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Is NW Professor Wyndham Lathem from St. Tommy More Parish?

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Professor Wyndham Lathem, Northwestern University - not a member of the Flags Club, Canaryville USA, Illinois Prince Hall Masonic Lodge, or Chicago Polish Highlanders

Quis, quid, cur, quomodo, ubi, quando, quibus auxiliis (  Who, what, when, where, why, in what way, by what means) Boethius.

Old Boethius knew his journalism and it got him locked up by Emperor Justinian.   He could not work at the Chicago Tribune, or Sun Times for that matter.

Case in point is the mystery surrounding Professor Wyndham Lathem in the awful murder of a young cosmetologist.

We got the quid, quando and the quomodo in this story -

  • QUID -Murder most foul, to be sure.  A 26 year old cosmetologist from Lennon, Michigan was savagely mutilated 
  • QUANDO- It seems that the professor at some point had opened his living quarters to young Trenton Cornell-Duranleau. the victim had lived in Heart of Chicago ( 2200 S. Wood Street) neighborhood. 

  • Quibus Auxiliis- via  "multiple sharp force injuries," in the Gold Coast apartment of one Prof. Wyndham Lathem.
The QUIS is lacking - especially concerning Wyndham Lathem. 

Three days before the ghastly the slaughter of Trenton Cornell-Duranleau, a man from Oxford University arrived, by the rather plebian name of Andrew Warren joined the couple on Chicago's tony Gold Coast.

Wyndham Lathem and Andrew Warren drove to Lake Geneva Wisconisn where one of the two donated a check in the amount of $1,000 in memory of the mutilated Cornell-Duranleau. The couple subsequently drove to the San Francisco/Oakland areas to surrender to police authorities.

We know the back story of the victim and also the man who accompanied Wyndham Lathem to Lake Geneva and  rebel California, but absolutely nothing about Wyndham Lathem.

You see, Northwestern University immediately scrubbed its website of any particulars concerning Professor Wyndham Lathem.  Perhaps, that is Northwestern University's way of cooperating with police authorities.

However, it leaves a huge whole in the narrative concerning the crime that has managed to spark the interests of Chicago's media, unlike the stabbing of a man sitting on a bench at 6500 S. Racine. yesterday, or April's slashing of  50 year old man in Gresham at 8500 block of South Peoria Street - no arrests have been made.

We get the back-stories of victims and killers in Chicago, especially if the police were in anyway involved.  A professor made a statement in the Chicago Reader recently that speaks to the media priorities - "A felony murder charge for an arrestee where a police officer has killed somebody is an indicator that the police officer probably engaged in misconduct.”  Got that?  A legal scholar from University of Buffalo, no less, said that.

Every scintilla of information concerning the cops involved is splashed on the pages of the Chicago Tribune, Sun Times, Chicago Reader, Windy City Times, and DNAinfo Chicago for weeks on end, like the sanguine fluids of Trenton Cornell-Duranleau in the aprtment on north State Street.

However, we know little to nothing concerning Professor Wyndham Lathem - no Quis

  • WHO are his people, the Lathems ?
  • WHERE is Wyndham in the line of birth and did that birth take place?
  • WHAT else has Wyndham Lathem done in his past?

I can safely say that Professor Wyndham Lathem did not play some football at Mount Carmel High School back in the day. That is a deduction based upon his name, which seems more at home on the cross-country team.  Flawed deduction no doubt, but then, again, I am no professor.
I am a Cur, as my Aunt Margarite always called me - a yapping mongrel puppy who always asked why.
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He ain't from St. Tommy More Parish, even though both playgrounds spawned males prone to physical violence.
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He ain't a member of the Flags Club
He ain't a member of the Illinois Prince Hall Masonic Lodge at 43rd Street. 
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He ain't a member of the Polish Highlanders.

  • Why did Northwestern scrub the biography?

  • Why is there no background story on Wyndham Lathem?
This is a mystery in itself.

Were this man 'Officer Wyndham Lathem, CPD' we would know his last bikini wax job and how he did on the New York Times Cross-word Puzzle. 

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