Sunday, August 20, 2017

Northwestern Prof and Test-Tube Baby Wyndham Lathem Returns to Chicago!

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Wyndham Lathem was born August 10, 1974. He completed his AB in biology at Vassar College (1992-96). He was a research technician at Rockefeller University from 1996 to 1998 in the laboratory of James E. Darnell, Jr., and earned his PhD from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in microbiology (2003) in the laboratory of Rod Welch. Wiki entry

Wyndham Willoughby Lathem is his name and he was born and the immediately graduated from . . . Vasser.  Vasser went co-ed in 1969 - five years before Wyndham was born . . somewhere.

The biggest mystery in this summer-break slaughter on North State is the Northwestern University and Chicago Media code of silence surrounding the place of birth and the wonder years of Wyndham Willoughby Lathem.

  • We know he didn't go to De La Salle, or he might have been groomed for Mayor
  • We know he is not a member of Polish Highlanders
  • We kno0w he never belonged to the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge
  • We know that Professor WWL didn't 'play some 'Ball' at Mount Carmel
  • We know that he is not from Amish Country near Arcola
  • Could he be a Yellahammer from Custer Park?
  • Had he a membership at Essex Rod and Gun Club?
  • Did Wyndham take the Mikva Challenge?
  • Was young Wyndham a 'test-tube' baby?
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We know that his boon chum from Old Blighty was on holiday and that all and sundry (back home) are shocked . . .shocked, I say.  to learn in the Guardian that Andrew Warren, an Oxford University, bean counter, might have possibly had a hand in this murder-most-foul of young hair-dresser Trenton Cornell-Duranleau.Image result for Northwestern Faculty Wyndham Lathem

Was Professor Purple Wildcat, unbeknownst to his Pukka Pomey Pal ( Capt. Andy -above),  a Deep State player as well as a Lake Geneva Library patron?

Well the boys are gonna be back in town!

Expect no news.

Jimmy Hoffa's gravesite is easier to find,  thanks to the Medill Omerta Code. 

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