Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Old Coon Eyes is Back!

I have been a selfish man.

All of my thoughts, words and deeds for last several weeks have been about

  • Raising more money for the guys attending Leo
  • Getting the bus started
  • Dealing with the huge horn grwoing out of the left side of my schnoze
  • Praying for some really suffering people, kids with cancer and Chicago's Iron Man Great Shepherd -Francis Cardinal George
  • Salting the walkways
  • Finding a someone to cover my bus driving duties next week when I get my beak clipped
  • Worrying about my motives in all things
  • Worrying about my limitations
  • Worrying that if I do go to see American Sniper, which I probably will not, because the my lady frined cringes about the violence on Dora the Explorer and shuddered like my hard wood floors when the CXO passes my house, all through UnBroke, will I be required to attend Tea Party rallies
  • Worrying that, somehow, I have made Speaker John Boehner cry . . .
That is until, I unstuffed my mail box yesterday.

I had not gone to the mail box since last Thursday and Lowe and 35th St. there was a huge wad of Rahm Emanuel campaign flyers addressed to me, Patrick F..Hickey.
 Emanuel campaign mailing

In all of my desultory worry and desperate acts of do-good rooted in my south side Catholic guilt-trippy being, I had totally forgotten our Random Mayor - Mayor Coon Eyes.

His adds reminded me of just what a warm, caring, 9.5 fingered neighborhood guy Rahm Emanuel happens to be. - I had forgotten all of that after I read my current bi-annual Water Bill that reads like a 2015 Lexus payment.  That made me forget that Rahn made bike lanes where people never cycle, gave Forrest Claypool another public teat - CTA,  voided more parking space, gelded the City Council like an Iowa hog farmer, made pot-holes last longer than an Alaska night and silenced more critics than Barbra Streisand during change of life.

The Campaign Flyers snapped out of it -my self-serving care for family, friends and freedom.

I'll remember, now. 

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