Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Cannabis Career Institute - Proves that I am not fully evolved

Push carts slinging dope?  Medical Marijuana Roach Coaches? Sweet.

CCI was created with you in mind. The eager, cannabis entrepreneur trying to find out the best and easiest way to get into this exciting industry. Luckily, our staff here is ready, willing and able to provide YOU with a personalized ACTION PLAN (tm) and ACTION TEAM (tm). That way you leave our seminars knowing EXACTLY what to do, who to call and who to trust. Not only that, you will have assembled a support network that you can come back to again and again as your project progresses to assure your continued success. We have been helping marijuana businesses to become legal and compliant from the start for over three years now. Our faculty consists of industry veterans with not only a lifetime of achievements, but the seal of approval from their peers. We want to be involved in your business. We will be there for you. There is no other Cannabis University that can say this. Ask us about our successful clients and schedule a one on one consulting or attend a seminar today! CCI
Hey, what I gotta do to get you into a pipeful of medicinal goodness?  Me?  Nah.  I was never much for the jigweed.  I smoked some dope.Vintage Raleigh King Size Cigarette Package ca. 1955  Mostly, it was harsher than  month old opened packs of Raleigh's  and fogged over my manly classic Clubman* aftershave scent and aura. I did smoke a a joint of Jamaican an was rendered positively legless from its toxins.  I think that the last time I smoked dope was in  the spring 1974.   I made enough of goof out myself with beer.

I counselled my kids with these commandments.
  • You can NOT drink a beer and then start a car engine, let alone drive
  • You can not smoke dope - marijuana, weed, or whatever
  • You can not take any drugs that do not come from Doctors. Vargas and McEntee.
Everything else is pretty much subject to negotiation.  Marijuana consumption is a spectator sport, because it is an illegal drug.  If you want to be employed, you may not piss hot - fail a drug test.

Medical marijuana is a new loop-hole industry destined to make ambulance chasers a tad richer.  The Hemp lobby is all about effecting historical change under the guise of helping to ease the sufferings of the afflicted and ensure that hipsters get to smoke weed.

Here is opening of the Medical Marijuana circus.

Personally, why not make any and all opiates legal and subject to tax via licensing?  Sick people should have anything that actually eases their sufferings - let's just cut out the dried, cured, most smoke-able and baked bullshit.

* I use only Pinaud-Clubman products.

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Unknown said...

I agree 100% with you Pat. I suffer from Chronic Pain 24/7. If eating Elephant's Doo Doo would give me some relief. I would eat it ,whether it was legal or not