the Colt, knowing that their battalion commander desires the gun.

Book One of my novel is a fictional treatment of the events covering the time from April 1944 when the 3rd Marine Division trained for the Guam Campaign on Guadalcanal to the day, August 10, 1944, when Corps Commander General Roy Geiger declared Guam 'secure.' The irony is that more than 10,000 Japanese continued to fight the Chamorros of Guam, the U.S. Army and especially the men of the 3rd Marines (regt.) ofthe 3rd Marine Division. Here is the conclusion of Book One - from The Chorito Hog Leg, Book One: A Novel of Guam in Time of War:

Col. Stuart’s 3rd Marines with the Doggies of the 307th
on their right were gaining about four miles of Guam a day.
Now shifted to the Division’s left flank with elements of the 1st
Provisional Marine Brigade taking the east coast roads north
shattered the Japanese at Finegayan and finally liberated a town
– huts, pigs a chapel and gas station and plenty of desperate Japs.
Guys from the 21st Marines discovered about 30 Chamorros
mostly teenagers and old men, beheaded with their arms tied
behind their backs. Everywhere the Marines found abused and
terrified people – real boon dock dwellers and as unfamiliar
with English as they were with Japanese. The Marines and
G.I.s showered the people with boxes of rations and in turn the
liberators were kissed and housemaided! Many people tried to
follow the Marines up to the combat and needed to be gently but
sternly kept back. At night Marines heard howling through the
jungle and thought that some small animals were signaling their
final stages of starvation.

Lt. Ames - over Sgt. Mike Joyce’s strident ‘Are you fuckin’
nuts? Table of Organization, Sir! ‘- demanded to take point two
miles past Finegayan and was decorated with a sniper round
that made a clean hole through his forehead – he walked three
paces before he fell over. Pat Collins killed the sniper.
Stanley Paul and little Onarga Roberts were killed at the
road block defended by twenty Japanese soldiers and a light
tank. Henry Clay killed the crew of the tank when he noticed
that one of the hatches was opened slightly; tossed a white
phosphorous grenade down into the turret. Henry was still
talking to himself and his act of valor might have been an
attempted suicide, but he was awarded the Bronze Star (V) and
picked up a Purple Heart to boot because he had not closed
the hatch and a white hot smoking fragment went into his left
cheekbone. Never uttered a squeak. Maybe he was nuts.

Tim Cullen made great use of the Browning in this fire
fight and damaged the barrel so badly that he needed to have
the weapon surveyed with Sgt. Masterson and drew a new
Browning when they were pulled off the line.

On August 10th, the 3rd Marines reached the northern shore
of Guam and the 4th Marines of the 1st Brigade made Ritidian
Point. General Bruce’s 77th (MARINE) Division had conquered
Mount Santa Rosa and Yiga in the northwest of the island and
organized Japanese Operations ceased.
General Roy Geiger declared Guam secured. That was
nice, true and all, but more than 10,000 armed Japanese needed
to be flushed from the jungles of America’s most important
forward Base of Operations in the Pacific. A Company of 1st
Battalion, 3rd Marines was relieved of duties and marched back
to Agana. Chorito Cliff had been worth the sacrifice and now
Tim Cullen could honor his debt. He needed to stay as public
as possible. Though he genuinely liked Pat Collins now, Tim
Cullen would use his nearness; not so much for companionship
but to have some witness to whatever Major Opley planned in
the way of getting the Chorito Hog Leg. Tim could not wait
to have Regiment clerks prepare shipping manifests and Col.
Stuart’s signature and get rid of this fucking Colt!

He marched south carrying the Browning now out of action and
LieutenantJohn A. Buck’s Colt Revolver buttoned up under his

The long line of the A Company men passed their two brother
Companies and the Headquarters Company of 1st Battalion and
Major Lucas Opley. The Major caught Pfc. Cullen’s stare and
returned it in kind and but snapped a twitch when the BAR
man patted the covered shoulder holster and Colt in an open
act of defiance. 1st Battalion had work to do in the north and
would be back in Agana and Third Division Camp in a day or
two. This contest was far from over. Guam was secured but
Lieutenant Buck’s Colt was still on Guam. Opley would have it.
Cullen would return it to Buck’s family. Guam was secured, but
10,000 Japanese disagreed and would until 1972. That is war.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Original "edgey -hard-hitting" Progressive Media Man ( Woman - I Celebrate Diversity Here)

Sorry, Boys & Girls - had a too early morning's start of shaking the money trees for Leo High School and could not get to this posting until late this afternoon.

One of our pals, Dr. Wellborne N. Healled, sent this photo of what is believed to be Civilization's earliest Progressive Journalist.

Schiesskopf Universtadt's Top Forensic Analyst examining the historic skeletal find of this pre-Cromagnon ( Tempi Solii)Ink-slinger states,' that an early Law Enforcement professional criticized this cave scrawler's text by applying an Early Night Stick to the journalist's posterior lobes with enough force to stove-in the Muck-raker's paper thin skull.'

Intelligent Design - or Evolution? You decide.

Tip of the Skimmer to Mike 'Iron Mike' McQuade: Vietnam Vet, Patriot, Proud San Franciscan, Venture Capitalist, Author, and Patron of the Arts.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's Horrible - the Consequences of Stupidity, but Real Consequences are so Much More Horrible - CST and Working People

I gave the 'Working Man's Pal: The New Chicago Sun Times a day off yesterday to praise good people - The Leo Men who went the extra mile for a Foundation that fights childhood brain tumors. Not a very 'edgey' story, but it got a lot of hits according to my nifty new SITE METER.

Today, the paper that seems determined to get Chicagoans ( once solidly divided by race and mistrust in Law Enforcement) to take to the streets with wild outrage over alleged police abuse, scams and hand-wringing about God knows what is back at it. It seems that this paper is not content unless a Durkin Park incident takes places everyday - giving oaffish, unelectable political hacks something to wring hands over and snuggly judge working people's hearts.
E.G. Today's issue:

Daley attends Sharpton Rally that Sharpton does not attend

Police kill youth for no reason after chasing him for a year - a year??? That is some run. Shot in the back - Coroner's Inquest on speed dial???

Taser Guy's Mom and Jackson - oddly, the neighbors ( just around the corner from LEo H.S. BTW) seem to think that the Police of the 6th District handled things very well. Any Sun Times reporters talk to the working women and men on Green Street?

Consequences for Individual and Collective Action? That is what Jon Loevy and the Lotto Ticket Lawyers are for.

I'm reminded of the Chicago Way column and the aftermath. Tom Mc Namee wrote:

In a column July 23, I argued that a Deerfield mom and dad who have been found guilty by a jury of turning a blind eye to underage drinking at their house should not have to do jail time.
As horrible as the consequences of their bad judgment were -- two kids died in a booze-soaked car crash after leaving the party -- I argued it's enough that the parents, Jeffrey and Sara Hutsell, stand to lose a fortune in civil suits, must live with the shame and scorn, and will struggle forever (assuming they are sufficiently human) with the guilt.

The consequences of human decisions and actions (or omissions) are Horrible, but the Consequences incubant upon those actions, omissions and decisions are no big deal. Facing those consequences seems too much for the new editorial agenda of The Chicago Sun Times

The Women and Men who protect our communities are villified at every opportunity and the phonies and monsters are portrayed as community activists. The very people inciting a mob action on the West Side the other night, many it seems with ties to drug-lords and Vice Lord middle management, are given hozzannas and huzzahs!

