Thursday, September 22, 2016

Charlotte's Web - Woven by America's Enemies and Wearing Man Buns in Solidarity

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Charlotte shooting protest

People are shot and injured, stores are looted and the guilty get grants.

That is how it goes.  The poor, the ignorant, the victimized, the angry and the frustrated will never see their lives improved, but that is just fine and dandy, because they must continue to live in the imaginary world of institutional racism. The people behind the rioting will head home to Grosse Point, Kenilworth, Ann Arbor, Chicago's Hyde and Wicker Parks, just they did after Ferguson, Baton Rouge and St. Paul.  It's all good.   Charlotte shooting protest

The American news media never connects the dots in matters of politics, social justice, race relations, or law enforcement.

Greek Comedian Aristophanes wrote three hundred years before Christ, "The ignorant serve cruel masters."  By this he meant those of us kept ignorant of things, like a huge cliff awaiting our midnight stroll on a perfectly moonless night were miss served by those who not only knew the route but encouraged us to stretch our legs.

In the same way, the news Media ( CNN, ABC, PBS, NBC, MSNBC, CBS and most newspapers) completely ignore the deft hands of America's homegrown terrorists- Howard Zinn-ophlie academics, CPUSA, ISO and the many social media affiliates funded by George Soros - in the roiling blood spilled and to come.

Riots and lynch mobs are not spontaneous.  They are orchestrated by creeps.   One of the great saints of my Faith was a creep.  Saul of Tarsus (aka- Paul) was a huge fan of mob violence and like most agitators was a son of privilege, highly educated and bullet-proof by the powers that was - until he fell off of his horse on the rad to Damascus.

Today, no responsible member of the media questions the black balakava'd or masked white middle class lads in man-buns goading the white-shirted lad with more than a few hits of 'Loud' to hurl bricks, bottle and bull jive at police officers.

When the tear gas settles only the residents of slums and the cops are there to put things back to normal.  The Man-Bun Bolsheviks are on to the next site, or home for brie and shellfish with Mater and Pater in Kennilworth, or Portland.
Charlotte shooting protest
The linguistically challenged rage-loaded street Brother of the Struggle interviewed by CNN is what America is offered as an explanation for the blood, arson and looting in Charlotte. Don Lemon never chats up the career -street guerrilla,who put away  Grand Theft Auto and other childish things, sort of, for the manly art of provoking violence in others without consequence.  God forbid young Seth is dragged into a Paddy wagon with Lamon and J'amal, but Peoples Law Office and ACLU are already in the cop house with fists full of writs and media camera's.

Why are the same pasty-faced and slack-jawed urban guerilla's always ignored by the media?

I believe we know why.  It keeps this stuff going. 

Until responsible reporters push back at editors and serve up the creeps behind the rioting - expect more.

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