Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Former Governor Pat Quinn: Total War on Class

Little man, you've had a busy . . .time's up;  say good-bye; exit stage Left; take it on the heel and toe; Vamoose . . . Blow! . . . 

.“This is a historic time in Illinois,” Rauner told cheering supporters. “The voters have spoken. The voters have asked for divided government for the first time in many years.”
But a defiant Quinn declared, “I don’t believe in throwing in the towel” with votes uncounted.
“We will never, ever yield to a result until all the votes are in,” Quinn said, suggesting a complete count could take days

Ladies an gentlemen, the former Governor of Illinois Pat Quinn . . .there's the exit, Pat . . .take some of the left-overs . . .now, how about some of that lawn work? . . .  this your top coat? . . .  we'll cklean up.. . . . . .

Pat!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Time to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Car's out in front!  Let them clean up.  Call security!  

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