Working people do not live that way. A much more gifted writer and thinker than your humble dope from the neighborhoods, Dan Proft, wrote a wonderful summary of the CST Group thought and its author Cyrus Friedham:

Cyrus Freidheim, the CEO of the Sun-Times Media Group, is the subject of a grand jury probe and 173 wrongful death suits related to his previous tenure as CEO of Chiquita Brands International during which some $1.7 million in payments were made by the banana-producer to a U.S. State Department-designated terrorist group in Colombia.

Invoking the “working class” on behalf of a paper run by Herr Freidheim, a morally ambiguous corporatista, is a Kristi Yamaguchi-caliber rhetorical salchow.

While Ms. Reed is slashing facts and reason from the editorial pages of the Sun-Times like Cyrus Freidheim through a Colombian rain forest, someone might also let her know that “Bush’s War” to which she referred was supported by more than 70% of the U.S. Congress, including by reputed “liberal, working class” icons Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

A Cincinnati Post has this:

Jeepers, others think that CST is not worth a husky and hard earned half-a-buck!

My Dad always said that a good litmus test for how I was doing with my life would be to look around at the people who call me friend ( black, white, Asian, Pacific Islander, a veritable cornucopia of diversity - how's that happen?). Being a good guy, an adequate father, a solid employee, a sympathetic natured neighbor, grudging Mass attender, a thoughtful driver, and respectful citizen is very hard work, but it is worth the effort. I am blessed.

Working people do not look for someone to blame or bring to court to clean the slate of their lives; 90% of all Chicagoans do just that. A newspaper should reflect the people it wants to hawk papers to and respect the conduct of their lives.

I associate with some great people.

Sun Times Editorial Board and faun-like complicit writers - like the company you keep?

Hickey Fairness Doctrine:

Outstanding Sports Coverage! Brilliant Cartoonist in Jack Higgins - quit outsourcing to hacks! Franie Spielman - hard-working newsie! Neil Steinberg - the last sane man! Steve Huntley - Solid Work

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Leo Man O'Malley Leads The Lions In a Big Play For Maeve!

Leo Man, Lion, and head St. Xavier University Basketball Coach Tom O'Malley segued the love of Leo Men for their old school and harvested a huge cash donation for the Maeve McNicholas Foundation.

At the August 1, 2007 Leo Alumni Golf Outing, which brings in thousands of dollars for the African American young men of Leo High School, Tom O'Malley (Leo'57) took up a number of wicker baskets and passed them to Chico Driscoll, Harry Valadez and Rich Doyle to scare up some left over Fins, Saw-Bucks, Double-SawBucks, General Grants and Hundos for the Maeve McNicholas Foundation.

Each year, the Leo Alumni, behind the work of Tom Bourke, Doc Driscoll, Bill Mahoney, Bob Sheehy and Joan and Jack Howard, swelled the ranks of Leo Men in attendance at the Annual Golf Outing.

This year's Glenn Eagles crowd was over 600 participants. Proceeds from the Golf Event go directly in support of Leo High School in the Gresham neighborhood of Chicago.

Knowing their capacity for giving, Coach O'Malley pushed the envelope - Maeve McNicholas Foundation. With the courage of a Lion - O'Malley made a case for the good work ofthe Maeve McNicholas Foundation and the Leo Alumni responded with thousands of dollars. These guys never forget that Jesus had the boys 'pass the baskets' and a Gospel miracle too place.

From St. Xavier University Biography:

O'Malley has an impressive resume when it comes to coaching basketball. He has been named Coach of the Year 22 times over his career. His overall win total now stands at 707 wins, which includes his previous coaching stints at Leo, Reavis, and Evergreen Park High Schools.

O'Malley is a member of the Illinois High School Associaiton (IHSA) Hall of Fame, the Leo High School Hall of Fame and the Chicago Catholic League Hall of Fame. He has also been a member of the National Association of Basketball Coaches for 27 years.

He graduated from Leo High School and attended Loras College (Iowa) for his bachelor of arts in economics which he received in 1963. He received his master's degree in education and administration from Loyola University (Ill.) and has also accumulated over 60 hours of post-graduate work.

O'Malley has been married for 41 years to his wife, Carol, and has three grown children, Tom, Mike and Carrie. He also has 11 grandchildren: Courtney, Molly, Shea, Ryan, Tara, Brennan, Matthew, Nolan, Aidan, Brendan and Anne Catherine.

Facta Non Verba - Leo Men!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sun Times Works on Tomorrow's Headlines

After seconds of soul-searching and with the immediate and whole-hearted approval of Lawsuit Lotto Lawyer Loevy and the Police Undermine Nasty Killers Society P.U.N.K.S. - The Editorial Board of the New Chicago Sun Times :The Working Man's Pal Decided on Tomorrow's Banner Headline: Immediate Above - Being crafted by an Outsourced Tagger artist from Seattle, as Pulitzer Prize winning Cartoonist Jack Higgins is ' not a Working Man's Pal' according to Editor Commisar Cheryl reed in recent Chicago Reader Propaganda piece.

'There will no longer be a need to offer a smarmy positing of 'While Most Officers are Good and blah, blah, blah Yadda, yadda, yadda & etc.. . .' the wedgier CST will boldly smear all Police Officers - Why Waste Time? Time is Money.,CST-NWS-taser06.article
As long as the Chicago Sun Times can get out in front of a story like the unfortunate Mr. Johnson, who seems to have seriously overplayed his hand on Saturday Night, and scare up more taxpayer dollars for Jon Loevy and other Buzzard Barristers,
it seems like the right thing to do.

N.B. Again, standing in for the Carrion Consuming Counsel, Jon Loevy, is the estimable thespian, Mr. Andy Dick, whose manly bearing and chisled good looks strikingly mirror those of Chicago's Lawsuit Lotto Ticket Lawyer. 'Show Me a Cop and I'll Show YOU the Money! - Your Neighbors' Money - Or, well, it was your neighbors' money , but screw them!'

Loevy's a Honey; ain't he folks?

P.U.N.K.S. are better off today because of the Working Man's Pal doing the coal heaving for Jon Loevy and his ilk!

Al Sharpton is in Jena, LA but will be back for seconds on Taxpayers Dollars in the Suites and Streets: The Chicago Tonic!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I Love Animals - They're delicious! CST Letters from the Nanny State

In a Just and Perfect World!

The Working Man's Pal Prints letters that reflect 'working class values' - like Activist and Loevy & Loevy Employee Andy Thayer screaming against 'brutal' Law Enforcement Officers; Mark Brown's fungo of the really 'tough ones' on Brownie's Chicago Tonic - Al Sharpton; Cherry picked Durkin Park letters that reflect Sun Times opinion of 'clannish, close-knit ethnic Scottsdale residents; today CST is asking folks to chime-in with Mary Mitchell on a race issue - kind of like asking old Al Hitler after lighting up an Old Gold, gnawing on a Metwurst, cannon-balling down a St. Paulli Girl ' Hey, Al, how's the War Goin?'

Today in the Letters we get this from a Sports Fan in West Garfield Ridge:
Vick critics miss point:

If Michael Vick is found guilty of breaking the law, he will have to pay a price. But for all who think he is despicable, think of how that meat ended up on your table. If you ever witnessed the slaughter of a cow, a hog, a chicken, etc., and heard the squeals and watched them kicking and squirming until dead, you would know that too is cruelty to animals.
Leon Moore, West Garfield Park

But Leon, if butchers did not 'terminate the life and exercise Choice' then we could not eat those animals. Where would the thousands of Meatcutters Local 881 be with out the odd cut of the knife on Bossy, Mr. Clucker, Uncle Piggily, Ms Mint Jelly?

