Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tio Hardiman for Governor in Democratic Primary

“Faced with the prospect of five or nine years to try to dig the state out of the mess that it’s in, Bill decided that’s not what he’s wanting to do at age 65,” campaign spokesman Pete Giangreco said.

Bill Daley bowed out of the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Race, yesterday. Today, Tio Hardiman remains the only Democrat in the race to unseat Gov. Pat Quinn of Planned Parenthood Illinois.Tio Hardiman is the wife beating family man and former chief of the Illinois Gang-banger Pensioners - Ceasefire.

If Thundering Dick Simpson of Mikva Industries says he has NO chance . . ."Hardiman’s efforts at the grassroots level are undeniable, but with no legislative or policy experience, and a domestic violence controversy looming over his head, Washington and Dick Simpson, Political Science chair at the University of Illinois—Chicago say he has no chance of repeating the same statewide success that other black officials like now-President and former Illinois Senator Barack Obama or former Senator turned Mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun have.. . . And Laura Washington says that Tio Hardiman is "a true community advocate. He is a true grassroots man,”  I just might be on the side of the angels, for once.

No Policy experience, says Thundering Dick - that's a plus. Policy is what killed government and government works best when politics is based upon loyalty. 
What could go wrong?  Illinois.

Gov. Pat Quinn has all of the loyalty and commitment of an English Springer Spaniel; if you want to know where you stand with Pat Quinn, wait until Personal PAC Boss Terry Cosgrove lets him know. That said, I believe that recent revelations printed in the Chicago Sun Times concerning CTA and RTA transportation moguls with a little Breakfast Burge Mythology on the side for post-prandial snacking.were spoon fed to the always hapless BGA by the Quinn-ippiac Clown Posse,    You can call Bill Daley "Banker" six-ways to Sunday, but this other stuff?  Hold the phone.

Given these exciting trends in the race for our Palace of Versailles in Springfield, Tio Hardiman has my vote for the Democratic Primary for Governor.

I do not believe that Emily's List, Planned Parenthood or Terry Cosgrove's Personal PAC will endorse Tio Hardiman.  I know how Tio will spend Illinois dollars and so do the Feds.

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