Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Senator Barack "Quiet Riots" Obama is President Obama


I reported on then Senator Barack Obama's Hampton Univeristy speech of June 2007, when he had entered the race for President. Thus 'quiet riot'
The transcript of Senator Obama's remarks were redacted, rather laundered, by the media at that time. I linked that in a March 2008 post yet again when Senator Obama lectured America on Race in his Teaching Moment that tossed United Church of Christ Black Liberation scholar/preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright in the path of the bus that would soon bump over the man and his works.  Here is what ABC news provided from the Hampton University Speech which I labeled as the 'Quiet Riot' speech:

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said Tuesday that the Bush administration has done nothing to defuse a "quiet riot" among blacks that threatens to erupt just as riots in Los Angeles did 15 years ago. 

The first-term Illinois senator said that with black people from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast still displaced 20 months after Hurricane Katrina, frustration and resentments are building explosively as they did before the 1992 riots.
"This administration was colorblind in its incompetence," Obama said at a conference of black clergy, "but the poverty and the hopelessness was there long before the hurricane.
"All the hurricane did was to pull the curtain back for all the world to see," he said.
Obama's criticism of Bush prompted ovation after ovation from the nearly 8,000 people gathered in Hampton University's Convocation Center, particularly when he denounced the Iraq war and noted that he had opposed it from the outset.
Repeatedly, he referred to the riots that erupted in Los Angeles after a jury acquitted four police officers of assault charges in the 1991 beating of Rodney King, a black motorist, after a high speed chase. Fifty-five people died and 2,000 were injured in several days of riots in the city's black neighborhoods.
"Those 'quiet riots' that take place every day are born from the same place as the fires and the destruction and the police decked out in riot gear and the deaths," Obama said. "They happen when a sense of disconnect settles in and hope dissipates. Despair takes hold and young people all across this country look at the way the world is and believe that things are never going to get any better."
He argued that once a hurricane hits or a jury renders a not guilty verdict, "the frustration is there for all to see."
Yesterday, a video of Candidate Obama's complete and unexpurgated teaching moment became public through Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller:

This is Barack Obama - community activist, autobiographer and President of the United States.  He is the same man today, as he was in 2007, 2004 and 1995.  His world-view fully formed by Planned Parenthood, Frank Marshall Davis , Andy Stern, Derrick Bell , James Cone, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and prepared for public consumption by Marilyn Katz. Nothing Shocking, here, as the White House explained to the release of the newly discovered video..

Our media, so wanted an icon of diverse blood and skin tone, who could race bait with the same silky ease as Henry Louis Gates and demand a beer summit teaching moment whenever things went south.

America made Barack Obama President of the United States. He has not changed a bit, nor will he.  His cover is blown a bit, but certainly no where near enough.  The media that did not create Brand Obama certainly buys it and sells it.

This video will not matter much, as the Hampton University speech in 2007 had no effect at all in the 2008 election.  If it racist to present the speech in full, that is what Barack Obama, community activist, lawyer, Illinois back-bencher, US Senator, candidate for and President of the United States has demanded that it always be so.  Barack Obama has gotten everything he has demanded up to this election. It will be interesting to see if things continue for him no matter how it affects America.

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