Michael Vick is not only a moron, he is a criminally charged, vicious, soon to be broke - like the bankrupt CST - moron.

Just one working guy's thoughts Leon. Hitler was a Vegan, dog lover, non-smoker, non-alcoholic drink imbiber - an ideal Nanny Stater Progressive - said to have been big on children's issues. Be like Mike? no thanks. Be like Al? Hell, No!

Thanks to Frank Nofsinger of Conecticut for the splendid photo Mike Vick and Cupcake!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Next CPD Super(star) from Sharpton????

'I have this much Love for Chicago! That's as high as the Benjamin's I'm taking outta this Burge Burg! Next Question! Juice? I'm tired of that question - the only Juice I'm interested in is the kind I take with my Bumpy Face (see link ) - Orange. Heheheheh. Oh Jews? You said Jews??? Next question.'

Brownie's Tonic will be working up some OUTRAGE over the weekend to prep for the debut on Monday. Let's think about some outrageous stuff!,CST-NWS-brown31.article

Second City Sarge tipped off this 'great trail of events' and the Working Man's Pal - The New Chicago Sun Times is strangely silent - also, very broke, bankrupt, tapioca ( TAPIOCA -A NEW FILM BY MIKE HOULIHAN - coming soon), tap-city, bereft of funds, short on the cabbage, lack of the long-green difference, shekel short, light on the lucre - and keeping its own counsel with regard to Brownie's Tonic -Rev. Al Sharpton.

METHINKS the Game's Afoot! Second City Sarge has donned his green checked deer-stalker cap, pulled the files from his well-worn Gladstone and blown the dust from them, lit his Meershaum - packed with good strong shag/cut and polished the eyeglass.
Second City Sarge found clues in the Chicago Tribune of all places! God's Wounds! There's Foul Play Rampant! Thus:

Jacquelyn Heard, Daley's press secretary, said that the mayor and Sharpton had a phone conversation Wednesday that lasted about 15 minutes, ending with an agreement to meet in the future.

"The mayor said to me that, just as he had expected, Rev. Sharpton expressed willingness to work with him on various issues," Heard said.

In an interview Tuesday, Sharpton said he was prepared to employ a variety of tactics to achieve reform.

"I'll deal with Chicago any way they see fit, from the suites to the streets," he said.

That much we do know Godfather - that much we do! However, mayhaps the Napolean of Slime placed the Mayoral call to wedge in his Chicago Centurian: Officer Shaquille O'Neill- Superintendent of Chicago Police Department! Do the purple ermine, oils, gown, orb and scepter await the Miami Mesomorph? Hmmmmmmmmm. Depends on what Sweets are those Suites and Streets! Praise the Power!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Judas Goat - Come On Along! The New Sun Times: How they See Us.

On the left - apropos I suppose - is an ugly chap; pretty much the image of real working people in the tiny mind of the New Sun Times - ethnic, clannish, tight-knit (chilling)

Then there's the tonic to our ugliness-

The Godfather of Stole seen hot-footing it with the Godfather of Soul: The Hardest Working Man in Soul and the other guy - Brownie's Tonic!

The Rev. Al Sharpton - Mark Brown's Tonic for Chicago - will lead an Outrage Rally in the Loop on Monday. Touted as a National Kickoff for Al's National Action Network, the New Sun Times seemed to have missed this one and the Chicago Defender reported on the story to its readership. Kudos to the Chicago Defender's Kathy Chaney; she reported the facts that people needed to know: Who, What, Where, and Why. Why did the Working Man's Pal not mention this? It was Mad Love for Al This Week! Where's the Love? No Crowds; No Moola, Jasper!
The New Sun Times, The Working Man's Pal, has another agenda - they are interested in kicking sand on the bullies: All of Us Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latino, Inuit, Pacific Islander, White Working People. We are trolls. They still want us to buy their paper at Kean Gas, White Hen, Dunkin Donuts, or from the great underpaid people braving traffic offenders on Western Ave. & 87th, & Southwest Highway & Pulaski. That is Progressive Mind-set - insult people and demand that they agree with you. Maybe that happens at Mrs. Playfair's Country Day School, Cupcakes, but that don't play at Curie, Mt. Carmel,Maria, Queen of Peace, St. Lawrence, Morgan Park, Harper, Hubbard, and St. Rita - least of all among the Mighty Lions of Leo High School: Facta Non Verba, Muriel!

In the old days - (Pre- Progressive - Lawsuit - Nanny State - Chicago) bullies were the stacked and sinewed muscle guys who beat up tiny Polish barmaids - they still do -but today the real bullies are the Multi-degreed, pencil necked geeks who built enormous chips on their tit-willow-like shoulders at New Trier or Mrs. Hollowbreast's Seminary for Progressive Women, where they read Michael Eric Dyson's Holler If You Hear Me: Searching for Tupac Shakur and read crib sheets on every other work of literature. The New Bullies will merely suggest that they will 'see you in court'and the media gets moist in the eye. No bigger alligator tears shed than from the New Sun Times Editorial Board.

Great Sports Coverage at CST as is true with the Tribune! Elliot Harris, Mike Mulligan, Roman Modrowski, The Great Steve Tucker, Norm Chad, Rick Teleander, Joe Cowley, Tina Akouris - you are great working people- not a chance, Jay, you belong on the Editorial Board.

The New Sun Times has no respect for working people - people who actually work for a pay check, respect their neighbors, pay their taxes, obey the laws and do not expect to have someone else pay their way for them with taxes or through ridiculous lawsuits. We view activists as self-absorbed phonies and shell-game operators who never help anyone but themselves. Activists have convenient memories and suffer no guilt - that is for us trolls. CST tells us what it thinks about working people every day.


Ryan Rusch (or any other black on white victims) nearly beaten to death in Beverly Park - 'crime of opportunity' No Biggie! Goofy looking white kids are fair game!

Disruptive CPS Kids Denied a Wee-wee break - Front Page

Durkin Park Invaded by Gangs - The Correlative Wages of Race Sin - It's on You Whitey: black women who agrees with whitey -shame on her.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty - Not if You Are a Chicago Police Officer - unless of course you happen to have sued the Department and used Jon Loevy's Lotto Ticket Lawfirm.

Thought crime is serious - most of us working people are very guilty of it - dangerously so. We may stop buying the Sun Times altogether - even to see how much more stupid it gets. Mary Laney - you are well quit of the Judas Goat.

From Wikpedia:

A Judas goat is a trained goat used at a slaughterhouse and in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. Judas goats are also used to lead other animals to specific pens and on to trucks. The term is a reference to the biblical traitor Judas Iscariot.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


The New Chicago Sun Times is in 100% Weasel Attack Mode today - get over the Bridge in Minnesota and readers are treated to a full issue massage of THE WORKING MAN"S PAL POLICY ON SHARPTON's Shop Vacing of Taxpayers' Dollars.

Mark Brown - clips the last voice of a sane man - Neil Steinberg - with a weasel nip.
Neil took the path of common sense over the CST MINI TRU in the Aug. 1,2007 column,CST-NWS-stein01.article

Brownie went weasel on Neil:

'Somebody says New York stuff doesn't go over well in Chicago. I think that's the idea. We don't need you to like Sharpton to take an interest in what he's got in mind by coming here.'

