Friday, July 03, 2009

Who Should Challenge Dan Lipinski in the 3rd District?

Illinois - Third Congressional District

Area 124.5 mi² (322.45 km²)
Distribution 100% urban, 0% rural
Population (2000) 653,647
Median income $48,048
Ethnicity 77.9% White, 5.9% Black, 2.9% Asian, 21.3% Hispanic, 0.3% Native American, 2.7% other
Occupation 27.6% blue collar, 58.1% white collar, 14.3% gray collar
Cook PVI D + 11

Dan Lipinski -Congressman 3rd District:

Since taking office, Dan Lipinski has continued his father's pro-life stance, voting with Republicans to give federal courts jurisdiction in the Terri Schiavo case, and to maintain restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.[25] Among the legislation he has sponsored is the Family and Consumer Choice Act (HR 2738 IH), which would require cable television companies to either provide subscribers with increased options of channel selection or comply with the same FCC decency standards that apply to broadcasters.[26] He has voted to strengthen border security, with no provisions for citizenship for illegal immigrants, and to build a 700-mile fence along the Mexican border. In December 2005 he voted to make the Patriot Act permanent. In June 2006 he joined Republicans in opposing a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq and declaring the Iraq War to be a part of the War on Terrorism. Although in March 2007 he voted with Democrats in supporting a war spending bill which would establish a timetable, in May he voted for a spending bill which favored benchmarks rather than a timetable.[25][27]'s_3rd_congressional_district
Although marks a change in direction by Rep. Dan Lipinski that has shouted out with his vote for the Cap and Trade Bill ( in my opinion, the single most thoughtless and dangerous Bill since Prohibition) and now his support for a government controlled Health Care Reform measure that will add a trillion dollars to our tax-burdens and only cover one-third of the forty-five million Americans it trumpets to cover. Click my post title for that vote (219 for Cap & Trade-212 Against the worst Bill since Prohibition)
The squeaks in this set of brogans will be heard around the world.

The 3rd Congressional District is fiscally and socially Conservative and comprised of the very people who bear America's tax burdens - blue collar and white collar workers. The 3rd Congressional District is largely Catholic and anti-Abortion.

It seems to me that Dan Lipinski wanted to stay in his Congressional seat more than he cared to represent the people of this District. Progress Illinois the propaganda arm of the Leftist SEIU Illinois which represents unskilled and no skill workers who are tax-salaried as janitors, security guard and State funded nursing home workers, has embraced Dan Lipinski. SEIU targeted Real Democrats in the Illinois House Kevin McCarthy, Jim Brosnahan, and especially Kevin Joyce who fought run-away waste in revenue for SEIU pet programs. Congressman Dan Lipinski is snuggling up to SEIU - whose Andy Stern remains determined to kill Trades Union Apprenticeship Programs in every State and gain control of Trades requirements, examinations and ability to license. Nice friends, Dan.

Dan Lipinski played ball on Cap and Trade and will vote for government Health Care.

Dan Lipinski gave the vote needed to bring the number necessary for passage to 218 votes in House of Representatives and Illinois Republican Mark Kirk tossed the leg over that fence for 219 for Cap and Trade.

Cap and Trade was rushed. It was not studied, nor was it debated. Cap and Trade will kill the Illinois Coal Industry. Cap and Trade will make 3rd District residents - most making enough in salary to meet their mortgage obligations and run-away Cook County and Illinois Taxes - confined to the home that they own.

Cap and Trade will make it nearly impossible for Middle Class home owners to sell their homes, without going into greater debt by meeting the new Federally mandated Green Energy Standards for heating, insulation, lighting and windows.

Dan Lipinski sold out the 3rd District in order to find cover with the Progressives.

SEIU will stay off Dan's back. Democratic Legislative Strategist Chuck Schumer reached out to Dan Lipinski. Schumer needs his ducks in a row and Dan Lipinski already quacked on Cap and Trade.

A Democrat is needed to challenege Dan Lipinski

Democrat who will stand up to Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Industry; a Democrat who wants to secure America's borders, but, unlike Dan Lipinksi, respects the Mexican Americans and their relatives who want to find a path to citizenship; a Democrat who recognizes Real Labor ( American Trades Unions) and not the bullying Stalinists who frighten gutless politicians and dandified editorial boards and arm-chair Menckens who write columns for Chicago's media; a Democrat who wants America's military supported and our foreign policy proud; A Democrat who is a fiscal Conservative, unwilling to cave-in to political expediency; a Democrat who will not be a Progressive stooge, but represent this District with Faith, Family and Freedom in mind at all times.

This is America's Independence Day Celebration weekend.

What better way to celebrate than have a Real Democrat challenge Dan Lipinski.


Anonymous said...

How about a Republican? I can't think of any elected Democratic official in the district that would meet your criteria.

Marathon Pundit said...

That reminds me, there is an anti-gerrymandering clause in the Ill. Constitution....

Anonymous said...

You want to find a democrat to the right of Lipinski? Wake up! There are none.

Are you so opposed to the republican label that you won't support a fiscal and social conservative, catholic, life-long third district resident just because he/she doesn't mindlessly pull the old democrat ballot every primary?

The Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois democrats have been showing us for years what they are made of. Don't expect the promised "change" anytime soon.

Voters would be wise to pay more attention to the candidate and less to their party label.

pathickey said...

Shucks, were the one who would not blows his/her toes off I would be proud to supprt such a person.

However, the Democrats in the 3rd have plenty of gents with those fine qualities and women are even more formidable.