Tuesday, November 25, 2014

End White Privilege - Immediately. I mean it. Right now. With All Due Haste

Chicago protesters
In the wake of the expected tantrums, hissy-fights, looting, burning, Twittering and cable anchor vamping over the non-indictment of our Dreyfus du jour, ( That Ferguson cop Wilson) Chicago's own utility out-in-Left-fielders cadre of White Privileged Honkies hit the streets in full solidarity with the Black men and women ( except the Ferguson witness pool, black intellectuals, Supreme Court jurist and working folks) of Plantation Pander America. 

I wish White Privilege would just go away, like Leonard Bernstein did in the Summer of 1971, when Art Frye of Local 25 ( the Orchestra Hall superintendent) told him to go have carnal relations with himself, for snapping his fingers in full fury at me and two Polish janitors,  because we did not immediately snap to attention, during our lunch break and  immediately recognize the wants and desires of  the sexual identity challenged Maestro.  Yep, white privilege vamoosed up command in them halcyon days of yore.

Not now.

Privileged Whites armed with faux concern and Guy Fawkes masks went to war with cops last night and were marshaling tens of warriors this morning, as I picked up the Leo Dozen from Englewood, Grand Crossing ( O Street) ,Bronzeville and points west of the Dan Ryan.

I was my privilege to drive these energetic, engaged and fiery African American teenagers.  They are none too worried about their condition and position in society, or history.  They are ass-kickers and heart-breakers.

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