Calls to mind a couple of years ago, when Mark Brown insulted a young woman who ran against Mark's guy Mike Quigley - the Uriah Heep of Illinois Politics. Ms Daly's Dad gave Mark a wildly public, pleasing and paternal piece of his mind, if not an inch or two of his brogans, for that weasel attack. Quigley did OK - weasels usually do.

Mark Brown also goes after local vocal citizens guilty of CST Thought Crime and silences them like Betsy Hart - the now cashiered writer and common sense advocate launched by the Lefty Fish Wrapper!

Mary Mitchell - Angry - 'Nough Said. Mary annoints Sharpton's local shill.

Esther Cepeda gives the Salud a Sharpton in the Lefty pandering to Chicago's most populous, hard-working and politically astute demographic. Esther,
Latinos are too busy working to be pawns of the Working Man's Pal. That is why Latinos are leaving other minorities in the dust and securing decades of political hegemony in Chicago! Que Populares! Well Done!

Next, our Artistic Commisars limply underhands one in as the Daley Factor tidbit- with all the pop, zip and accuracy of George Will on baseball - CST segues the sweet science. Mayor Daley opened the boxing story at his press conference yesterday, in which he pants-ed CST Weasels smartly!

BTW- I would rather be Mayor Daley's archenemy than his boon chum - it's much safer that way - however, when Mayor Daley gets it right, when he feels like it - he is on the money! Yesterday, he was ON BABY! He's bobbin'; he's weavin'; he's light on his pins; he jabs; he ducks; he fires out and WHAMMO! Knocks the Bums on their Backs and the Sun TImes is starin' up at Lights!' For the Real Deal; CHECK OUT JACK HIGGINS TODAY! Home Run, Jack! The Rev. and the Commisars ain't gonna like it.

So not to be outdone - CST tosses in a limp-wristed fight cartoon - one not done by the Brilliant Jack Higgins but another third string lightweight! Milt Priggee ( Some Handle, Bub! - from one who knows . . .) from - from - from the OH, SO PROGRESSIVE American Northwest - must be all the damp drippy weather that appeals to drips:

Milt Priggee lives in Oak Harbor, Wash., on Puget Sound. His work can be viewed at his Web site. -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media These clowns out source to Apple State when thereal talent is twenty feet away! Working Man's Values by Working Man's Pal!

It's All in Today's Working Man's Pal - read it all when you get a second.

'Somebody says New York stuff doesn't go over well in Chicago. I think that's the idea. We don't need you to like Sharpton to take an interest in what he's got in mind by coming here.' WEASELS! Yikes!
In the Mean Time - The Buzzard Has Landed! NPR Gushed with G(D?) Flint Taylor offering Commentary and Flint Taylor thinks Al is swell - swell, I tells Ya! The Progressive has so many faces it's tough to get a photo - and they worry about cameras - Pshaw!

Did the Jackson Family take the Brooklyn Dodger, The Crown Heights Kristallnacht King out for some tasty Chicago Comestibles? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Sneedless to Say! DONCHA KNOW?

Common Sense Chicagoans! Keep the kids safe from weasels - The Chicago Sun Times is in Weasel DefCon 6!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sun Times Edgier Controversy! Brooklyn Dodger Al Will be Front Page - Mad Love for The Working Man!

St. Paddy sent the snakes off -Well -Paddy is a racist, 'close-knit, white ethnic, Cracker!' We got a new figure in the statuary!

"Suffer them Snakes to Come Onto Me - and LO they DO!" - Rev. Al Sharpton - The Godfather of Stole and The Chicago Sun Times New Poster Boy for EDGEY!

Could this really be The Sun Times Wedgie Thought Process?

We Got Edgier Controversy! We Got Daley Sputtering on Front Page! We Got More Money out of Taxpayers for Loevy/Flint-Locke! We are the New Sun Times!

We Are Wedgier Not Edgier! We Dig Dog Fights Between Citizens! As Nietsche said to Falsani 'Out of Chaos Comes Order! We Will Not Be Happy Until People Die! Then People Will really Live!

Al Sharpton - You Clowns can Have him - wait until he starts eating that Camenbert and the sage polenta, tomato confit, eggplant, zucchini, red pepper piperade and a cap of goat cheese, all molded in a cylinder that you tucked way back in the fridge; leaves the potty seat up; and drinks that bottle of 1787 Chateau d'Yquem that Conrad Black forgot at the Christmas Party in 2002 and then he plays Twister at 4AM. Enjoy his stay and watch those PIN numbers, Mind!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here'sToxic Al! The Working Man's Pal Welcomes The Brooklyn Dodger - Al Sharpton to Chicago: Pin Those Yarmulkes Back!

From Wikpedia:

In 1991 - a little after Police Torture in Chicago became a cottage industry for the Leftist Combine. Rev. Al Sharpton, who Mark Brown of the New Chicago Sun Times gushes 'will be a tonic' to our City, showed the world just how he rolls:

A visiting rabbinical student from Australia by the name of Yankel Rosenbaum, 29, was killed during the rioting by a mob shouting "Kill the Jew." [39] Sharpton has been seen by some commentators as inflaming tensions with remarks such as "If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house" [40] [1] and referring to Jews as "diamond merchants." [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]

Welcome Al, we have no where near the number of Jews here in Chicago that New York has been blessed by God with: who fund most, if not all of the Racial Harmony, Job Opportunity, Career Path and Cultural initiatives enjoyed by blacks in the Tri-State community, but there are plenty of 'close knit white ethnics' to sully and sue! Just adjust the cultural icons!

The Chicago Sun Times is your Dog, Rev.! Get it On! We got allegations aplenty! There might be some elbowing at the Leftie Lawsuit All You can Eat Buffet - Loevy, Flint, Locke, Jesse, and all the other sincere friends of Working Man, but an experienced trencherman like yourself -with Mark Brown and like minded waiters sic-ing and fetch-ing - you'll soon be lapping up Tax Payer Dollars like those in the front of the line.

Chicago's a Great Eatin' Town! Shovel in that Cabbage!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hugo and Get these Premiums for Sun Scribing to the Daily Worker . . Chicago Sun Times

The Workers Pal The New Chicago Sun Times- never a disappointment since Madame Commisar Reed's July 15th Manifesto!,CST-EDT-reeded15.article

All Hailed By the Peoples Free Press last week!

From the Manifesto on we have been treated to showers of homages to Lefty Lawyers (The Loevy- Flint - Locke Combine) who sue the HELL out of taxpayers and toss vitriol into the mug of Each and Every Chicago Police Officer.

Today, the Editorial Politburo kicks Cook County States Attorney Dick Devine for keeping Professionals - lawyers - out of a union. Every Worker must Fight This Devine Monarch! Good Grief!

Now, how about The Sun Times supporting SEIU's efforts to get Sam Walton, Bill Gates, Oprah, Sumner Redstone, and other 'non-orgainized' workers to develop Plutocrats Local # 1 of the International Violent Oppressors of the Workers Union. These people have rights! 'Oh, That Dick Devine Makes The Combine so Angry!',CST-NWS-contro30.article

But a Voice of Reason and Common Sense sneaked one in under the Radar!

