Wednesday, October 31, 2012

White Rage & Segway Segue - Why I Disapprove of Whiney White Boys With Lawyers

I can't stand me some snotty white boys!

I have worked at Leo High School on the south side of Chicago since 1995  - not the south side where I live, mind you.  I am an old white boy and live in the 19th Ward ( Morgan Park) which is mostly peopled by old white boys, their wives and their kids.

The young men who attend and graduate from Leo High School are mostly black, non-Catholic young gents.  We have some white boys, but they are not of the garden variety upper middle class privileged background that spawns the white boy who gets on You Tube, arrested at G-8/NATO/GAY RIGHTS/St. Paddy's Day events and then has Pater's lawyers sue the bejazus out of everyone but the towel boy and Fore Caddy at Briarwood, Biltmore or Evanston Country Clubs.

The black,white and Mexican kids at Leo are working men's sons.  Like my kids and the kids of cops, firemen, teachers, tradesmen and nurses, they respect the aging, the elderly, the Veterans, mothers,  working men and themselves. Respect is learned.   Disrespect is intolerable. Entitlement?  As if.

Leo is a safe place in a very unsafe part of the city.  I  am here six days a week minimum.   I have always been treated with dignity and respect here in one of Chicago's most homicidal neighborhoods by the students and the neighbors.  Go figure. They hold it not against me that I am an old white boy!

It must be that our black kids from Englewood, Auburn Gresham, Grand Crossing and Brainard know that life is fraught with consequences - often fatal.  White, privileged males who fought on Nintendo, lettered in Madden Football, liberally ignore gas, beer, rent prices and other such bothersome consequences have caused me some small discomfort.

I met one such young scapegrace very recently in Chicago's Loop.  I was delivering materials downtown, when a lithe, rakishly disheveled, and tattooed son of Lake County when he rushed into me while talking, and or texting and vigorously  thumbing into some high-end black palm buddy apparatus recently purchased at a Steve Jobs venue.  Our contact upset his gait, his foaming latte and temper; this grey-beard was treated with a broken record of imprecation ( salty and salaciously hostile) and was greeted as the lad's "Bitch," once warned to watch it. So warned, Bub. This Bitch abides.

Now, I am as yellow as a duck's foot and have had my posterior lobes and other corporeal appendages kicked by the best of men and weakest of girl on any playground. Nevertheless, such bluster and bravado must not go unanswered.  God gifted me, if not with the lusty and husky accoutrements of an Ajax, with a very crazy set of eyes covered in the bushiest of eye-brows and a Silly Putty Mug that morphs my moods. I stepped into the Jerque Du Jour  with a verbal counterpoint similar to my age, culture and general bearing and the  white boy's bowels turned to water. Beeeeee Otch, Sonny?  Play that Funky Music, White, Boy!

The hectoring scamp exited the field with nothing more than his foamy brew and his pathetically fading impotent imperative sentences. I never had the chance to unsheathe my dolon.

A tear formed but refused to fall from my tired eyes as I considered how it must really suck to be that boy.  America's youth.  Sic Transit White Boy

Here is a fine example of exactly the species encountered

Segway Cop vs Skateboarder: The Reckoning - Watch More Funny Videos

A disquieting disquisition - It sucks to be you, Son. Now, here is a proper role model for you , young Feller!

Officer Ward - NATO & OWS Veteran -

First Amendment Rights Can Be Terminated - Watch More Funny Videos

Had the lad been formed in a family and neighbor centered embrace like here in Working Man Chicago, such life lessons would only be of consequence to career criminals, lawsuit lotto lawyers, mental defectives and members of Progressive Marching Societies


Dennis Byrne... said...

Bring back the draft!

Dennis Byrne... said...

Bring back the draft!