Sunday, September 11, 2016

Musings Before Mass on 9/11 2016

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Fifteen years ago, Islamist Terrorists, mostly from Saudi Arabia, hijacked four jet airliners and crashed them of them into planned targets, one was plane was knocked out of action by heroics Americans who sacrificed their lives to save others.
Image result for 9/11 2001 in Chicago No contrails for months over Chicago

The skies over America were empty of air planes for months.  Safety measures were taken in all cities, towns and villages to meet a potential terror strike.

Americans waved flags, for a while.  They thanked firemen, firefighters, paramedics and priests, for while.

Now, such heroes are villains.

Americans got bored again and Noam Chomsky, Susan Sontag, Ward Churchill. Bill Ayers and Keith Oberman started have a real vibe.  Between 2001 and 2016, the number of public nitwits swelled like tick on a fat man's rump - Anthony Weiner, Michele Bachman, Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, Ward Churchill, Al Gore, Glenn Beck, Joe Scarborough, Toure, Man Buns . . .

Some Americans returned to self-loathing.  Some people seemed to lose common sense.  Scab yanking and self laceration became institutionalized - no wants to be a bully.  The heart wants what the heart wanted and that is all that matters.  The test of political correctness became the level and intensity in levels of offense given to the vast majority of people,

However, the vast majority of people continue to be good neighbors, to help sick kids, to teach good citizenship to young people in a society that valorizes empty gestures and materialism,  to care for the elderly, to help the needy, to protect the unborn and the living and manage to encourage the broken hearted.

I will stand at Gospel with people who do those very things.  After the Gospel we always pray the Memorare - that seems to us Catholics a prayer that never fails to lift one over fire, failure, frustrations and finance.  It don't cost nothing, either.  No one cares who you are voting for in the coming election - that is your problem.  We all have bigger things to think about than elected goofs and NFL showboats and celebrity converts to anything that will keep their name in People Magazine.

We have a job of work to do.

Remember 9/11  and behave accordingly. 

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