Thought Criminal Shout Out to Common Sense Afflicted Neil Steinberg - the Man always makes sense to people who actually work for a living. Today he gives Progressive America's Favorite Commie Dictator a kick while reporting on the Democratic pillow fight between Hilary 'Chesty' Clinton and Barack 'Phat Barry' Obama over whether or not to ice out pin-heads. Neil Steinberg offers this common sense

'if only we'd treat these tin pot despots with the respect they crave, why then maybe they'd be our friends. My gut tells me that kind of sincerity only works in the movies.

It's bad enough we have the United Nations as a gilded frame for whichever lunatic dictator can make his way to the podium. We don't want to make the White House into "American Idol" for our enemies.' Good On You, Neil!


Or Maybe Neil will need to handle the NEW SUN SCRIBERS ACCOUNT - New subscriptions get TWO(2) Hugo Action Figures! Like the recent subscriber - SUNSCRIBER - gent below!

Hi Ms Reed,

I read your article "Time to Move These Pages Forward -- with a Return to Our Past" and took great encouragement from it.

I don't think it's particularly provocative or earth-shaking to give a byline to yet another person with "libertarian/conservative views" -- as you've done with Steve Huntley -- but I'm willing to give you and the Sun-Times the benefit of the doubt as far as your intentions are concerned.

For that reason I will subscribe to your paper (the first paper I've ever subscribed to in my life) and I will recommend that others do likewise.

What I find particularly heartening is your realization that Chicago deserves a paper that reflects the "ethnic and social diversity of our city". But most importantly, and I hope you take this to heart, we deserve a paper that reflects our values -- the values of working people who believe in equality and a positive role for government.

Time after time in the city of Chicago, we've voted overwhelming for people who reflect these values. It's about time we got a newspaper that reflected them as well.


Leo Klein
Chicago, IL

Independent Illinois Grassroots:

These Hugo Action - Political Action! - Figures - will keep deep thinkers busy for hours - mapping out the ultimate mobilization of cadres of workers and afflicted until a class free society emerges! Diversity through Unanimity! One World; One Thought!

Neil - keep writing! Even if they want to try to make you Winston Smith.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

What's Real Grassroots Look Like? Come Out and Play For Maeve August 4th 2007 - Do for Our Neighbors

Hundreds of neighbors and friends will gather at Beverly Park at 103rd & Artesian on Saturday, August 4th, 2007 to celebrate the love of family and the genuine concern for children, especially those afflicted with a life threatening disease.

Denise and Matt McNicholas

The handsome couple in blue T-shirts above are Maeve's Mom and Dad and inspired this Grassroots effort - some people who toss around the word Grassroots seem to confuse shooting their mouths off and suing people with actually doing something for someone in need - other than themselves.

This is real Grassroots. Neighbors do not wait for someone else to care of their neighbors. They get off their Lazy-boys and open their hearts, as well as their wallets: they cook, hang posters, sell raffle tickets, hump chairs and tables ( unless a member of the clergy - ever see one of those beauts set up chairs? You'd have an easier time thumbing a ride off of Saints Cyril and Methodius to Peotone, than getting a stiff collar to help) stir the clergy to show up for the event - they do like the cake!- , and get themselves and the kids and the neighbors into gear.

Maeve McNicholas died of a brain tumor a couple of years ago and her family worked their grief into a wonderful tribute for their Angel in Heaven. There is now a magnificent children's Park named for Maeve within Beverly Park that was funded through Grassroots efforts. Our community buried Maeve's little pal, Liam Bonner three years old, yesterday. Liam was afflicted with brain tumors as well. Your efforts and your donation will help more chldren so afflicted.

Note to the Sun Times: Let's try and get things right - this is what real working people do. They get involved and do not wait for some Emmet Kelly imitators to artificially mug for the cameras and the press. If there is a problem, some one is suffering, or in need, don't wait get active. If you want to live with good neighbors, act like a good neighbor.

How can I help?

Your gift to The Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation will help us in our efforts to:
Increase public awareness about the severity and prevalence of childhood brain tumors
Aid in early detection of childhood brain tumors by increasing awareness of symptoms
Help to find the cause and cure of childhood brain tumors through the support of medical research
Help support families with children living with brain tumors

Please make donations payable to the:

Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation

Donations may be made at or sent to:

Beverly Bank & Trust Company
c/o The Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation
10258 South Western Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60643

phone: 773-239-2265
or contact us

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dan McGrath -the best in Prose -takes on Bonds - the best on Dope

If Dan McGrath wrote it, you can take it to the bank.

A genuine example of working class values, attitudes and common sense can be found in The Chicago Tribune Sports Department under the direction of Dan McGrath.

Dan McGrath, in my opinion, is the absolute best crafter of prose. Though Sports is Dan's beat, his heart directs a pen that follows a masterful path to the truth. He never engages in willful thinking like a Jay Mariotti, an Eric Zorn, a Mary Mitchell, or a Cathleen Falsani. Dan McGrath puts his own desires for what might be aside and gives the facts as they are presented to us.
Like a working man, with a limited income, a mortgage, tuition payments, medical, insurance, Taxes, and desires, Dan McGrath puts what is necessary before what he might like. No agenda, only a task before him, Dan McGrath gets the work done.

Dan's White Sox Championship reports were examples of good writing. Today Dan eclipses that brilliant series with a consideration of the personally loathsome Barry Bonds and his place in the Hall of Fame and in the Baseball Record Book. I think the guy has been doping up for years, like so many others, but is protected by image and dollar conscious leaders of National Baseball - it's their shame: Barry Bonds like any self-absorbed person will do whatever he is allowed to do -ala Michael Vick.

McGrath cuts through the nonsense and prejudice and need to appeal to popular sentiment that afflicts so many writers and presents a sound working man's reflection on any issue. Dan McGrath is fair, balanced and genuine. When asked if he could vote for the obviously 'juiced' and insulated Bonds for admission to the Hall of Fame, McGrath told San Francisco Chronicle's Tom Fitsgerald:

Yea or nay?
Voting members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America were asked whether they would vote for Barry Bonds for the Hall of Fame if they had to decide today.
Yes -- Bob Nightengale, USA Today Sports Weekly; Phil Rogers, Chicago Tribune; Mike Klis, Denver Post; John Henderson, Tampa Tribune; Doug Krikorian, Long Beach Press-Telegram; Bob Elliott, Toronto Sun; Tracy Ringolsby, Rocky Mountain News; Dan McGrath, Chicago Tribune.
No -- Hal Bodley, USA Today; Dave van Dyck, Chicago Tribune; Ken Rosenthal,; Hal McCoy, Dayton Daily News; Larry Stone, Seattle Times; Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times; Bob Klapisch,
E-mail Tom FitzGerald at

Today in Tribune Sports Dan McGrath clearly and magnificently tells why. That example of writing is working class! That writing reflects working values. That is what working people expect to read for their $.50 or $.75; certainly Not shilling for wealthy people with an agenda that goes counter to the values of working people of all races.

The Chicago Tribune editorial board, like the pygmies at Chicago Sun Times, bait their hooks with cookie-cutter agendas crafted by some very powerful enemies of the working man - Maybe Sam Zell's direction of the Trib will be an opportunity to knock the HS out their hearts.

A Great beginning would be the appointment of Daniel B. McGrath as managing editor.

