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The Mystery Lingers: Was Wyndham Lathem a Test Tube Baby? Where's He From, for Crissake?

wyndham lathem

Early life[edit]
Wyndham Lathem was born August 10, 1974.[1] He completed his AB in biology at Vassar College (1992-96). He was a research technician at Rockefeller University from 1996 to 1998 in the laboratory of James E. Darnell, Jr. He earned his PhD from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in microbiology (2003) in the laboratory of Rod Welch.[2]  Wikpedia 8/06/2017

Wyndham Lathem was born.  Was he?  Was he really? Where exactly?

Before his Vasser ( one of the elite Seven Sisters until 1969) years, did young Wyndham have any social, educational, or civic intercourse with other carbon footprints?

The only place offering any bit of information on this Northwestern University plague hunter, who took to the streets on the Day of Science Baby Finger Poke in Trump's Eye, is Heavy - another Top Story website.

At least on these pages, as opposed to Northwestern University, The Chicago Tribune, DNAinfo Chicago and the always daffy Sun Times, someone took to the time offer some background on the  alleged Ted Bundy of Evanston.

We know something about the other suspect, Oxford bean counter Andrew Warren:

 Warren Worked in Payroll for a College That Is Part of Oxford University
Both Warren and Lathem work for prominent universities; Professor Lathem was a researcher into the “Black Death” plague at Northwestern, and Warren was linked to Oxford.
It’s not yet clear how Warren knew Lathem or Cornell-Duranleau.
According to CBS Local, Warren is “a senior treasury assistant at Somerville College, a part of the University of Oxford in Great Britain.” (The victim’s name was given as Trenton Cornell-Duranheau by many news sites, but his obituary spells it Duranleau).
Somerville College listed Andrew Warren as an employee but has now deleted his page from its website. He worked in payroll, according to UK Daily Mail.
Warren’s LinkedIn page says he’s from Swindon, United Kingdom and lists only the Somerville College employment. . . . Daily Mail reports that Warren, who was also called “Andy,” left behind a “heartbroken boyfriend Martin Grant, 44, who has been a relationship with the murder suspect since at least 2011” and both the sister and boyfriend “have been desperately looking for him ever since.” Warren, a former bus driver, had never been to America before, the news site reported. His neighbors told British media that Warren would help them out, according to UK Mirror.
Those who knew Warren in England told Daily Mail he was a “gentle lad” they couldn’t imagine was capable of murder and who lived in his childhood home until his father died recently; the news site reported that authorities in England confirmed he’d been reported missing the day after he “secretly” flew to America.

The Professor?  Wyndham Lathem?  He was Born, graduated from Vasser, Wisconsin at Madison, hateed plagues and Trump and disappeared.

Was Wyndham a test tube baby?  An invitro pioneer?  Spawned in lab? Grew up like a mushroom and slaughtered a hair dresser?

Might as well wait.  Warts go away quicker than Chicago journalist develop an interest in aything, but smearing cops, worrying about the Trumpopoclypse and propping up City Hall.Image result for liberal hack chicago journalist cartoon

Read the CAPS bulletin's there is more there, there.

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