Thursday, November 06, 2014

Ristéard Cul Renifleur - Analysis of Tuesday's National Progressive Democrat Victory

"Worst Election Map since Ike and the best year ever for Progressives since 1929"

Ristéard Cul Renifleur is a very frequent voice in all media  that really count - Salon, New Republic, Hollywood Update, Frock Magazine, Mother Jones, MSNBC, CNN and . . .well, it is endless. Few could forget his barbs and banter and back and forth with Mother Theresa and Lech Walensa.on PBS when the twin saints of NeoCons argued that Planned Parenthood is Eichman in Pearl Izumi smartwear. " Get over yourselves, my dears, I know that I have,"  wagged the Prog watchdog.

Cul Renifleur predicted the rise of Ronan Farrow, Jan Schakowsky and the  Guardians, . . . who ever.  Cul Renifleur is cutting edge - he hourly tweets Cul-ing the Herd

I managed to take down a few bonmots from  Ristéard Cul Renifleur, or a composite of him,  and his reaction to the signal disasters that fell upon the Republicans, the Tea Party and Old Timey Democrats like me. We lost HUGE, says, Cul Renfleur.
Some foolish Fannies have bleated that the Romneybots swept a wave over Dear Barack, and L'il Debbie's DNC - Pooh.  Pooh, I say and again. This was a priceless victory of heart over head and spike through the black pumping heart of Wall Street.  Remember, Edward Snowden is slurping borsht because Bush wanted to avenge his Papa's name. No disaster befalls a people that had not been formed in the serpent's egg of American exceptionalsim. The only exceptional American is Katrina vanden Hueval - that bitch makes leather jackets works.
So, the American people went to the polls punched the pad on the nuclear launch codes that will spring Hillary into the White House, grant millions of darling undocumenteds amnesty and finally bring some wholesome threesomes to prime time television. Here's my $250,000 worth -
                             Tuesday's Five Biggest Losers?
  • Number One!!!!!!!! Sarah Palin . . .because she's Sarah Palin
  • Number Two - Scott Walker of Wisconsin . . .love the tom-toms.
  • Number Three - That Texan in the Wheelchair 
  • Number Four - Custer Park, Illinois My God!  Have you ever been there?
  •  Number Five - Red China and Putin's New USSR President Obama stared them down
                                            My Five Winners!
  • Number One - Illinois Governor Pat Quinn
  • Number Two - President Barack 'Redline' Obama - watch his poll numbers sky rocket! 
  • Number Three -Selena Gomez and Hillary Clinton - Say Amnesty and Keys to the White House
  • Number Four - Netflix and Planned Parenthood the momentum is palpable
  • Number Five - Ronan Farrow, Chris Hayes and that South African who runs on steel bands. Watch for him to host Dancing With the Stars.
 Ristéard Cul Renifleur, Ladies and Gents!  From the same Zipcode as Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow.

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