Here's why:

Friday, July 27, 2007

Jon Loevy Loves The SunTimes and The Reader

That's My Dog, Sun Times, let me have your paw! It's exhausting suing the Chicago Police Department 24/7 but The Working man's Pal - the NEW Chicago Sun Times and the New Chicago Reader ( purchased by Creative Loafing, Inc. in June 2007) carries Andy's - sorry -Jon Loevy's coal.,CST-NWS-cop27.article

With the Working Man's Pal kicking down doors to kick down Chicago Police Officers and public confidence in all public institutions, no wonder the poor guy gets fatigued - carrying 40% of millions of taxpayers dollars to his bank is sleepy-tiresome. It's not all lunches with editorial boards, press conferences, interviews, and ledger balancing, Gertrude! Andy- sorry - Jon's got a line of supplicant victims forming at his loft suites - suites - suits - abuse suits -Brooks Brothers Suits- 'Damn It! Call The Sun Times! We got coal to heave!'

If only the rest of us -who go to work, pay our bills, treat our neighbors with respect, care for our kids, honor the law, and foot Jon Loevy's lifestyle - could learn to work together, the way G. Flint Taylor, Gangbanging murderers, Locke Bowman, The Bluhm Center, The Peoples Law Office, MacArthur Center for Justice, The Chicago Reader, Medill School of Journalism, Dick Simpson's UIC - boilerplate factory; Mr. & Mrs. Bernadine Dohrn-Ayers, and The Working Man's Pal steer the agenda, we'd all get to be on WTTW and NPR. What a Wonderful - but Exclusive - World that must be! Gee.

Again - That's Andy Dick - American Thespian - doing a stand-in for Jon Loevy; there are some swell snaps of the Lawsuit Leonidas in the links above.

Police Violence or Drunk Fat Guy ? The Sun Times Will Tell You What It Is! That's how They Roll - For The Working Man!

Ace Photag - Zippy D. Pinhead - of the working Man's Pal - the New Chicago Sun Times caught what The Working Man's Pal demands is a chilling scene of Police Violence! Four business executives ( above center) were treated to sacasym, dramatic irony, litotes, aporia, metanoia, pleonasm, slight regard, and dubious verbal applications of the interrogative seven years ago. And You People, taxpaying dummies, thought nightsticks were only used for parades???
The level of abuse was so shocking that all four business executives, topped off by quarts of festive Ketel One, were knocked prone by police intimidation and requests to - 'take it somewhere else.' Said the husky businessmen - 'They treated us like fat-drunken slobs; that's mean, Man.'
The MacArthur Center for Justice League of the Blum Trust Fund Syndicate for Peoples Redistribution of Middle Class Income are taking the Bulls by the Horns and Mobilizing for Justice. The Loevy Flint-Locke Combine smells dollars and The Chicago Sun Times makes cents.
The New Chicago Sun Times will print anything that remotely smacks of abuse, racism, or rhetorical flourishes that sadden or chip-away at self-esteem.
Lawsuits are in the works.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

COPS MAKE COPY! Working Man's Pal Gives to Those That Get! If Lawyers Don't Get Burge There is No Justice! SUN TIMES SAYS SO!

'Boys, This is Just The Ticket - Once the Chicago Cops are Completely Done in this City, It's ours for the picking! Boris, I like Reed's Editorial today! Send that Twist a Box Malamars. It fits in with Jon Loevy's employee and activist Andy Thayer's kick at the Cops in the You Think Column! We'll just use that in the print edition - YOU THINK - so pests and cop -lovers can't link it up.
Remember Comrades, All of our Readers are Stupid - Keep that in mind - and the dough will flow! If the courts can't convict! We'll get him in the court of Public Outrage! Here's the lede on the Pik! We need to push the mensa members on the City Council into believing - they get confused, sometimes boys, and think that gaslight runs on fireflies. Thank Vlad that the G started printing paper money or they'd be bow-legged. Flint-Locke will take care of simps that play-ball . Now, Run This Bull!'

CPD Bulls ( trained in Vietnam by War Criminal Burge) Chase Ace Legal Eagle Locke Bowman after City Council Flare-up on Police Abuse - Lawyer Walks on Waters of Lake Michigan to Make Good His Escape!
'Boys - remember - we can say - and we will say anything about Burge or any other Cop, See? Burge used Plutonium as well as electrodes on poor male black victims. We don't need to have the evidence - 'he dumped the plutonium along with his electric generator in Lake Michigan, as well as the USS Forrestal that Burge bought off the Shah of Iran and sank it in the Cal-Sag near Burnham Harbor when we got on to him. Yeah, that sounds about right. Say anything - Print anything! They'll lap it up, Boys! Now! Back to helping the Working Man!'
Hickey Note: Andy Thayer (featured above) is an employee of Jon Loevy- one of the Lawsuit Lotto on Cops and Taxpayers Addicted Gold Diggers of 2007: From Loevy and Loevy Firm Bios:

Andy Thayer, a graduate of Northwestern University in Evanston, has been a grassroots activist for more than 25 years. He is a co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network (which was formerly known as the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network which has been a leader in spreading an anti-war, anti-racist message in the gay community. He spoke at the April 20, 2002 and the September 24, 2005 National Anti-War Marches on Washington and helped organize a 15,000-strong protest march on Lake Shore Drive at the start of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He is also one of Loevy & Loevy's paralegals/office managers.
Today's Chicago Sun Times print edition features Andy's letter that fully agrees with it's editorial sentiment. Nice how things work out.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Working Man's Pal: Working For the Flint/Locke Combine! 'Get The Gold, Mistah Bowwwwmannnnn, but Get an "F " from the Jury!

Law Professor Kingsfield Abuses Locke Bowman??? This is an Outrage! We Got to Get this Right for Tomorrow' s Edition! Gives the Kid an F?????? Must be Burge's Uncle! Hello?????

From the crumpled missive sent to Editor: transcript account of secret recording:

'Mista Bowmannnn, you are familiar - are you not - with the American Work Ethththth - IC? You EAAAAAARRRRNNNN your Money - You do NOT have SOMEONE else DO it FOR YOU?You are FAM-iliar - are you NOT - with the passage from Holy Writ :'As you REAP so shall you SUE? No? - Here's an EFF! - Mr. Bowman - tell your Trust Fund - that you will lose AGAIN to any Jury!
Tell your friend, Flint, to check his briefs! They are soiled. Dismissed.'

' Cutpurse - get me Editorial! It's Sensational! Once again, The Working Man's Pal, gives it good and hard to the working stiffs - hard news, hard opinion, hard feelings, hard cheese! Toxic Beach! Gotta be the Cops! Poetry Slam Raided by the Heat- Editor Says Cops 'Polite' The Dame's gotta be on the take! Soldier Field Political - Named for a Soldier - Warmonger - Bush loving Burge ! He's Guilty - We've said so! Years ago! Let the Courts do the catchup! PEE PEE Story's Off the Charts! THE Kids Loved It ! Hey Call the Cuffe Alumni Office! When that School open 2000? But there's more! We need to change it up!
This is Outrageous it's so Boffo! Here's this fresh-faced kid Locke Bowman - G-Flint's Comrade! Mayflower Kid! What's he doin' on Page Two Bits? Close to METRO? The Club?' And on into last goodnight New Chicago Sun Times told this burg - Burge? - what's important! This is every bit as Front Page as the Kiddy Pee Punishment!

The Titmouses in City Council are in-line with Master Locke Bowman - Problem is Old Professor Kingsfield's reminds most people that Locke and his work ethic screwed the pooch two summers ago - a jury, on the case of the fabricated Cook County Jail Prisoner Abuse Lottery Ticket, that the FlintLocke Combine worked overtime to GET Sheriff Mike Sheahan, crumbled and tossed these Ambulance Chasers' case in less than twenty minutes!

