Wednesday, September 04, 2013

This From Post Feminist Progressive Ireland - Gender Specific ATM Card Abuse

 And she means it!

Get this opener -

"MEN whose abusive partners or wives are not allowing them an ATM card and access to their weekly wages are among the desperate callers to a domestic violence support service."

Men whose abusive partners . . .OR wives ???  Ireland a bog of PC crazy.

Partners First?  Wives? Afterthought.

Anyway.  Guys are limited in their access to ATM free money cards.  And that is spousal abuse. Really?

The men may only be allowed €20 to €30 a week as an “allowance” and must survive on the money, leaving them demoralised and unable to put petrol in their car.
Their hidden plight ( Oh NOW it can told, Dear Reader!) is revealed in the annual report of the support group Amen which is seeing a rise in demand for its services.
One in four men who is contacting  the service say they are being physically abused by their partner or wife.
No kidding.  Men, of whom I number myself, should only in the last circumstances of necessity be allowed a free hand on the wallet, credit card, ready cash, candy dish change, or negotiable bonds, mortgages, agreements and codicils.  Good God, were it not for the superior gender the unevolved heterosexual male would have reduced the economy of every civilization to that of the Arab League, or the more remote quarters of New Guinea with cash spent on lap-dances, the great smell of Brute, Marlboro lite 100s, Chivas, Hennesy, crafty beers, bling as well as property damage and all levels of lien and liability.

Have you ever watched one of us unevolved males pay a visit to the grocery store untethered to wife, daughter, or girlfriend?The cart is stuffed with
  • Salt & Pepper Cashews at $ 7.98 per six oz. plastic re-close able can,  
  • three loaves of beef steak rye bread, 
  • two lbs of corned beef, one pound of Nellies Roast turkey, 
  • Slim Jim Teryaki Beef Flavored Breakfast Oats, 
  • Lobster Salad from the high-end deli,  
  • twenty-five porterhouses, 
  • Brillo Pads, 
  • paper plates, 
  • eight 24 oz. cans of Dinty Moore, 
  • Dr. Pepper (12)/Green River eight litres
  • Hershey's syrup/Log Cabin syrup, syrup of ipecac, 
  • three pounds of Jimmy Deans Spicy sausage, 
  • 12 frozen Doreen's Jalapeno & sausage pizza, 
  • 15 boxes of Jiffy Cornbread mix, 
  • three bottles of Argia B's Mumbo Sauce, 
  • one head of ice berg lettuce
  •  three pound bag of onions, 
  • ten pound bag of Idaho gold spuds, 
  • three trays of sauerkraut pirogi, 
  • one bottle each: Louisiana hot sauce, Tabasco sauce & Buffalo wing sauce,  
  • three pounds of chicken wings.
  • Paper towels - in lieu of napkins
An ATM card is a mere implement to made available to unevolved males by bankers to lay waste to savings accounts.

Women have longs taken the sterner measures in household economies universal. Ireland had at one time exhibited a wholesome honesty and unself-conscious regard for the superior gender, but that was before feminism, rampant Euro-friendly fealty in all matters formerly governed by common sense and abortion on demand.

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