Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mayor Coon-eyes Now Old King Coal

                                 Old King Cole was Merry Old Soul;
                                 He had Buckskin Belly/
                                 And a Rubber @##hole - Popular Children's Nursery Rhyme

"The Emanuel campaign will begin airing a new television ad featuring a Pilsen community activist who was among the leaders of a longtime fight to close two coal plants believed to cause asthma," said Emanuel campaign spokesman Steve Mayberry. "This is one of a series of ads where Chicagoans will share their stories on a range of important city issues." Sun Times

Rahm is a Chicago guy.  He's done more for the little guy and the middle guy than any human being this side of San Pedro Street, what's in Los Angeles. Rahm is all about hard choices. Coal or Bike Lane?  Bike Lanes.  Coal don't vote.

Coal is a petro chemical and it is used cause asthma in little Mexican kids and cook Hipster pizza on west Grand, like Lombardo's does in NYC.  Is that a problem for you?

Not for Rahm.  Pizza can be gas cooked, even though it too is a petrochemical, but it is not coal.  You want lights with your pizza?  Ride a bike.

If Com Ed burns coal to light up Daley Plaza. Rahm will have something to say about and Com Ed will not like the words coming out of his mouth.

Coal is bad and cheaper than bike lanes.

Rahm Emanuel is all about the little guy and middle guy. He's a Chicago guy - born bred in Highland Park of Lake County.  His brother Zeke is doctor and will drop dead the minute he turns 75.  He's for bike lanes choking traffic to death like a city-wide Hillside Strangler and he's the cure for Mexican Asthma.

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