Celebrated cigar store Indian and newly unemployed nitwit Ward Churchill has helped these gold-digging beauties with the kids and their efforts to do Locke's homework over at U of C's Mandel Hall on Thursday Nights - it's been in John Conroy's golden tablets in Chicago Reader! Again, The FlintLocke Combine tosses out the very same ( Churchillian) evidence to our City Council mensa members that has been ignored by every court thus far. Don't our Readers Understand????

Remember this great moment in Progressive Ambulance Chasing?

Byline: Kara Spak Daily Herald Staff Writer Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan is claiming that calls between Cook County jail inmates and a civil rights lawyer presented a "pattern of questionable conduct" that merits an investigation into the attorney's behavior. The calls in question were placed from a prison unit housing some of the jail's most dangerous inmates to Jean Maclean Snyder, an attorney with the University...,CST-NWS-burge25.article

Now, Today in the Republican ( Republi -HOW???) Chicago Tribune, Locke Bowman wants Paddy Fitz the Fed to do the heavy lifting! At least Fitz is out of law school -"The U.S. attorney needs to be encouraged to pursue prosecution" for perjury, said Bowman, who asserted that urging by the council would carry weight.
I believe the Tribune might want to back away from the glow of the FlintLocke Combine given their GPA in Court - Naw, they're too Locked -in to the University Think Tanks.
This from the Monied Tanks:

MacArthur Justice Center. Its mission to provide free legal representation on criminal justice issues that affect the indigent often gets its cases local and national media attention. Founded in 1985, the clinic is funded by the J. Roderick MacArthur Foundation.
Locke Bowman, Lecturer and Director of the MacArthur Justice Clinic, and his colleague Jean Maclean Snyder, a Lecturer in the MacArthur Justice Center, supervise 16 law students who assist them in preparing cases. Bowman is a noted expert on defendants who face the death penalty, and Snyder is one of the most knowledgeable attorneys in the country on super-max prisons, including the Tamms Correctional Center in downstate Illinois.

“Our objective is to provide students the opportunity to apply classroom principles in the actual setting of litigation,” Bowman said. “We want them to understand that their education gives them power to achieve real goals for the betterment of individuals and society.”
Summaries of the MacArthur Justice Center’s recent cases are evidence of Bowman’s and Snyder’s commitment to making a difference in the criminal justice system: a suit related to mental health treatment at Tamms on behalf of four prisoners who protested of excessively harsh conditions; a petition filed with Randolph Stone of the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic that called for a special prosecutor to investigate criminal violations during interrogations by City of Chicago Police Department Area 2 detectives; a successful judgment on behalf of a Chicago Reader reporter who was denied access to Cook County Jail after she wrote a story on the Cook County Sheriffs’ strip search policy; a suit against gun manufacturers that alleges they endanger the health and welfare of Chicago citizens; a suit on behalf of four Cook County Jail prisoners who alleged that a dozen guards beat them so severely that they had to be hospitalized; a successful petition to use DNA test results to prove a convicted man innocent of rape; and a suit against the Chicago Police Department to exonerate a man convicted of rape, who would have been proven innocent had evidence not been withheld for several years.
“Everything we’ve done in eight years we’ve done better because students are involved as working partners in the process of litigating our cases,” Bowman said
Any Dukey for Kids, Locke? Naw. Partners? Partners, How? 'Do the work for me.'

Howls of Giggles, Locke! Bang up job you did on that one - 20 minutes to toss! No wonder Old Man Kingsfield is after you and Flint - It's Chilling!'
And Now -Back to the Working Man's Pal

'CutPurse!!!!?????? Where's my call to editing???? Get that Twist on the Phone! Reed?? Cooke - Here's the lede - got a crayon? Law Prof Linked Lickings Learned Likely in Laos by Louse Copper! Locked Up! Free FlintLocke! - Got Kiddo? Go to rewrite -- The Workers Demand It!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sun Times Mary Mitchell: Ever Angry One Note Samba

The New Chicago Sun Times: Making the Great Divide more palatable for its readers - the angry and self-satisfied - but cetainly not the people working everyday.

Chicago Sun Times columnist and WTTW commentator Mary Mitchell 'can't help but' think, feel and opine that every white person within shouting distance gets up each morning with a new way to inflict harm, scorn, and violence on black people. It makes her angry when a black woman does not see it the same way as contrary Mary.

Mary Mitchell worked on CST's Don Hayner's 'Great Divide' series. Ever since Don Hayner's The Great Divide' Series in 1993, Mary Mitchell has been the ever angry voice of Sun Times' on Race.
The premise of Hayner's piece continued the social engineering practices developed by the crowd at University of Chicago in the 1930's and '40s that became the boilerplate modi of Chicago Activism - Fair Housing, Red-lining, & etc.: white ethnics are evil racists - end of story.
They ( white ethnics [I'm a they]- read Catholic in this case) are clannish, close-knit, fierce, tribal, corrupt, vicious, bigoted and YET they make great neighbors. Wild head scratcher that last!
Today, Mary Mitchell objects to the views of a black woman who chooses to live with the clannish ( nine years by her word), witnessed the recent horrible events at Durkin Park and objected to the ever angry, quite contrary Mary's column that returned its rapt readers ( the lads pictured above) to those thrilling days of yesteryear - 'imaginary boundaries' - The Great Divide. What we think - (white or black working people) , according to the NEW Chicago Sun Times, is not really important, nor much of a deal to the boutique thinkers ( Cliffs Notes Intellects) who choose to live in very transient, upper-middleclass, university educated, single, few kiddies but take the oversized pooch to the cafe Neighborhoods: demographically - these neighborhoods are almost Exclusively white). These loud citizens admire Hugo, Che, and enjoy black people at events. They are rewarded with media friendly mainstreets features.

Well, to the clannish and the close-knit out here on the south side where race relations happens around the clock, according to the old socialist boiler-plate - 'racial boundaries are marked by imaginary north/south streets:' That 's what Mary Mitchell insists upon No Doubt she she snaps to Mrs. Wiley. Halsted is the racial boundary 1950's ; Ashland is the Boundary 1960's ; Western is the Boundary 1970's ; Kedzie '80's; Pulaski 90's; Cicero Present - The Mississippi River Coming Soon!
Keep Hate Alive! It sells papers. There is not a boundary. Little black kids play with white kids unafraid ( right ouside my kitchen window - the endless 108th Street sewer baseball league) of us 'white devils' in Morgan Park. No chilling atmosphere. No Jim Crow. No Bulwhipping. No 'Strange Fruit up in the Trees. In fact, Doc and the other black gents pop in to Keegan's Pub for some pints of Smithwicks or Guinness ( black is beautiful!) usually sharing a bag of Harold's with Nualla from Derry and stay until the opera music by that blind Italian singer runs out everyone but the maudlin.
The only time that the 'close-knit, clannish' code stuff surfaces is in Chicago newsprint and later aped by the lazy TV Media.

