Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Toni " The Crypt Keeper" Preckwinkles Midnight Madness Morgue Miscreants

Investigators caught overnight workers at the Cook County morgue sleeping and watching a martial arts movie before determining that those were not isolated incidents, according to a report released Tuesday by county Inspector General Patrick Blanchard.
"Certain intake attendants working the overnight shift routinely watched movies on county computers and certain intake attendants slept or 'nodded off' while on duty," the report concluded.
Everybody was Kung Fu Fightin', except for one little sleepy head at Toni " The Crypt Keeeper" Preckwinkle's Stiff Stackin' Warehouse ( AKA Cook County Morgue).  Todd Stroger, like President GW Bush, is not, nor has he been in office for quite some time.  Progressives, e.g. Crypt Keeper Toni, President Obama and Mayor Coon Eyes, spend their terms of office blaming their predecessors, which takes up much ink and space in Chicago's compliant news dailies face and air time on WBEZ and of course WTTW in support of the much put upon Progressive Protective Species in office. Here is pure Crypt Keeper Toni and Progressive palaver solid gold -
"You know, I wanted this job despite the bad publicity that went on prior to my tenure. So I think there are probably other people out there who would want to take on the challenge," Preckwinkle said.

Chicagoans were treated to many months of hand-wringing and sob soaked investigative reports and columns about the cord-wood staked corpses in Cook County Morgue. The medical examiner was given the same treatment as John the Baptist when Toni Preckwinkle tap-danced for the political wizards* and media apparatchiks who helped ooze Todd Stroger* into his Dad's big chair in the first place. The wife of Zeus gamboled gamely until Dr. Nancy Jones, MD had her noggin served up on a platter.
Toni Preckwinkle might very well become the governor of Illinois . . .no, really.
As Cook County Board President she has accomplished exactly . . .give me a month of Sundays . . .nope, I got nothing.  Oh, dope!  That's right!  The Crypt Keeper is cool with reefer, she hates Romald Reagan and wants to tax bullets. "Ain't she great???!!!!!!!!"
She sure is Progressive.  She has alot of time to yet to tune up Todd Stroger, pee in Governor Quinn's Wheaties and get some more boffo endorsements from the likes of Carol Marin, Bruce Dumont, Eric Zorn and Billy Dec.
The morgue seems to improved since Toni took charge, don't it?  On the up side the County Morgue workers were watching vintage Bruce Lee, thanks be to God, and not that Tea PartyRacist Chuck Norris movies. Something to think about.  Here's another . . .Governor Crypt Keeper - Somebody Else's Troubles Go Statewide!

* Lest we forgets
Stroger's plight and the race for governor are impacting this race directly. Stroger is the son for former Cook County Board President John H. Stroger, who often received huge campaign donations from the nation's top bond counsel, Chapman & Cutler. It so happens that Tom Hynes, the patriarch of 19th Ward politics, is of counsel to the firm, one strong link between the 19th Ward and Stroger, and a reason for the Hynes' family to dislike Gorman, who also has some strong ties to the 19th Ward.

Tom Hynes is a close relative of Patrick Maher through his father, Dave. And, of course, Tom Hynes is the father of  Dan Hynes, the Illinois Comptroller who threw his hat in fast to challenge beleaguered Gov. Pat Quinn.

It's the 19th Ward Hynes honchos who have been working hard over the past several years to install Pat Maher at the OFPD and to take control of Orland Park, which is distinguishing itself as one of the southwest suburbs more monied and affluent communities. They back another Democrat, Paul O'Grady, who took over as Orland Township Supervisor. O'Grady relied heavily on his 19th Ward ties and had 19th ward precinct captains working the election polls this past Spring.

Quinn, Quigley and Suffredin will make their endorsement of Forys at a Forys fundraiser Sept. 29 at White Eagles in Chicago, 6839 N. Milwaukee Ave. Maher just had his own fundraiser at O'Callaghan's, at 29 West Hubbard Street in downtown Chicago, too. The keynote celebrity there was, of course, Tom Hynes. 

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