Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gov. Bruce Rauner - Lay Off the Skilled Trades

"There's a saying that you can't manage what you don't measure,"   "I want to measure the results. … Then we'll decide from there, when we know the facts and we see the trends, what appropriate action we can take further." Bruce Rauner

Measure twice; cut once.  Governor Carhartt knows as much about the skilled trade ( the ones that pay well, because the tradesman actually sacrifices his own time, talents and treasure to be a skilled tradesman) as he does about Pat Quinn's deepest aspirations.  Well, maybe not that shallow a guess.

Bruce Rauner is a money guy businessman - not a player with railroads, or stacker of wheat.  He shitches zeroes and commas after arabic numerals, preceeding the requiste period.

Bruce Rauner hitches zeroes and commas with best of them. I voted for Rauner, because he is not Pat Quinn.  I will vote for Dr. Willie Wilson, or Jimmy the Two Headed Boy, because they are not Rahm Emanuel.  Chuy and Alderman Goldenrod weave are Rahm without the game.

The skilled trades are going for Rahm, like was Barack Obama with street cash. Labor has made foolish pacts with politicians in last twenty years that have diminished labor.

My entire family, save one hand of cousins and myself - and my family is huge, BTW - are skilled tradesmen - carptenters, machinists, plumbers, electricians and travail acharnĂ© , certains actes de violence secondaires de protection et la grĂ¢ce de Dieu, members of IUOE local 399.  I listened to their concerns that Bruce Rauner was out to kill labor, because he was just like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Rauner is no Walker.  Walker stands for small government and the middle class Rauner sprints to money and power and like his soul-mate Rahm Emanuel could care Effing less about you, your neighbor, your dog, Selma, or the middle class.

The skilled trades of Wisconsin learned that Walker was a genuine friend of real labor -public unions , like SEIU and the teachers, not so much

Skilled work pays well and skilled tradesmen work.

Bruce Rauner wants the skilled trades to open up their books to him. Governor Carhartt wants to see how many minorities and veterans are in skilled trades apprenticeship programs.

The Skilled Trades should tell Bruce Rauner to go pound sand.  Governor Rauner wants to measure data, in order to control. Each skilled trade got to where it is today on its own.  Yes, they did build their own success.

Pandering to veterans along with minorities is slick.  Pat Quinn must be kicking himself.

Instead blaming public education for its crime against minorities, Governor Rahm Rauner decides to kick the skilled trades with implied racism, bad breath and poor polo skills. Right out of the Rahm Emanuel playbook.

Bruce Rauner knows that government adds zeroes and commas to his arabic numerals and if he can wrest control of the apprecipship standands and training from the Pipefitters, Engineers and all the other skilled trades the media will love him as much as Rahm Emanuel.

Government wants controll of all training programs.  No dice. The skilled trades are the redoubt of the American middle class. An early warning sign of the government take over of skilled trades unions comes fro the biggest government warehouse of ineptitude and smarmy hypocrisy - the National Education Association:

The skilled trades should take Rauner's measure twice and thrice times twenty, before cutting their own throats. 

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