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President Trump Screwed Up - Big Time. The Iconoclasts Own Oxygen, Now

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"the image acts or behaves as the subject itself is expected to act or behave. It makes known its wishes ... It enacts evangelical teachings, ... When attacked it bleeds, ... [and] In some cases it defends itself against infidels with physical force ..."  Byzantine art in the making: main lines of stylistic development in Mediterranean art, 3rd-7th century 1977. 

"To compare these propagandistic installations to the Washington Monument or the Jefferson Memorial is either profoundly ignorant or deviously brazen." Eric Zorn- pencil neck geek and Chicago Tribune Columnist

Why?  To compare Canfields lime sparkling water to beer might be profoundly ignorant or deviously brazen.  Might be.
Image result for oak woods cemetery confederate moundImage result for oak woods cemetery confederate mound
Eric Zorn likes to proclaim without substantial explanations - things just ARE with Eric Zorn; hence his title for the attack on the Rebs, Nazis, Bigots and profoundly ignorant or deviously brazen: No, in fact, removing the statue of Robert E. Lee doesn't put us on a slippery slope

Slippery Slopes are what people with common sense, schooling and good manners keep an eye out for to avoid future problems. Drinking alot of beer from dawn to dusk is a very slippery slope to chronic alcoholism.  It happens and will happen again to ladies and gents who attend services at Bob's Husky Barstool - open 7 AM.

I like Canfield's lime sparkling water.    It beats beer hollow.  I love beer for the "tingle on the T'roat" and unlike sparkling wines beer never caves in the noggin, unless one sips his Pilsner from a gallon punch bowl.

These days, I enjoy sparkling water much more than beer.  All the tingle and none of the post dissipation problems.  There are no Cook County Toni Taxes, or any Field Sobriety Test anxiety after taking the wheel with an ice-cold can in the cup-holder.

Life is good!  I can walk into the local tavern and order up a pint of the clear with a citrus wedge, beneath the iconic Guinness Toucan sign without pangs of anguish and pain for those yet enslaved by demon rum, Happy Cossack Vodka, Devil IPA, or wicked wine.

Some sober drunks get offended by billboards, bar signage and anything romanticizing strong drink.

Slipped down a nasty slope, when casino gaming opened in Indiana.  My wife died and I entertained myself with a few hands of poker.

I have a gambling problem. I don't gamble - buy lottery tickets, go to casinos, wager on the Bears, purchase raffle tickets, or play the stock market.  I follow the GA way, attend daily Mass and Holy Communion, face my problems of the day and try and let go of any and all resentments that turned me from a sweet-natured, thoughtful guy into a degenerate gambler with all the stupidity that brings.

My Dad told me that I was on a very slippery slope, but he had not gotten an advanced degree from Loyola University.  He only walked picket lines for a two cents an hour raise and had his head opened by scabs, fought Race Supremacists from Bougainville to Iwo Jima and helped create the post-war standard of living.

I read Conrad, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chaucer and Thackeray - I knew all about gambling degenerates.

Since I arrested my gaming development, Illinois has opened mini-casinos in Pizza joints, Laundromats,  Sub and coffee shops, Slot parlors and saloons.   Chicago and a few suburbs do not allow slots.  Outside of these local governments - Viva Las Vegas  in LaGrange!

Some recovering gamblers might want to go all Carrie Nation on these joints and tear down this celebration of human slavery.

A recent research reveals that in America, approximately 2.5 million adults suffer from compulsive gambling, about 3 million are considered problem gamblers, around 15 million adults are under the risk of becoming problem gamblers and 148 million fall under the low risk gambler category.

Slavery is evil.  We are all consumed with what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia last week.  A score of people were nearly killed and one young woman was murdered by a Klan/Nazi idiot.

Politicians jumped to side of the angels - anyone not carrying Tiki Torches, Swastikas, Stars and Bars Reb battle flags, or spouting Race Identity Politics rhetoric spiced with Jew-Hatred.  Folded into this hateful human goo were the 63 million people who voted for Donald Trump. The AntiFa of Altleft marshalled their junior justice leagues to confront the hate-filled White Nationalists and White Supremacists with Red Flags, mace, sticks and stones and anyone who voted for the President and thinks that erasing history is the slippery slope to genuine tyranny.

President Trump made this possible.

President Trump screwed up - Big Time, as likes to say.  The plain spoken slave to Twitter was silent.

I would have gone personally.  I would have gotten up into David Duke's  whited capped grill and run that voice of losers (Rebs & Brown Shirts) back to his flat in Moscow, where he belongs. Trump could had his secret service agents shield him among people who genuinely hate racism and wedged away the Potemkin Village commandos of the Revolutionary Communist Party, International Solidarity Movement and of course Communist Party USA. 

