Monday, January 05, 2015

NYPD Again 'Backs' Mayor Warren/DeBlasio/Bill DeBlasio/Billy Jack.

New York decided that Warren Wilhelm, Jr. ( AKA Warren DeBlasio-Wilhelm ( 1983) and finally in 2002 Bill De Blasio) would make a fine mayor of the Big Apple. Hell, Chicago voted in a nine-fingered  Highland Park  Danseur  Why?  Billy Jack

The Democrat Party warmed to the notion of a post-political, non Wall Street infected hipster with a compelling narrative makes a great elected official.  I believe that I can trace this notion back to that fine American film that dominated the American conscience during the Carter Administration - Billy Jack Goes to Washington - a re-make of Capra's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington by Capra's boy Frank Junior. Billy Jack is, in the Democrat tradition that made Roland "Tombstone Burris" a national laughing stock of a United States Senator, appointed to fill-out a term. Instead of Mr. Smith's planned Boy Ranger Park, Senator Billy Jack goes for a clean-energy " NO MORE NUKES" National Initiative!  Hey, it works for Billy Jack, imagine what it could do for National Health and Same Sex Marriage.

With tweaking in the last century and twerking in the current millennium the DNC has produced Senators, Congressmen, governors, mayors, Water Reclamation District trustees and a President with all of the abilities and heart of Billy Jack. We are living the Billy Jack dream!  Warren Wilhem-Warren DeBasio Willhelm-Bill DeBlasio is Mayor Billy Jack and he hates cops.

People who normally are known to their communities as goofs,odd-balls, anti-cross and creche litigants have been elected by voters more concerned with Fantasy Football rosters, Oprah Matters and political pantomime, than taking responsibility for their continued presence in the American middle class.

The national news media, no longer played by veteran character actor Thomas Mitchell, but by Chris Hayes, hates not only cops, but also, firemen, skilled tradesmen; Catholic schools; all living Jews inIsrael;Black Supreme Court Justices, neurosurgeons, Army colonels; all Navy Seals and taxpayers.   Some believe that the murder of the two NYPD officers made cops happy and that police officers should turn their backs on politicians who call them stupid, racist, brutal choke-hold and trigger happy thugs.

Call me silly. but I admire and respect police officers - committed public servants who deal with monsters frequently and creepy asses hourly.

In defiance of Commisioner Bill Brattan's suggestion that NYPD Blue-coats refrain from signally their contempt for a contemptuous ass occupying Gracie Manor, thousands of officers turned their backs on the Big Screen when Mayor Warren Wilhelm-DeBlasio, Bill photo bombed the services for Officer Liu and mouthed pious hypocrisies, like this idiocy worthy of Salon's Joan Walsh, “New York has been, from its earliest days, the most tolerant of cities, that harmony has been challenged.”

Really?  Ever since the Dutch took Manhattan with a handful of Mojos, New York has been intolerant of somebody - People who backed George Washington, potato gobbling, garlic scented, kielbasa wielding Catholics,  Slavic accented  shtetl- dwellers who believe in Justice universal, and Archie Bunker.

I have a blue ribbon on my tree.  In fact my neighborhood has blue ribbons tied to trees all over my Ward.  It is meant to show support for cops.  I never use the word solidarity, because my union card expired in 1977.   I respect cops.  They keep the kids who attend Leo High School safe.  Leo High School is 95% African American and not one has been shot, let alone killed by a Chicago Police Officer.  I have helped bury ten young black men who were Leo students and have watch one young man struggle to over come the five bullets to his abdomen sent their by the gang-banging monster who wanted to kill his cousin and decided he's do as well.

Mayor De Blasio is a media creature - Mayor Billy Jack.  Billions of barrels of ink and TV balloon juice will back and parse away every contemptuous word that comes from this Mayor's maw.

Who back the back-turning people in Blue?


I got a blue ribbon, put on my tree by one of my neighbors.   It  is not much but it speaks to my choices.

I know bullshit when I see it, but I refuse to dine upon it.

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