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Bullet Points With Alderman Emma Mitts( 37th): Intellectual Beef Jerky at All Race Pressers

beefbēf/Submitverb informal1.complain."he was beefing about how the recession was killing the business"synonyms: complain, grumble, whine, carp, bitch, gripe, bellyache"they're constantly beefing about the neighbor's dog"

To Beef:
(photo Galloway -Sun Times)

  • This is racism at its best,” Ald. Emma Mitts (37th) said at Thursday’s news conference. 
  • Why are our kids constantly shooting each other
  • You know why, because they’re angry
  • They’ve been locked up
  • They haven’t had any jobs and no resources and they want to make a dollar
  • They haven’t had parents who been able to teach them. 
  • The system failed from many, many years ago,” she said. Emma Mitts
Now that is a fistful of seven sticks of beef jerky that will keep your intellectual molars grinding the live long day.

The statement above comes from a Chicago Alderman during a news conference called by the usual voices of race-hustling, opportunism, snappy patter with mixed metaphors,  and political bull jive: Jesse Jackson, Commissioner Richard Boykin, Alderman Emma Mitts, Urban League President Sharon Runner and Congressman Danny Davis ( D. Rev. Moon).  These worthies are calling for . . .now here is something that might really bring thug violence to a screeching halt . . . a walk, a perambulation, a healthy constitutional through "endandered communities."  That is the answer from the people the media goes to for answers 24/7 in Chicago: Thug-Step One: Shoot someone!  Make good your escape! Lay Low It's All Good .  The Community-Step Two: Call the Media! Don't Identify the Shooter! Don't arrest the shooter. Offer a Reward!  Create an Activist Network  Have a March! Have March! Have a March! Call the Media.
In the wake of the deadliest month Chicago has seen in 20 years, the Rev. Jesse Jackson on Thursday said he would join other black leaders in an “Endangered Communities Tour” that will hold town hall meetings in nine of the city’s hardest-hit neighborhoods. . . .In a war zone, you don’t have to be guilty to be crucified,” Jackson said Thursday, emphasizing the innocents that get caught in the crossfire. (Mixed Metaphor)

Beef Jerky -  .In a war zone, you don’t have to be guilty to be crucified,” 

I asked a Vietnam veteran at Mass this morning about the number of crucifixions he witnessed during the Siege of Khe Sahn and he asked me, " You on the pipe?  Get some breakfast in you."

Jesse Jackson has been a continuous presence in the public imagination concerning all matters of race and picking up a buck.

Race relations are great, when black and white people meet  on street, at work, in neighborhood sports, charity work, at Mariano's, Aldi's and Fair Play foods, riding the Metra and serving their neighbors.  That is not news.  Race relations are not so hot on news at 5,6 and 10 PM, or all over the newspapers and on the radio, or every time someone gets tuned-up riding the Red Line.

The solemn-suffering faces of usual suspects at every Race Bait presser and their bullet points are dry, chewy and badly spiced slabs of empty intellectual calories making morbidly obese craniums every where nod in robotic solidarity.

Pastor Pfleger maintains his own Jerky operations on 79th Street and eschews the $10.00 National Barrel of Beefs required for Rainbow Coalition's gnashing of teeth.  When Pfleger goes national this is what happens

Lord Ha' Mercy!  And Hillary is back at the plate!
Image result for pastor pfleger with cupich

Therefore, grift locally and backtrack more easily - he is ecclesiastically bullet-proof with Francis Cardinal George home with Christ. Pfleger can "God Damn a Cop!" at his services brush it off* like link on a black Armani suit.  It's all good. Pastor Pfleger will be a bishop before long.

Beef jerky is for folks that have been over-served.  Back in the day, it was Slim Jims.  It has no nutritional value, but tastes good at the time.

Emma Mitts is a lucky woman.  She is a Chicago Alderman.  She is and her colleagues are mandarins of the oligarchy - they manage things by voting the way they are told to vote.

However, the Alderman's very words leap out of the narrative after the first bite!  Racism (Whitey) caused two angry, locked-up, no job/no resource, dollar-less lads with bad parents to continuously shoot Dwayne Wade's cousin on "O" Street**.

These tow unhappy gents sound like they have been brainwashed by Fox News and must have become Trump voters.  Did Pastor Pfeger endorse Mrs. Clinton yet?  Plenty to chew on.

Then,  the last pull of dried meat blames " the system"  - civil rights, affirmative action, race based set-asides, housing?

Tasted Ok for a while.

*Rebuttal :"This a "representative" of the "community." An un-elected representative by the way. And supposedly, a representative of an organization that is supposed to prevent people from straying from the path to eternal salvation.

What happened to "love the sinner, condemn the sin"? Or "Treat others as you would be treated"? Or does all of that take a back seat to the cult of personality running amok on the south side in the guise of Catholicism?"

** The real tragedy behind the constant grifting of hustlers:
". . . Among those killed was Nykea Aldridge, cousin of Bulls star and area native Dwyane Wade.

Nykea Aldridge | Facebook photo
Nykea Aldridge | Facebook photo
Aldridge was shot in the head as she pushed one of her four children in a stroller in the 6300 block of South Calumet in the Parkway Gardens neighborhood, a particularly violent area colloquially known as “O Block.” Two men were charged in her death."

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