There is no moral equivalency - the Rebs and Nazis had the stage much longer and Reds had gone under-ground while schools dumbed down history.

Here in Chicago, where a public school teacher encouraged his students to tell the media that 'they' came up with the idea of changing the name Stephan Douglas Park to Frederick Douglas Park, because the Little Giant loved slavery more than preserving the Union, Jesse Owens who embarrassed Der Fuhrer at the 1936 Berlin Olympics is buried along with 6,000 dead Rebs at Oak Woods Cemetery on 63rd & Cottage Grove.  The 6,000 Rebs died of cholera, starvation and cold in Camp Stephan A. Douglas.

There are Confederate icons at this graveyard.  President Trump opened the door for the iconoclasts to begin tearing things up, down and out.

Trump screwed up.  He would have lost nothing if he had publicly chastised Duke and the other Aryan pipsqueaks and turned his caustic wit upon the clowns wearing storm trooper gear and vowing to save the statues of Marse Robert. Instead, Trump opened the door for more slings and arrows, leaving the people who voted for him to drain the swamp to wallow in the mud with the self-hugging later day Lloyd Garrisons - if you do not agree with me, you are worse than the white robed  bigots and should join a local Einsatzgruppen. 

Trump is as bad  at healing the nations wounds, as Obama.  Trump could have made this massacre a great moment - a defining moment.

He didn't. His wife and kid did, but the President did not.  Trump opened the door to simpering and cowardly Iconoclasts of elected office and the media to suck all of CO2 out of the atmosphere.   Governors Cuomo and McAullife,  two practiced grifters in government are leading the efforts of the morons to tear down the false idols of the Confederacy.

One of the most oleaginous ink-slingers for the Cook County Banana Republic, Eric Zorn offers his pencil neck to the vanguard of book burners, grave robbers and statue topplers.

Many readers responded to my Wednesday column calling for the removal of all public honors to the Confederacy with variations of this slippery-slope argument.
What else should be destroyed or banned in the name of moral failings, asked my correspondents triumphantly: The Roman Coliseum? Fulbright scholarships? The Declaration of Independence? The song “Dixie”? Wrigley Field? “Gone With The Wind"? . . . It’s not, however, a particularly interesting or difficult debate when it comes to those who took up arms against the United States for the purpose of preserving human slavery.
Where do we draw the line? Gee, I dunno, but somewhere well this side of the leaders of the Confederacy — the politicians and generals known almost exclusively for their prominent roles in a murderous, doomed act of mass treason.
It’s an easy distinction. Washington, Jefferson and other flawed founders built this country. Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and other rebels tried to tear it apart. Unlike Washington and Jefferson, they have no significant compensating virtues or accomplishments to counterbalance their treachery and justify the numerous honors and tributes bestowed on them as symbols of Southern “heritage.”
Southerners erected many statues and monuments to such men decades after the Civil War as de facto middle fingers to those who battled segregation and demanded equal rights and opportunities for blacks.   
To compare these propagandistic installations to the Washington Monument or the Jefferson Memorial is either profoundly ignorant or deviously brazen.
Eric draws pay from a paper that founded by the most hateful of the Nativists, Joseph Medill, who swore to hand Catholics from street lamps and later founded the American Protective Association that controlled American universities to keep out Catholics, Jews and Negroes.   This paper 'evolved' but still hates Catholics, Jews and keeps blacks snugly within the arms of cyclical poverty with policies meant to maintain the plantation.

Eric called people who objected to the legislation that ended marriage as a family consisting of a mother and father for the purpose of having children, profoundly ignorant and deviously brazen in 2012.

I will not debate the morality of various forms of private sexual conduct between consenting adults and neither should our lawmakers.
To me, immoral conduct is that which harms others, period. To you or your religious tradition, it may encompass much more, and that's fine. Advocates aren't asking you or your officiants to bless gay marriage, celebrate it or even, in your heart, to like it. They're asking you to recognize the line America tries to maintain between personal morality and the judgment of the law; between what's your business and what's none of your business.
Unless your business is making wedding cakes, and you are being sued out of business, Zorn.
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Erasing history is tool of tyranny.  Stalin mastered the art.  ISIS has destroyed every vestige of Iraqi and Syrian Christianity.  Byzantine iconoclasts not only destroyed statues and icons, but murdered thousands of people.Image result for oak woods cemetery confederate mound

Wrigley was a Klan supporter.  Medill was Nativist bigot.  Zorn works for the bigot's newspaper - that is some slippery slope?

Only if one happens to be profoundly ignorant or deviously brazen.

Iconoclasts Matter. I'll drink a Canfield's lime to that.

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