The Durkin Park beat-down, like the horrific near murder of tiny Ryan Rusch in Beverly Park, is fodder for people who love seeing race-baiting and scab picking sell papers. Race relations is a parlor game for faux intellects in transient upper-class - read Yuppie - neighborhoods: Starbucks chat Caffinated Revolution! We Mobilize! - Right After some sick mojito's at Nacional 21. I am surprised that John Conroy has not found a link between the Ryan Rusch beat-down and Jon Burge. The Chicago Reader gets good play in the Working Man's Pal!
Back to the Durkin Park spin:
Here's today's angry Mary Mitchell's venting against an eye-witness - a black woman who seems to like her neighbors:

If the facts go against the agenda, print the agenda!
From WTTW ( one of Mary Mitchell's Anger Gigs):,7,1,1,30
'Nevertheless, she worked tirelessly hard, and in 1991 after earning her degree, the Sun-Times hired her as its education reporter. Two years later, her editors paired her with Hayner to write a successful series on race, called "The Great Divide." '

That series really helped bring folks together - I suppose. Keeping the 'imaginary barriers' manned and weaponed sells more papers.

The Working Man's Pal - the NEW Chicago Sun Times seems to want more angry people - white and black - ignoring Mrs. Wiley and listening to the ever Angrier Mary - Let's Rumble!

No thanks. Clannish people like CFD Lt.Denny Cahill ( page 3 CSTs BTW) are too busy busting into burning houses in Englewood to breathe life back into a baby. Black tradesmen like Lonny Newman ( Leo High School 2004) are too busy knocking down 45 hours a week as a Local 597 Pipefitter and taking care of their family members back over in Roseland.

Tell them about what concerns working class people. Naw, continue to pick at scabs - if hurts heal, then you have nothing to talk about - Mary Mitchell will continue to pick fights with CST columnist Neil Steinberg for no reason and also the thousands of people like Mrs. Wiley of the Scottsdale neighborhood, because the truth does not fit the goofy agenda of NEW Chicago Sun Times.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sun Times Raises the Lid on Standards! The Working Man's Paper Puts Poignant Pissoir Pontification Page One!

Activists, criminals and lawsuit lawyers can't 'help but feel' that Police Abuse has been uncovered in this morning's shocking and theatrically photographed saga of a 'potty break' denied; and the ugly centerpiece CPS coverup and the familar specter of Police Abuse - Progressive forces are mobilizing as we -SORRY! - take a break for a second - there - Beverly Bean Haitian Blue! We only rent it. Where was I? Oh, Yeah!
The Working Man's Pal - The Chicago Sun Times features the 12 year old victims ( color photos portray the young schoolmen festooned in medals and honors ribbons) of Class Warfare!
Class and Punishment! Class Warfare! Class Struggle! Class Headlines! Class Clash Cash!
When will Mayor Daley, Jon Burge and former White Sox Shortstop Harry Chappas finally be brought to book over these horrific atrocities? Ward Churchill died for your sins Man! Oh, Ward's still with us -apologies.

The latest Public School crisis averted thanks to the timely and tenacious tip-off of The Working Man's Pal - The New Chicago Sun Times!
Class and Punishment - Crime and Punishment - Torture and Punishment - Wait! Oh, That's the Same thing. Yes, Like Police Abuse and Post Toasties! See a Pattern Here? John Conroy does.
Positively PO'd Progressive Voices Praised the July 15th Manifesto:
The Chicago Reader, a free press that suggests but does not require the donning of a knit Patagonia cap while reading, offers a comradely Salud! Vinceremos! All Hail The Working Class!
and a color photo of La Pasionaria Reed! Cheryl Reed? Any relation to Jack Reed?
The Working Man, photographed above in Full color after a full day's work of boutique hopping, cafe cantering and totally sick Clubbing in Lincoln Square, was moved to tears of pain and anguish over this Front Page Tale of Potty Denied! 'It's Chilling Man! These cops are so wrong Man that Now school teachers are into Torture.' Like the two little guys featured in this powerful CST's Front Page Story - He could not wait! He mobilized a'Plenty!
The Absolute Collective Force behind Chicago Sun Times editorial management, pictured above in stunningly dualistic black and white, vow - 'How Long, Chicago? This will not Stand! We Mobilize! We Bring Suit! We Cash In!'
Little Big Litigation Man, Jon Loevy could not be reached for comment - because I don't talk to him. Never met the little guy. Don't care to . . .he'd probably trip upon the carpet, break a nail and say some cops beat him senseless - can't improve on God's handiwork/seems pretty senseless from the get-go.
I can't wait until tomorrow! Chicago Sun Times - a paper to laugh at !

It's front page! Read it! Won't take any time. That's the idea.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Most Loyal Americans of Guam - 63 years of Liberation: They Do Not Read The Chicago Sun Times

Above" Liberation Day Parade 2007
Right: Liberation Queen DeAna Arriola

The Japanese landed on Guam in December of 1941. Guam's Governor, Navy Commander McMillan, knew that defense of the American island was futile. Nevertheless, Chamorros of the Insular Guard outfitted in cast-off Navy uniforms and armed with obsolete training rifles met the Japanese landing and offered a spirited defense of the their homes. Here is an account taken from Pacific News Daily celebrating their heroism:

Pacific Daily News:

In less than an hour, McMillan surrendered the island to the Japanese, setting off two years of suffering and sacrifice for the Chamorro people.
The effort to defend the palace was futile, Ramirez said, because forces were insufficiently equipped.
Accounts from members stated that just three machine guns and 95 outdated Springfield rifles -- with the inscriptions: "Fire only in training" -- were given to share among the more than 200 members, PDN files state.
The eventual surrender of the United States came after the deaths of guardsmen Angel L.G. Flores and Vicente C. Chargualaf, along with several other service and guardsmen.
Different stories were told of their deaths, Ramirez said, with at least one which depicts their insubordination.
The two refused to lower the American flag and replace it with the Japanese flag, leading to their beheading, he said.
After the deaths of a handful of Guardsmen and more than 10 U.S. servicemen, McMillan surrendered.

Here's the link:
On this day, 63 years ago, at this very time of day, amphibious tractors (LVTs) were crawling over the reef off of the Asan landing beaches. These alligator-like landing craft carried a crew of three and fifteen Marines ( American teenagers) of the assault batallions. By 9 A.M. July 21st, 1944, most of the these men would be dead or wounded. The People of Guam made their sacrifices an intrinsic element of their culture. Would that more Americans be so blessed. Hafa Adai!
Here's our Local Culture:

The Chicago Papers and media are loaded with stories and features that divide people, race is the best bait, and undermine confidence in our traditions and values. The Friend of the Working Man - The Chicago Sun Times opines that Police officers are racist sociopaths and that government should afford lawsuit motivated lawyers, activists and criminals every opportunity to sue and harass individual officers: their definition of Police Reform.
Only Neil Steinberg has offered an honest assesment in his column of that paper. Much, Much Further to the absurdly radical left, Dick Simpson, who could not make a living without the radical network cocooning his nest at UIC, and media gigs, went on WGN yesterday and calumnized our Justice System, as well as working Police officers.
Distinguished Professor - my broad manly ass! Distinguished - marked by, true enough, an ability to smear and call it artistry. BTW-Wasn't the Distinguished Professor a defender of spray-paint taggers, while he did so little in the City Council? It seems like asking a glutton to discuss dieting strategies, WGN -might be a great sweeps feature - next year; morons.
Only Neil Steinberg and the Chicago Tribune's John Kass are actually defending police officers with the facts. (I have been a frequent critic of John Kass, but have proclaimed him to be one of the most talented writers in Chicago.) These two guys are stand-up people! When the truth does not fit a radical agenda the truth gets locked up. Thank you, gentlemen , for taking off the cuffs on the facts.
We could learn something about honesty and honor from the people of Guam - they do not read the New Chicago Sun Times.